I Troll BadBoyHalo with An Even More Confusing Minecraft Mod

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo with an Even More Confusing Minecraft Mod. This was amazing.
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Today I challenged BadBoyHalo to punch me IN THE FACE for $10,000. That's all he has to do. Seriously. He just has to find me in 14 minutes, you know how much I liked timed challenges LMAO. We're not allowed to break blocks or go under water. We basically played hide and seek honestly but I had a secret troll advantage hehehehe. Watch me watch Bad go through houses trying to find me while I chill with my Ghost Blocks and One-Way Glass (LOL). He's obsessed with levers for some reason and thinks that the key to catching me? Bad truly got outskilled here so if you would like to see more of these challenges be sure to hit the like on this video and pull the lever on the subscribe button. Please I'm so broke after Bad winning. This was cursed.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friend BadBoyHalo doing a Minecraft Hide & Seek Speedrun challenge in Cursed Minecraft.


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    Say hi

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    w h a t i s t h i s m o d

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    What mods were he using?

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    “Half a second my ✨foot✨” -bbh Lmaoo

  6. Leanna Cangla

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    Me 7 mins into the vid: “1.4 ... OMG I GET IT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH LMAOOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣”

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    what was the name of the mod

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    this is for me'

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    Does anyone else hear dream’s speedrun music in the background

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    No, no, i won ske

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    I love how they could pick any time, but no. It’s 14.

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    6:45 what happened to his voice-

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    This whole thing made me nervous and anxious

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    Bbh: WHERE IS MY 10.000 $(skeppy is 10.000$)

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    My brain:* loading * 5 mins later* My brain: *1%*

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    This video was halarious

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    im on my moms acc but i just wanted to say your the best youtuber

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    Haha that's what ahppens. TROLLERS NEVER WIN

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    I dare you to turn on your subtitles on 1:25

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    I expected badboyhalo to comment on this video

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    1.4 seconds hmmmm. Minecraft speedruners: Its 0.14 actually.

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    this has 2,500,15 views as of now

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    thats what we in the biz call “backfire”

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    The quality of bad's Pov 😂😂😂😭😭

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    i must find this mod

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    I made this comment in 1.17 version lol

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    "And that is why it's always Messi"

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    What is the mod??

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    One lag spike and he looses 10 grand

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    What mod is that

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    wait wait wait no won ske-

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    Skeppy otter:and the furious halo chapter 21: the hidden passages

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    i wasted. 34 seconds of time of my life writing this i will never get back

  46. Shadow

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    Kinda reminds me of when me and my dad played hide n seek but he is so good at hiding, still cant find him.

  47. i watch anime so what

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    i want this mod

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    i love ur vids with badboyhalo there so funny!!!!!!

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    YO THIS IS boncs/bionics map lmaoooo

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    It's like spectator mode

  52. They Them Pronouns

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    The only thing missing from this is a flying ocelot

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    Why did u sneak? Bbh could be on f1

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    Skeppy has the most adorable laugh!😍 awww

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    Badboyhalo:what the fac 5:51

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    i remember watching dantdm’s video about this mod

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    Only takes 1.14 second 14

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    Where is this mod

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    Wait a minute-did he just snatch dream's manhunt music?????LOL

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    bbhs brain: 💎➡️🪞🪵🥛🪨🪨🌵🏜🚪➡️⬆️🏖🏝⛱

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    “The test isn’t that confusing.”...

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  69. Michael Ellis

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    I like the Minecraft version for ps4 for my iPad for my birthday

  70. Noob

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    This is literally every hide and seek CS:GO map in a nutshell

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  93. Hyper_Introvert

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  94. Soviet caviar

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    Diamond homunculus tricks demon with reality warping sorcery, 2021 (colorized)