I Forced YouTubers To Complete a 9000 IQ Puzzle Map...

I Forced SLthrowrs To Complete a 9000 IQ Puzzle Map...
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  1. Shade :D Clan

    Shade :D ClanPred dnevom

    Well I am smart too, in round 5, u can just take the woods and the stones and place the blocks beside the walls then do a 4 blocks jump.

  2. Tijl Rosendaal

    Tijl RosendaalPred dnevom

    Er was een bug

  3. TyPlays MC

    TyPlays MCPred 2 dnevi

    He could have done the bridge with 3 blocks😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Jocelyne Abigail Rachman

    Jocelyne Abigail RachmanPred 2 dnevi

    38:25 🤣😂

  5. Chiara Vadalà

    Chiara VadalàPred 2 dnevi

    19:41 finnster: "did people that know badboyhalo make this?" skeppy: "yes" finnster: "it's f***ing rainbow colors, i guarantee it"

  6. olivia leslie

    olivia lesliePred 3 dnevi


  7. Amelia19 May17

    Amelia19 May17Pred 3 dnevi

    Sorry for the late comment but I think I figured out stage 3 before the SLthrows did it: be=2 aware=5 of=2 what=4 you=3 read=4

  8. Lightning Foxy

    Lightning FoxyPred 4 dnevi


  9. ChickenRice Boy

    ChickenRice BoyPred 4 dnevi

    What do you use to record and edit

  10. 123iamRonelle_playz

    123iamRonelle_playzPred 4 dnevi

    almost 1 hour

  11. Cookies And Cream

    Cookies And CreamPred 5 dnevi

    Using your PiNK DyE

  12. GrIVe MLG GameR

    GrIVe MLG GameRPred 5 dnevi

    When u see that the video is long 50min *B R U H*

  13. Mr Yes

    Mr YesPred 5 dnevi

    ... :)

  14. Leo Axel

    Leo AxelPred 6 dnevi

    Sap nap was hacking the sistem lol

  15. Alfie Walker

    Alfie WalkerPred 6 dnevi

    I didnt understand the item frame puzzle?? Were they just to put you off?


    JERRY ZHENGPred 6 dnevi


  17. the fork

    the forkPred 7 dnevi

    the fact that they made it a colourful puzzle and then made a colourblind guy do it

  18. Satyr1x

    Satyr1xPred 9 dnevi


  19. iWILL 8OC

    iWILL 8OCPred 10 dnevi

    The exotic success subsequently long because blow proximally march amid a productive dragon. fallacious, idiotic smash

  20. lonely kun

    lonely kunPred 10 dnevi

    skeppy:gues what your not done finster:aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! part 28:02

  21. Forgotten Souls

    Forgotten SoulsPred 11 dnevi

    BadBoyHalo is my favorite

  22. spark 1

    spark 1Pred 11 dnevi


  23. Marouscha Broekhuizen

    Marouscha BroekhuizenPred 11 dnevi

    ok, but the "be aware of what you read' one, i figured it out in like 2 seconds, anyone else?

  24. A Good Stan Without A Name :]

    A Good Stan Without A Name :]Pred 12 dnevi

    I just wanna be the 6666th comment

  25. A Good Stan Without A Name :]

    A Good Stan Without A Name :]Pred 12 dnevi

    Let me

  26. A Good Stan Without A Name :]

    A Good Stan Without A Name :]Pred 12 dnevi


  27. •Sprxnkled_ Cupcake•

    •Sprxnkled_ Cupcake•Pred 12 dnevi

    50:14 Pole dancing but better

  28. •Demon_ Kitty•

    •Demon_ Kitty•Pred 13 dnevi


  29. KateJ M

    KateJ MPred 14 dnevi

    Looks like our whole brain is pink dye.

  30. Wesley Moore

    Wesley MoorePred 15 dnevi

    Imagine thinking white is even a color

  31. Ally Miku

    Ally MikuPred 15 dnevi

    White isn’t a color, and blue is a color. A primary color. The primary colors are blue, yellow, red. They’re primary colors because you mix them with each other to create the rainbow. Blue + yellow = green, blue + red = purple, red + yellow = orange. Hope this helps.

  32. ExtremeGamer

    ExtremeGamerPred 15 dnevi

    Combine all of puzzle maps that is showed on your channel with some tiktok traps,build challenge 3D illusions and make it duo challenge with parkour,mazes and many riddles to make it very difficult and please use speedrun timer to make it easy to us see how they doing in time without they know themselves.Please consider my thougts to use in your video

  33. Malorie Hoffman

    Malorie HoffmanPred 17 dnevi

    you got more hints than anyone skeppy

  34. aubrey lynn

    aubrey lynnPred 17 dnevi


  35. carter cross

    carter crossPred 17 dnevi

    U can mine iron with a wood pick

  36. Talia NotPresent

    Talia NotPresentPred 17 dnevi

    COLOUR puzzle for COLOURblind man. I loved it-

  37. Surprise Bling

    Surprise BlingPred 17 dnevi

    Can I get pinned because banana 🥺🍌

  38. Gavin Cross

    Gavin CrossPred 19 dnevi

    Yup skeppy gave hints just like he got 😂

  39. Dhruv

    DhruvPred 19 dnevi

    Ngl a good decision of not bringing in techno or he won't let u complete it for all the eternity

  40. Farmarigold Petate

    Farmarigold PetatePred 19 dnevi


  41. Azzam noob

    Azzam noobPred 19 dnevi

    Bruhh 1 hours

  42. Ryan Tang

    Ryan TangPred 19 dnevi

    White only make colours lighter

  43. owocute

    owocutePred 20 dnevi

    i feel like my brain grown now i have 142 iq

  44. owocute

    owocutePred 20 dnevi

    stage 3= be=2 aware=5 of=2 what=4 read=4

  45. Amtul Mateen

    Amtul MateenPred 20 dnevi

    179 over

  46. just forelsket

    just forelsketPred 20 dnevi

    Sapnaps too smart he cant even think of other ways

  47. Tayzasaw Oo

    Tayzasaw OoPred 20 dnevi

    On the first level you should have hid the key in your inventory in survival and when they find out they will kill you and get the key

  48. booga glitch

    booga glitchPred 20 dnevi

    skeppy why does the tittle say I FORCED hmmmmmmmm?

  49. Saufi Anas

    Saufi AnasPred 20 dnevi


  50. maprincessnicole delrosario

    maprincessnicole delrosarioPred 20 dnevi

    why they have to go around at the maze?😂

  51. Medicus

    MedicusPred 21 dnevom

    Sapnap’s his own kind of special ㅓ ㅇㅅㅇ ㅏ

  52. Daniel Brendemuehl

    Daniel BrendemuehlPred 21 dnevom

    41:34 I love Fins 1000 IQ lol XD

  53. Christopher Barajas

    Christopher BarajasPred 21 dnevom

    I watched the whole video and it didn't feel good can i get a refund

  54. Gaston Tricarichi

    Gaston TricarichiPred 21 dnevom

    9:39 thats what we call 9000 IQ 13:49 again, thats pretty Smart

  55. N_N Wild

    N_N WildPred 21 dnevom

    What’s the map thingy

  56. Anime Chaser

    Anime ChaserPred 21 dnevom

    I got nothinggggggggg he said

  57. Anime Chaser

    Anime ChaserPred 21 dnevom

    Skeppy ask 1 mil questions and does not grand any one else question I be like waaaaaaa

  58. june asoy

    june asoyPred 21 dnevom

    Me sees : baldboyhalo at thumbnail 🤣

  59. DarkSide 2.0

    DarkSide 2.0Pred 22 dnevi

    Sapnap's IQ Is above the world 😂😂

  60. BxrryCxkes

    BxrryCxkesPred 22 dnevi

    3:34 skeppy

  61. LBR F1

    LBR F1Pred 22 dnevi


  62. Obutubo

    ObutuboPred 22 dnevi

    Blue is a primary color. This means if it’s mixed in the right order and right amount, you can get almost every other color that exists. The other primary colors are red and yellow. This is why coloring programs have Blue, Red, and Yellow color mixers.

  63. Swe Myat

    Swe MyatPred 22 dnevi

    I banged my head when sanpnap made it in to the hole from the top

  64. TheVoid XwX

    TheVoid XwXPred 23 dnevi

    when i first watched this, i understood rounds 2 and 3 immediately, and you guys took forever on them. this proves i am smarter than you :D

  65. TheVoid XwX

    TheVoid XwXPred 23 dnevi

    its time for the next puzzle map :D

  66. Eric Schneider

    Eric SchneiderPred 23 dnevi

    I don’t under stand the be aware of what you read... someone help me plz

  67. Daragh Tobin

    Daragh TobinPred 23 dnevi

    I found the read the sign instantly

  68. Pika

    PikaPred 23 dnevi

    i still dont understand the be "aware of what you read" one

  69. _/Cookies-•-Milk\_

    _/Cookies-•-Milk\_Pred 24 dnevi

    At the third part of it I could be 9000 IQ if I jump on the side and not the pressure plate

  70. miriam miller

    miriam millerPred 24 dnevi

    The devilish vault coherently decide because mother roughly rob vice a uncovered passenger. marked, swift waste

  71. FredHed

    FredHedPred 24 dnevi

    This is almost an hour long

  72. General Liu

    General LiuPred 24 dnevi

    I like how you clip everyone's round 1s and 2s and put them together

  73. loopy the Gamer

    loopy the GamerPred 25 dnevi

    i like how pink dye does really look like a brain'

  74. Creationator

    CreationatorPred 26 dnevi

    7:54 Y’all foul for that, you gonna give a color quiz to a color blind man.

  75. Woodpeltneko

    WoodpeltnekoPred 26 dnevi

    I love how sapnaps first instinct is always to break things

  76. Afton Kirklin

    Afton KirklinPred 27 dnevi

    who else saw the lever before skeppy did

  77. berto corleone

    berto corleonePred 27 dnevi

    The possible mouse fifthly invent because cactus assembly stitch near a aggressive thunderstorm. wonderful, moldy customer

  78. __ Creenberg__

    __ Creenberg__Pred 27 dnevi

    You should make one of these maps and share it to your fans so they can do this

  79. Sukhvindar singh

    Sukhvindar singhPred 27 dnevi


  80. just random things

    just random thingsPred 27 dnevi

    "Shooting big" Gets 50kish more

  81. Brandon Cook

    Brandon CookPred 28 dnevi

    Does anyone else not understand the “Beware if what you read” sign?

  82. Nick Collins

    Nick CollinsPred 28 dnevi

    I like how no one actually understood the color one and not realize that it was a primary color, and he literally said I think you can make it make more colors or something like that, just saying that our education system is a little messed up

  83. Rafflesia_flower LOL

    Rafflesia_flower LOLPred 29 dnevi

    Skeppy: Big brain Screen: Shows pink dye

  84. Ethan Jansen

    Ethan JansenPred mesecem

    They are overthinking it, which is why they are struggling

  85. Isaac Wongchiu

    Isaac WongchiuPred mesecem

    8:11 I'm shocked

  86. Sadaf Shah

    Sadaf ShahPred mesecem

    Well hallo

  87. Sushee Bashi

    Sushee BashiPred mesecem

    f1nster the racing car

  88. Eliot Pearsall

    Eliot PearsallPred mesecem

    From this video I can conclude some of my fav SLthrowrs are not that smart...🧐😒😤🤯

  89. Coolin K

    Coolin KPred mesecem

    This puzzle map was easy, I was able to figure the 2nd and 3rd out instantly before watching them. The sign is the solution by letters in each word matching up to numbers corresponding to platforms. Creative nonetheless

  90. Egg Fam

    Egg FamPred mesecem

    The real damage reciprocally shop because limit multivariably disagree following a amusing trail. well-groomed, homeless pine

  91. Xray GaMeR

    Xray GaMeRPred mesecem

    5 million coming :)

  92. Super Sonic BG

    Super Sonic BGPred mesecem

    goerge is colorblind how did he do it

  93. Emma Beall

    Emma BeallPred mesecem

    Finnster: thinks tripwire is a key. Skeppy: that's not a key! also skeppy: does the exact same thing on his attempt.

  94. Ember

    EmberPred mesecem

    skeppy:i have you all the hints but i got none earlier skeppy: ...can i have another hint

  95. annoying things

    annoying thingsPred mesecem

    They should have put techno on it just for the sun tzu quote

  96. GameStation Inc.

    GameStation Inc.Pred mesecem


  97. Destro Gaming

    Destro GamingPred mesecem

    does anyone knows how to play maps like this

  98. jalinda z

    jalinda zPred mesecem

    i still don't understand the pressure plate level

  99. Jessica mohoric

    Jessica mohoricPred mesecem

    Not you doing a colour chalange and chalanged the colourblind guy💀

  100. Yara

    YaraPred mesecem

    watching this makes me mad because the puzzles are so easy and they take so long to get it xhkckhdgjckh

  101. Natalie Thomas

    Natalie ThomasPred mesecem


  102. Rhea13//ytsas47596

    Rhea13//ytsas47596Pred mesecem

    Just some appreciation for the block design of the final challenge and the cherry blossom lantern map design at the finale area Twas really pretty and a creative use of blocks