I Played Bad Minecraft

Skeppy plays a very interesting difficulty mode of Minecraft... Bad Minecraft

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Today I played “Bad” Minecraft… what even is this LMAO. This video was so painful to make so please hit it with a like if you care about my sanity. Now just sit back, relax, and watch my one-man roleplay adventure on this absolutely CURSED Minecraft server. I went on a crusade against some zombies, knocked over some trees like a real GAMER with my floppy pickaxe, and built my first PROFESSIONAL Minecraft home. And you can’t have it. Also I can push blocks here? I kind of wish I could do some of this in actual Minecraft but it's not multiplayer, so I can't play with BadBoyHalo. sad face. hahaha. I even found diamonds!!! Anyways don’t forget to leave your @ and social media platform in the description for a surprise :D

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is Minecraft, but crafting is just a button and one recipe LOL


  1. Sheeep_king

    Sheeep_kingPred 7 meseci

    Me:“Mom can I get Minecraft” Mom: “we have Minecraft at home” Minecraft at home:

  2. Mikeyar777

    Mikeyar777Pred 5 dnevi

    @AdmiredGSU12 XD

  3. Fred Baxter

    Fred BaxterPred 6 dnevi

    I don’t get it

  4. Mikeyar777

    Mikeyar777Pred 23 dnevi

    @Ok nice

  5. Cowbellz

    CowbellzPred mesecem

    youtube is a great and friendly website.

  6. bee-boi

    bee-boiPred mesecem

    @Martin stolen

  7. Candle's

    Candle'sPred uro

    Were is the person that made this? It was Dani right?

  8. Oscar Pszczola

    Oscar PszczolaPred 8 urami


  9. Oscar Pszczola

    Oscar PszczolaPred 8 urami


  10. United Kingdom

    United KingdomPred 2 dnevi

    Andy Griffith remix music?

  11. Dakota Shores

    Dakota ShoresPred 4 dnevi

    I made it dakotashores220 tiktok

  12. Phantom

    PhantomPred 4 dnevi

    you just fell out of the map

  13. Emma’s super World

    Emma’s super WorldPred 5 dnevi

    Yeahhhhh i don’t have insta but I watched the whole video :) subed liked and notifications on.

  14. Rafael McCawley

    Rafael McCawleyPred 5 dnevi

    Why doesn't skeppy Realise that this isn't a gamemode

  15. zodiacian

    zodiacianPred 5 dnevi

    Coming back to this 6 months later and it’s just as funny lmao

  16. ישי עפרוני

    ישי עפרוניPred 5 dnevi

    I think its crycraft

  17. Ali Wayer

    Ali WayerPred 6 dnevi

    Can I have potato

  18. sebee

    sebeePred 6 dnevi

    Why does he sensor out gun???

  19. Some random illager on YouTube بس لا والله ما عليك

    Some random illager on YouTube بس لا والله ما عليكPred 6 dnevi

    ثلاثة لا والله جدا

  20. Some random illager on YouTube بس لا والله ما عليك

    Some random illager on YouTube بس لا والله ما عليكPred 6 dnevi

    Ripoff of Minecraft

  21. Gabe W games and stuff

    Gabe W games and stuffPred 7 dnevi

    6:02 me: starts quiet laughing and Crying 😂 🤫

  22. Regina Trevino

    Regina TrevinoPred 7 dnevi

    Hi Skeppy! :D

  23. Ventor47

    Ventor47Pred 7 dnevi

    Is This BadboyHalo Minecraft? -Skeppy

  24. Tinky

    TinkyPred 8 dnevi


  25. Tom WANG

    Tom WANGPred 9 dnevi


  26. Tom WANG

    Tom WANGPred 9 dnevi


  27. Tom WANG

    Tom WANGPred 9 dnevi


  28. Fwosh

    FwoshPred 10 dnevi

    Before watching: I predict it’s míneplex.

  29. Donut star 🍩🌟

    Donut star 🍩🌟Pred 11 dnevi

    Why is there no water ???

  30. ZelBerry

    ZelBerryPred 11 dnevi

    It’s not painful xD

  31. LuisShery Pulido

    LuisShery PulidoPred 11 dnevi


  32. AdobesxJasminexBobaTea

    AdobesxJasminexBobaTeaPred 11 dnevi


  33. grunt

    gruntPred 11 dnevi

    I feel "pain"

  34. Haruvrt Ayaharu2010gmail

    Haruvrt Ayaharu2010gmailPred 11 dnevi

    i watched this for the second time

  35. sonic classic and sonic sleeping

    sonic classic and sonic sleepingPred 12 dnevi

    The *OH BROTHER* the full version is *O H B R O T H E R T H I S G U Y S S U S😳*

  36. Quoc nguyen

    Quoc nguyenPred 12 dnevi

    Skeppy your your diamond I'm going to mind you

  37. Wolfpaq7891Gaming

    Wolfpaq7891GamingPred 13 dnevi

    EW I love this design of the game LOl

  38. hubert pomme de terre

    hubert pomme de terrePred 14 dnevi

    Stop uploading cringy content

  39. hubert pomme de terre

    hubert pomme de terrePred 14 dnevi

    Go get a life

  40. Aymen Osu

    Aymen OsuPred 14 dnevi


  41. Noob At Gaming

    Noob At GamingPred 14 dnevi

    Roblox Minecraft :)

  42. elijahjajah

    elijahjajahPred 14 dnevi


  43. Phovix

    PhovixPred 15 dnevi

    First time I realised skeppy’s channel is child friendly

  44. Angelo Victoria

    Angelo VictoriaPred 15 dnevi

    Me: I rate this 10/1000000000000

  45. Sam van der Jagt

    Sam van der JagtPred 15 dnevi

    Floppy pick

  46. best0

    best0Pred 15 dnevi

    U laugh u lose look at the bottom of the screen it the dirt 6:59

  47. Kim Asthly Ferigura

    Kim Asthly FeriguraPred 15 dnevi

    I whatch oolll ov his vidao like 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  48. BestBrosForever 145

    BestBrosForever 145Pred 15 dnevi

    Code in Minecraft: 1212121212 Me adding a zero:)

  49. Mong Tuyen Vo

    Mong Tuyen VoPred 15 dnevi

    6:48 is so funny🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  50. Megababa 823

    Megababa 823Pred 15 dnevi

    My iq went down about 50%

  51. MD

    MDPred 15 dnevi

    i watched the entire thing

  52. Kayden Stobert

    Kayden StobertPred 16 dnevi

    I watch the hole vid

  53. dark entity

    dark entityPred 16 dnevi

    Beep boop

  54. Lil Glitter

    Lil GlitterPred 16 dnevi

    For the intro: Andy griffih music 😀

  55. Reycko

    ReyckoPred 17 dnevi

    I watched the full vid :/

  56. Slime Testsers

    Slime TestsersPred 17 dnevi



    ★HALF SKULL STARS★ project: HALFSKULLSTARSPred 17 dnevi

    Why did you censor gun

  58. Bro The Pro: Chico

    Bro The Pro: ChicoPred 17 dnevi

    u/Ladder_Lolz Reddit

  59. Kurl Villar

    Kurl VillarPred 18 dnevi


  60. Londa Hickey

    Londa HickeyPred 18 dnevi

    Why did you off gun

  61. 7 Mirrorz

    7 MirrorzPred 18 dnevi

    Skeppy: Builds dirt house Me: this is like one of those Minecraft house builds that noobs do

  62. BlackGamingRoblox

    BlackGamingRobloxPred 18 dnevi

    wtf why is gun censored

  63. Darkdemon775

    Darkdemon775Pred 18 dnevi

    Are you sure you’re the best SLthrowr

  64. nono nono

    nono nonoPred 19 dnevi

    is that 100 dolars still avilable?

  65. Charlie ERROR gaming

    Charlie ERROR gamingPred 20 dnevi

    Skeppy making a dirt house. Me: are you drunk?

  66. Beatrice

    BeatricePred 20 dnevi


  67. xdv3isasavage

    xdv3isasavagePred 21 dnevom

    Me: can we have kid friendly language mom Mom: we have kid friendly language at home kid friendly language at home:

  68. xdv3isasavage

    xdv3isasavagePred 21 dnevom

    Me: Mom can I get diamond pickaxe from minecraft Mom: We have diamond pickaxe at home Diamond pickaxe at home:

  69. Sierra Marchica

    Sierra MarchicaPred 21 dnevom


  70. chuNKlpotomus lOl

    chuNKlpotomus lOlPred 22 dnevi

    Quick note: If you say gun you don’t get demonetized. I saw other people say it and they didn’t get demonetized.

  71. ItsUnpug

    ItsUnpugPred 22 dnevi


  72. Lj CARTER

    Lj CARTERPred 24 dnevi

    My head hurts

  73. Marilyn Allen

    Marilyn AllenPred 25 dnevi

    Minecraft Jenga🤣

  74. Marilyn Allen

    Marilyn AllenPred 25 dnevi


  75. Flarble

    FlarblePred 27 dnevi


  76. FabianPlayz

    FabianPlayzPred 27 dnevi

    Ur at

  77. Ayden Phelps

    Ayden PhelpsPred 27 dnevi

    That's just a MC (Minecraft) ripoff on Rblx (Roblox)

  78. Nathan Smith

    Nathan SmithPred 27 dnevi

    Come back America


    FLOWEY DREMURRPred 28 dnevi

    How do I get this

  80. your local ranboo fan

    your local ranboo fanPred 28 dnevi

    Skeppy: **screaming about a house** Me: this poor, poor living diamond block.

  81. Sam Louie

    Sam LouiePred 28 dnevi

    I know that game

  82. TheIconicPixel

    TheIconicPixelPred 29 dnevi

    The fact that he finished his house with 69 blocks left...

  83. Adan van Rensburg

    Adan van RensburgPred mesecem


  84. Adan van Rensburg

    Adan van RensburgPred mesecem

    by the way I don’t know what social media is

  85. Adan van Rensburg

    Adan van RensburgPred mesecem

    I watch it to the end and I would love to win the giveaway

  86. Little Dragon

    Little DragonPred mesecem

    No one hates you Skeppy specially BadBoyHalo 😏

  87. north tamilland

    north tamillandPred mesecem

    You may have bedrock to acess my mc name PhillipeBuga

  88. collin Houston

    collin HoustonPred mesecem

    Skeppy you Are good

  89. that annoying kid

    that annoying kidPred mesecem

    pls give me the link

  90. Katie Foles

    Katie FolesPred mesecem

    You start with a gun?

  91. Turtin

    TurtinPred mesecem


  92. _Isaacplayz

    _IsaacplayzPred mesecem

    U disrespect minecraft

  93. _Isaacplayz

    _IsaacplayzPred mesecem

    Why just why

  94. Rylan Hunsaker

    Rylan HunsakerPred mesecem

    @ryrydaone1356-i didnt have an @ when I first wached lol

  95. the micro gamer

    the micro gamerPred mesecem

    if you look at the shadow closley you see that you have one hand and you are a pill in this game

  96. Just Some Galaxy Phoenix

    Just Some Galaxy PhoenixPred mesecem

    Wait who made this Minecraft

  97. Victor Herrera

    Victor HerreraPred mesecem

    Alternative title:Minecraft but Mojang is lazy

  98. Avara Hillary Azra

    Avara Hillary AzraPred mesecem

    Me: I wanna get minecraft Also me: **Realizes i'm broke**

  99. SwapFlip

    SwapFlipPred mesecem

    Play this game again skeppy.

  100. Arena Closer Animations

    Arena Closer AnimationsPred mesecem

    Absolutely NO mention of Sam Hogan? Shame on you

  101. Ahmad Rozi Abu IPGKBM

    Ahmad Rozi Abu IPGKBMPred mesecem


  102. Ardani Hernandez

    Ardani HernandezPred mesecem

    OMG I luved the vid but it also gave me a headache!

  103. ItzMellow

    ItzMellowPred mesecem

    Every *single day* Last video: *1 Week Ago*

  104. Alexis Sky

    Alexis SkyPred mesecem

    6:53 "konw"

  105. Dream Smp

    Dream SmpPred mesecem

    POV: little Timmy downloads mind craft Timmy: MUM THE COMPUTERS BEING WEIRD MOM: What Happened? Timmy: well I downloaded Minecraft for free and this started happening? Mom: *pulls out a belt*