Dream SMP, But I Troll BadBoyHalo...

Skeppy epically trolls BadBoyHalo on the Dream SMP


Today BadBoyHalo and I are making some fun new additions to our house!! :) I saw how hard Bad worked on cleaning up the place and I wanted to contribute and surprise him :D I wanted to keep mine secret though for as long as possible so I had Bad gather supplies for his own surprise structure and man was it hilarious LMAO. His reaction to this was SO funny guys and this structure took FOREVER to build so if you enjoyed this video please be sure to hit it with a like and check to make sure you’re subscribed. I hope Dream and everyone on the Dream SMP loves our new house

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is the funniest troll I think I’ve ever done on the Dream SMP


  1. Skeppy

    SkeppyPred 4 meseci

    please dont question anything

  2. BroBro’sWorld

    BroBro’sWorldPred mesecem

    ://////// …………… mayyyyyybe

  3. 2EZ

    2EZPred mesecem


  4. Berry Bear

    Berry BearPred 2 meseci

    >:0 inappropriate 🚫

  5. ajay anderson

    ajay andersonPred 2 meseci


  6. Unsliceable

    UnsliceablePred 2 dnevi

    Its just an REALY detailed upside down T...

  7. angel_playsgames

    angel_playsgamesPred 4 dnevi


  8. Yzille Mede

    Yzille MedePred 8 dnevi

    badboyhalo is better than skeppy



    12:05 he said "Go to the 14 and mine the neather"

  10. Fwosh

    FwoshPred 10 dnevi

    Dsmp but I play dsmp

  11. AXES

    AXESPred 10 dnevi

    Best T

  12. Stranger

    StrangerPred 11 dnevi

    Go to the 14 and mine nether

  13. Lemuel Kang

    Lemuel KangPred 11 dnevi

    is that a pennis... cool

  14. TheMaxShow76

    TheMaxShow76Pred 11 dnevi

    What about the egg?How do they just forget

  15. Sundew

    SundewPred 12 dnevi


  16. Dying._. Bald- 🍄

    Dying._. Bald- 🍄Pred 5 dnevi

    Hes saying that too often- hm

  17. Dengi Vivo

    Dengi VivoPred 12 dnevi

    What is that

  18. Person With Artist Block

    Person With Artist BlockPred 15 dnevi

    C h i l d

  19. bannanaboop 12

    bannanaboop 12Pred 17 dnevi

    i would recognize that mc Donald's anywhere from tsmc minecraft

  20. L

    LPred 18 dnevi

    Go to the 14 and mine the nether 😂😂😂😂😂😂 12:17

  21. Riley Stokes

    Riley StokesPred 18 dnevi

    Nice ice *cream*

  22. Winchester Chua

    Winchester ChuaPred 19 dnevi

    I saw a video of Tommy seeing this but I forgot what it's called.

  23. Felix Chinn

    Felix ChinnPred 22 dnevi


  24. Felix Chinn

    Felix ChinnPred 22 dnevi

    did he build the middle finger>

  25. Pnut_Playz

    Pnut_PlayzPred 22 dnevi

    Skeppy: go to the 14 and mine the nether

  26. GracieTT GracieTT

    GracieTT GracieTTPred 22 dnevi

    Me: can’t hear skeppy at all so I turn the volume way up Bbh: *S K E P P Y*

  27. furiouspengine 7

    furiouspengine 7Pred 23 dnevi

    Foolish is. A morin

  28. Min Suga

    Min SugaPred 24 dnevi

    Not me thinking it was cake or something until I read the comments 😃🤚

  29. ZeroFoundContent

    ZeroFoundContentPred 24 dnevi

    Skeppy why the p*nis? Ugh

  30. ♡sweetlyx♡

    ♡sweetlyx♡Pred 24 dnevi

    This reminds me of something...... *2m later* oh- uh

  31. lonermark

    lonermarkPred 25 dnevi

    6:20 cool clip

  32. Zachary D. Botelho

    Zachary D. BotelhoPred 25 dnevi

    Proof Skeppy is literally 14

  33. Plab

    PlabPred 26 dnevi

    btw i love the friendship these two have

  34. Plab

    PlabPred 26 dnevi

    You said pink tulips

  35. Chase Silvestri

    Chase SilvestriPred 26 dnevi

    Ranboo and captainpuffy: ok never mind look away Eret: that’s a big p3n1s

  36. Cooper Johnson

    Cooper JohnsonPred 26 dnevi


  37. Reto Beat

    Reto BeatPred 26 dnevi

    the middle finger

  38. tankman

    tankmanPred 27 dnevi

    Should i subcribe to you hmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  39. Cameron Phillips

    Cameron PhillipsPred 27 dnevi

    “Go to the 14 and mine the nether”

  40. Pesecake aj

    Pesecake ajPred 28 dnevi

    Trolling BBH has never been easier

  41. Dillon Boyens

    Dillon BoyensPred 29 dnevi


  42. JustDeral

    JustDeralPred mesecem

    glorious pp tower

  43. Swirllo

    SwirlloPred mesecem


  44. Al Cedrick Villalba

    Al Cedrick VillalbaPred mesecem


  45. Al Cedrick Villalba

    Al Cedrick VillalbaPred mesecem

    Please skeppy

  46. Herrscher of Boobies

    Herrscher of BoobiesPred mesecem

    very questionable

  47. Wendy Soetevent

    Wendy SoeteventPred mesecem

    12:17 "go to the 14 and mine the nether"

  48. AleksaSupermanYT

    AleksaSupermanYTPred mesecem

    OK, im few months late, but... Ye. Tommy's stream...

  49. marsnoot

    marsnootPred mesecem

    as soon as i saw the base of the build... i knew what it was... xD

  50. عبدالعزيز العلي

    عبدالعزيز العليPred mesecem


  51. Tanzina Matin

    Tanzina MatinPred mesecem

    The structure was a long p*nis structure building which is made of dumb materials including sandstone, quartz but most importantly, PINK WOOL

  52. Hunter super piggy

    Hunter super piggyPred mesecem

    Why did you make that thing

  53. ❤︎Floppy❤︎

    ❤︎Floppy❤︎Pred mesecem

    Skeppyhalo is skeppy and bbh together there couple name( ˘ ³˘)♥︎

  54. ilay saranga

    ilay sarangaPred mesecem


  55. Johnwhz

    JohnwhzPred mesecem

    13:42 they're building up at the same time

  56. ColaMochii

    ColaMochiiPred mesecem

    Mr skep what’s that it looks yummy

  57. Bacon

    BaconPred mesecem

    I'm laughing so hard😂😂😂

  58. Cub1c06

    Cub1c06Pred mesecem

    Skeppy channel description: Skeppy - friendly and fun gaming content! *Draws a penis*

  59. ChickenPlayz

    ChickenPlayzPred mesecem


  60. Zane Knight

    Zane KnightPred mesecem

    We wont

  61. Zane Knight

    Zane KnightPred mesecem

    Skeppys be like

  62. Bunniii

    BunniiiPred mesecem

    I'm getting ripped tonight

  63. playz champ

    playz champPred mesecem

    What was that

  64. ItzNooby

    ItzNoobyPred mesecem

    "Go to the 14 and mine the nether" -Skeppy 2021

  65. Wantts

    WanttsPred mesecem

    is this channel demonetized lmao

  66. Akashアカシュ

    AkashアカシュPred mesecem

    Only this vid xD

  67. Rocko

    RockoPred mesecem

    Yes totally normal it’s nothing on your body it does not start with a “p” and it is just a upside down T simple as that nothing else

  68. Kamarithegxd

    KamarithegxdPred mesecem

    That reminds me of something I can’t say, why u build that? That is so weird bro.

  69. SpahettiFingers

    SpahettiFingersPred mesecem

    BBH asked Skeppy to pronounce lilac and laughed at him while he was pronouncing peony wrong. You pronounce it like pee a knee

  70. Spoofzy_

    Spoofzy_Pred mesecem

    Why didnt you make it out of black or brown blocks? It would be funnier!

  71. Ttvcesarclips Fortnite

    Ttvcesarclips FortnitePred mesecem

    Was it a giant banana or a middle finger?

  72. Amarnath Tyres

    Amarnath TyresPred mesecem

    teacher: what is 100+29 skeppy:A LOTTT teacher: cries**

  73. PaykaChu

    PaykaChuPred 2 meseci

    skeppy: please dont question anything everyone: **questions everything**

  74. Useless Minecraft stuff

    Useless Minecraft stuffPred 2 meseci


  75. lux

    luxPred 2 meseci

    i knew what it was as soon as he said pink dye and mentioned a build

  76. Sappywithnonappy

    SappywithnonappyPred 2 meseci

    press this if skeppy and bads song is poggers I I v

  77. KAKASHI_7_YT

    KAKASHI_7_YTPred 2 meseci

    Its middle finger is it

  78. Ferrán Calderon

    Ferrán CalderonPred 2 meseci

    I hate how skeppy is so underrated, he is so good he deserves 10m

  79. Fatima Hesjedal

    Fatima HesjedalPred 2 meseci

    Ik what this is very easy to know D;

  80. Fatima Hesjedal

    Fatima HesjedalPred 2 meseci


  81. Onelonelyperson

    OnelonelypersonPred 2 meseci

    ahhh the good o'l testicle nothing is wrong with a bit body autonomy

  82. OMG DOOD

    OMG DOODPred 2 meseci


  83. OMG DOOD

    OMG DOODPred 2 meseci


  84. Coach

    CoachPred 2 meseci


  85. Loveynime-chan

    Loveynime-chanPred 2 meseci


  86. Coach

    CoachPred 2 meseci


  87. TrueBlue Gaming

    TrueBlue GamingPred 2 meseci

    Idk what it is and I am happy that I don’t

  88. Akashアカシュ

    AkashアカシュPred 2 meseci

    New thumbnail??

  89. Kenhdnsodbrjdbxiwbdidbdjdbskdbdidndjd

    KenhdnsodbrjdbxiwbdidbdjdbskdbdidndjdPred 2 meseci


  90. Joe Moehlenkamp

    Joe MoehlenkampPred 2 meseci

    what was is it

  91. MBE gamers

    MBE gamersPred 2 meseci

    I want to ask questions

  92. Oliver Crofts

    Oliver CroftsPred 2 meseci

    Whoo skeppy u legend

  93. Miki 12

    Miki 12Pred 2 meseci

    Did he change the title

  94. T Gamer

    T GamerPred 2 meseci

    and thumbnail

  95. Jean Paul

    Jean PaulPred 2 meseci


  96. CastleMiner 58

    CastleMiner 58Pred 2 meseci

    21:01 wait what u say skeppy?

  97. M J E

    M J EPred 2 meseci

    bruh, he changed the thumbnail (edit: very funny, lmao)

  98. Jean Paul

    Jean PaulPred 2 meseci

    Yes, i thought this was a new video :/

  99. Im Cool

    Im CoolPred 2 meseci

    OHHHHHHHHHHH It’s a p*nis

  100. Crunchy KitKat

    Crunchy KitKatPred 2 meseci

    I was in the middle of rewatching this yesterday and came back to see the rest and the title and thumbnail threw me off so much

  101. MarkPJ Gaming

    MarkPJ GamingPred 2 meseci

    i now realize that he changed the title and the thumbnail

  102. ThePopCat

    ThePopCatPred 2 meseci

    I miss the old title

  103. Wolvyne

    WolvynePred 2 meseci

    Anyone know what this music is? 6:20

  104. Whimburr

    WhimburrPred 2 meseci

    Can’t believe Skeppy is the pp bandit

  105. Jose G

    Jose GPred 2 meseci


  106. Ashton Lowe

    Ashton LowePred 2 meseci

    Skeppy...only dirty minded people will get this....69

  107. senomansour ttv

    senomansour ttvPred 2 meseci


  108. Daniel McInness

    Daniel McInnessPred 2 meseci

    can we get an unblurr on that

  109. Andhika Storm

    Andhika StormPred 2 meseci

    You should make shear to destroy quicker Skeppy😂 But this is crazy🤣

  110. Maxime Arsenault

    Maxime ArsenaultPred 2 meseci


  111. Vipex Gamer

    Vipex GamerPred 2 meseci

    Hi can i join smp pls

  112. Gaojing Xu

    Gaojing XuPred 2 meseci

    mushroom tip

  113. Akram Faraj

    Akram FarajPred 2 meseci

    He actually build a p***s