I Cheated with ONE WAY GLASS in a Building Competition...

Skeppy & BadBoyHalo Troll Antfrost, RedVelvet, & FoolishG in a Building Competition...

Today I got all my friends together for an exciting Building Competition :D This time, for the first time ever, Bad and I are teaming up against Antfrost and Velvet in one of our most hilarious competitions yet! We even got FoolishG from the Dream SMP to judge the builds which was so fun. Of course it wouldn’t be a build battle without a couple cheats, except we were cheating the entire time with ONE WAY GLASS. also... worldedit can be really...helpful. Bad and I had all the advantages on our side, and we still struggled a little bit LMAO. This video was so funny and hilarious to make and I had so much fun as always making it so if you enjoyed this video hit it with a like!

200,000 Likes and I will Troll Technoblade. My mind is set on it.


Special thank you to my friends for being in this video!!!
@Foolish Gamers
& RedVelvet!

I Troll BadBoyHalo with ONE WAY GLASS in a Building Competition...

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo and I getting to unleash our inner troll


  1. alexa rivera

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    badboyhalo x skeppy

  2. GreenGuaco

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    badboyhalo is such a cheater!😡😡😡

  3. Devils

    DevilsPred 13 urami

    4:06 did he just say "their hole has a toilet in it"

  4. Gabriel Perez

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  5. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel PerezPred 17 urami

    That voice 3:11

  6. Connor 8Teen

    Connor 8TeenPred 18 urami

    muffins work on iPads

  7. Kevin Gaming

    Kevin GamingPred dnevom

    I could build the race car easy

  8. Cupcake🧁

    Cupcake🧁Pred dnevom

    Muffin boi and Diamond Boi will sure to win -8 minutes later- Me: YESSSSSSSSSS I WAS RIGHT

  9. ッOceanBlu

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    I see the editor got a raise or a promotion.

  10. MiqWeen

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    race tracks dont have the yellow lines. lanes basically. just inside or outside

  11. Puttakon Kongjo

    Puttakon KongjoPred 2 dnevi

    When you lose the game by just sink

  12. Kappa Pride

    Kappa PridePred 3 dnevi

    "I built a windmill. It's gone now." WaS tHaT a MoThErFuCkInG pEtScOp ReFeReNcE??!?

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    I love you gyes cuse your so funny 🤣

  16. Shame Gamer

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    /Link enable

  17. Jetbell Kidstv

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    My fav part is romeo romeo JULIET romeo

  18. myles

    mylesPred 5 dnevi

    its like a minecraft double date

  19. Hahah no おk

    Hahah no おkPred 5 dnevi

    4:07 badboyhalo: their hole has a toilet in it tho

  20. LegendaryGamers

    LegendaryGamersPred 5 dnevi

    Nice atlon towers theme at the start lol

  21. Alex Farebrother-Naylor

    Alex Farebrother-NaylorPred 6 dnevi

    This gonna be funny

  22. Khalil Jibran

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    They have toilet in their hole though BBH😂😂😂

  23. Mugsandies.roblox Mugs

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    Vs tedno

  24. Swanika

    SwanikaPred 6 dnevi

    When the troller teams up with the one who always get trolled....

  25. A random GachaTuber

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    3:58 there hole has a toilet in it...🤔

  26. Ares

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    Who noticed that the faces in the top left blink

  27. _.Gacha._.Weirdos._

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    Skephalo? Yes BadBoyHalo is cute? Hell ye Skeppy Nice? Yesss :D They are a perfect couple? YESSSA

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  29. Cinnabun _24

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    Skeppy is how I found out about bbh

  30. Lisset Mendez

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    Romeo Romeo Juliet where have you been I have been here OoOF

  31. Brailee Batista

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    BBH: Their hole has a toilet in it though Time: 4:06

  32. Sofia Pearce

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    Hi I love ur vids I always watch them

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    Also I am subscribed

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    10:36 BBH Screm

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    give me 1000 dollors i subed and hited all notificaions

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    Skeppy I am your sub can you play a game with me?

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    Now skeppe have 3 favorite command: 1. /Crash 2. /Sudo 3. /Link

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    Badboyhalo op

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    Please Make A Video Fighting The Wither Storm With BadBoyHalo Plsss

  43. Vanessa Donelson

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    4:06 there hole has a toilet in it tho -bbh

  44. danxyrxxsi

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    skeppy is gonna grow up to be mr beast 😪

  45. Amane Ayakashi Ch.

    Amane Ayakashi Ch.Pred 10 dnevi

    Press 7:10 if u wanna see the romeo & juliet play again

  46. Genesis_Animates

    Genesis_AnimatesPred 10 dnevi

    Wait why did the undertakers theme played during the last round?

  47. Fwosh

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    Skep lost a round and he was cheating 💀💀💀

  48. Treb Squad

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    4:07 “their hole has a toilet in it”

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    I subed

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    Are u Muslim I'm Muslim is well

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    Ah yes my favorite story juilietboyhalo and skromio

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  53. One Track Mind

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    Foolish is perfect for this.

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  55. I GH Yuu

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    Make more videos

  56. galactic

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    Skeppy all your videos make my day I love your energy and enthusiasm never change and remember there's always some one who will be with you even if you don't know them you probably won't see this but I'll be happy if you do your the best ❤️

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  58. ZabeRaze

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    Why they nor see the glass

  59. dnf dnf

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    The Romeo and Juliet has me wheezing

  60. zero

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    Are you guys on a double date

  61. Savannah Donovan

    Savannah DonovanPred 12 dnevi

    4:06 Badboyhalo “There’s a hole has a toilet in it” lol

  62. SCP-2521

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    "Romeo Romeo! "Juliet! Where have u been?" "I've been to the-" *TOP 10 FINAL WORDS BEFORE DISASTER*

  63. Sabrina Sparkles

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    Romeo and Juliet XD

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    you’re my favourite youtuber

  65. lillol

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    6:45 I kinda liked the outdoor Theme it was really good idea but I liked skeppys and bbhs more

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    Ok I subbed where is my 1'000 dollars?

  67. ッ爪丹尺口口れッ Froggy :]

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    “There hole as a toilet in it!” Lol

  68. Laura Gibson

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    The poor guys

  69. Cassandra Harding

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    4:05 there hole has a toilet in it !?!?

  70. Meg :D

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    i love how velvet typed im ready big daddy lol 😂

  71. Cora McIntire

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    2. 6. 5. 3. 5. 8. 9.

  72. Victoria Cruz

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    Someone: i made a windmile is gone know

  73. Ibrahim Aaly

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    3:02 lol

  74. Bug

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    They just made Antfrost and Velvet's windmill a flaming hole. Yes.

  75. Bigchuggle 123

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    Red needs to calm down

  76. Nilo hwo dioat wan

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    It's di-oat here and I think that your cool as hell

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    4:06 lmao

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    I subbed -----

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    Foolish did not care at the end

  80. Chaves Brody

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    The end was just a free-for-all

  81. Joe M.

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    I turned 14 today

  82. SamLikesVenti

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    2:03 it sounded like badboyhalo said "You f**** up"

  83. B dog gaming

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    Do a face reveal

  84. Pineapple Fire

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    I love the Romeo and Juliet ending!!!!

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    Wait!!!!! SMP SKEPPY?! OMGGGgGgGgGGggGgGgGg

  86. Tricky Clown Guy

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    2:58 BHB in a weird voice : Sleepy this is a terrible toilet. TURN THE VOLUME UP TO HEAR THE FUNNY VOICE

  87. Kramira Avery Nilo

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    Hahah lol

  88. BOodie BoOdz

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    Bbh: their HOLE has a TOILET in them tho The toilet: ಠ_ಠ

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    ''iv'e been in this- oof''

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    zak meet up with bbh

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    *cough cough* double date *cough cough*

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    The washing hands sink thing in the first round aged like fine cheese

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    12:28 bro the understater theme song

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    Did you know if you search Red Velvet kpop there's actually a kpop named Red Velvet lol

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    Done subcribe

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    I saw skeppy’s face! It’s cool!

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