Guessing Minecraft YouTubers Using ONLY Their Gameplay (ft. BadBoyHalo)

Skeppy & BadBoyHalo Guess SLthrowrs Based on Minecraft Gameplay
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Today I got BadBoyHalo to compete with me in one of the HARDEST challenges I think I’ve done so far. BadBoyHalo and I will battle it out to see who can get the most points and identify which SLthrowr we are watching JUST based on context clues. This should be pretty easy when it comes to the speedrunnier Dream but I’m a little worried about the rest!!! The creators skins and facecam’s will be completely blurred out - lol sorry TapL - and we will have to guess and rack up as many points as possible to defeat the other. If I got anything out of this challenge it’s that I can always recognize a Mr. Beast video no matter what. The points get SO CLOSE HAHA so make sure to stay tuned until the end to see who the real winner is - hint, I’m actually Quackity’s best friend now.

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I Cheated with ONE WAY GLASS in a Building Competition...

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's BadBoyHalo and I playing the ultimate SLthrowr guessing game


  1. BadBoyHalo

    BadBoyHaloPred mesecem

    I cant believe what happened in the end xD

  2. casual gamer E

    casual gamer EPred mesecem


  3. Eckso

    EcksoPred mesecem


  4. Eckso

    EcksoPred mesecem


  5. X4IZ

    X4IZPred mesecem


  6. S1m9ly Bxb4 M1lk

    S1m9ly Bxb4 M1lkPred mesecem

    @idk who you arent funny and this stuff makes him upset. Stop. 😐

  7. Fries

    FriesPred 12 urami

    It’s technoo

  8. Emily_Jones

    Emily_JonesPred 15 urami

    Can u make those trapping kids videos again 🙁🙁🙁

  9. Ultimate Mcpe

    Ultimate McpePred 15 urami

    damn your voice is the same from last 2 years

  10. Winter Werewolf Playz

    Winter Werewolf PlayzPred 15 urami

    It’s Wisp

  11. Winter Werewolf Playz

    Winter Werewolf PlayzPred 16 urami

    I know where you live skippey in America


    XXXTHEYEATERX XPred 16 urami

    Bbh is a cheater Lol i remeber when skeppy did this with preaston

  13. PoopGameriaVideos.

    PoopGameriaVideos.Pred 16 urami

    Bbh actually won 11 to 10

  14. Autumn Jupiter

    Autumn JupiterPred 17 urami

    😂 they didn’t get wisp or Tommy lol

  15. Zach the sneaker

    Zach the sneakerPred 19 urami

    Me sees a flying Skippy throwing potions or water bottles

  16. Susan Greenlee

    Susan GreenleePred 20 urami

    I got right 4

  17. IzRoseGold

    IzRoseGoldPred 23 urami

    8:16 excuse me, YOU AND SKEPPY KNOW WHO THAT IS?!?! Omg……my life is ending

  18. MJ and BOO's TV

    MJ and BOO's TVPred dnevom


  19. Caleb Ladd A. BERDOS

    Caleb Ladd A. BERDOSPred dnevom

    done subcribeing

  20. Tinyhome Homestead

    Tinyhome HomesteadPred 2 dnevi

    I watch jelly slogo and Crainer

  21. Ian Hopkins

    Ian HopkinsPred 3 dnevi


  22. slothy

    slothyPred 3 dnevi

    Bbh: YYEEEEEESSSS Me: my poor eardrums ;-;

  23. Roy M

    Roy MPred 3 dnevi

    Skeppy try’s to trade

  24. Gorilla guy

    Gorilla guyPred 4 dnevi

    I got 15

  25. ThatOneUnkn0wn

    ThatOneUnkn0wnPred 4 dnevi

    9:08 that’s when tommy was playing with drista I didn’t think that would be the clip of Tommy- lol

  26. NuggetsYT

    NuggetsYTPred 4 dnevi

    Im subbed gimmi cash

  27. Zach the sneaker

    Zach the sneakerPred 4 dnevi

    Me watching the sponsored seeing a flying Skippy

  28. Spooky-Suki

    Spooky-SukiPred 4 dnevi

    6:52 I saw Lauren- XD idk if it is Lauren would be funny if it is *me seeing that was badboyhalo himself* WHAT- WHAT A TWIIIIIST!!!

  29. Vedant Shah

    Vedant ShahPred 5 dnevi

    Oh lol It was the hand

  30. Vedant Shah

    Vedant ShahPred 5 dnevi

    Bruh Technoblade doesnt use facecam much

  31. BasYL

    BasYLPred 5 dnevi

    I actually did decent on this lol

  32. Zes

    ZesPred 5 dnevi

    The techno one was ez i saw a trident and a sword with 100 plus xp i was like techno duuuuhh.

  33. colin junior

    colin juniorPred 6 dnevi

    I got 9

  34. Alessandro Skvortsov

    Alessandro SkvortsovPred 6 dnevi


  35. Flurb GD

    Flurb GDPred 6 dnevi

    on presten im like whos the only parkore king

  36. Rovastone

    RovastonePred 7 dnevi


  37. King Otter

    King OtterPred 7 dnevi

    I'd like 1000 subs

  38. Lime Penguins

    Lime PenguinsPred 7 dnevi

    Did you know my fav youtuber is jelly

  39. Abigail DeCoursey

    Abigail DeCourseyPred 7 dnevi

    Sleepy is amazing

  40. Dinoman

    DinomanPred 7 dnevi

    It was a tie technically because he does not give badboyhalo a point for the Karl Jacobs one

  41. Hafsha K20

    Hafsha K20Pred 7 dnevi

    SKEPPY PLEASE REACT TO "Faster" Is does amazing remixes I promise PLEASE REACT TO HIM PLEASE

  42. ☻︎𝚂𝚊𝚍𝙱𝚘𝚒☹︎

    ☻︎𝚂𝚊𝚍𝙱𝚘𝚒☹︎Pred 8 dnevi


  43. selin _ bruh

    selin _ bruhPred 8 dnevi


  44. ツxZefix

    ツxZefixPred 8 dnevi


  45. Bean Beans

    Bean BeansPred 8 dnevi

    how is it that I was on,y able to get Technoblade what-



    i knew it was tommyinnit

  47. Nameless PG3D

    Nameless PG3DPred 8 dnevi

    7:20 it’s wisp bruh-

  48. CY Hsu

    CY HsuPred 8 dnevi

    no aphmau

  49. happy happy!

    happy happy!Pred 8 dnevi

    i like how skeppy saw the tab, and tubbo wasnt there, but still says tubbo

  50. ▪︎Lemon Love▪︎

    ▪︎Lemon Love▪︎Pred 9 dnevi

    Wait what? Why did skeppy score a point in the end when they both were wrong?

  51. Shanice Henard

    Shanice HenardPred 9 dnevi

    At the end it said hello QUACKITY

  52. Shanice Henard

    Shanice HenardPred 9 dnevi


  53. caden booth

    caden boothPred 9 dnevi

    love u so much skeppy and bbh ur the best youtubers ever

  54. tc_fishy_29

    tc_fishy_29Pred 9 dnevi

    When it was bionic I was like bionic or wisp


    THE KITTEN FAMPred 9 dnevi

    My poor ears I have headphones 🎧 on and it hurts 😭🥺 I have to turn it down now 😔 whatevers you guys are screening pls tell in next vid that you say to the ple to turn down there volume warning

  56. Malsifer

    MalsiferPred 10 dnevi

    i think the 16 one is tommyinnit

  57. Malsifer

    MalsiferPred 10 dnevi

    13 is karl i think

  58. Malsifer

    MalsiferPred 10 dnevi

    i didnt see who 12 is yet but im almost sure its wisp

  59. Full Pro MLB

    Full Pro MLBPred 10 dnevi

    why did skeppy guess tubbu if he saw the tab that didnt have tubbu

  60. :P

    :PPred 10 dnevi

    6:34 i already knew because of the minecraft bedrock ui

  61. Elisha Bonilla

    Elisha BonillaPred 11 dnevi

    We need one with Kolanii in here

  62. Gaomang Hu

    Gaomang HuPred 11 dnevi

    Omg I just guess it it was tommy I only just see the last one says tommy Yayayayayayyayay

  63. Asmah Rejab

    Asmah RejabPred 11 dnevi

    Also skepy I played as well and uhm don't get to excited I won with 2 more points so brrrrrrrrrrr

  64. Ameera Nur Fahana Mohd Solihan

    Ameera Nur Fahana Mohd SolihanPred 11 dnevi

    I now who master parkour preston nyeh

  65. Quixncy Karl

    Quixncy KarlPred 12 dnevi

    hmph i got all right

  66. Peachchqrzi

    PeachchqrziPred 12 dnevi


  67. Ved567

    Ved567Pred 12 dnevi


  68. Milo The Galaxy Boy

    Milo The Galaxy BoyPred 12 dnevi

    Didn't like the end of it...

  69. Alduin Chavão

    Alduin ChavãoPred 12 dnevi

    5:40 voldmorth have some strange hobbies

  70. BabyManny Ram

    BabyManny RamPred 12 dnevi

    One of it is skeepy funny

  71. natsu ikari shin

    natsu ikari shinPred 12 dnevi

    I got 11 points yeay

  72. Sam Platts

    Sam PlattsPred 13 dnevi

    Hi skeppy

  73. The Dog

    The DogPred 13 dnevi

    I cringed when they didnt say wisp

  74. Sreymich Sam

    Sreymich SamPred 13 dnevi

    yea thats just rigged as you can see in the first one ts tapL because you can see the hand of his skin when he throws out an item to get the ender pearls

  75. Sliver J Memory

    Sliver J MemoryPred 13 dnevi

    Bionic is awesome!!!!!

  76. Alexa

    Alexa Pred 13 dnevi

    No one even saw laurenzside shes in the idk his name

  77. SunSide

    SunSidePred 13 dnevi

    You guys are always either laughing or being a married couple in these types of videos

  78. bigchunges extra • 69 years ago

    bigchunges extra • 69 years agoPred 13 dnevi


  79. Bobby Oseo

    Bobby OseoPred 13 dnevi

    i got em al right cos i watched al those vids

  80. Steven Htoo

    Steven HtooPred 13 dnevi

    Lol the score went 8-6 when it should have been 8-7 since both of them guessed it at 7:58

  81. Hi?

    Hi?Pred 14 dnevi

    'Skeppy' 'Skeppy' Turns out it was bbh

  82. Little berry Noodle

    Little berry NoodlePred 14 dnevi

    When I guess all of them right before they guessed._.

  83. B I S H W A M シ

    B I S H W A M シPred 14 dnevi

    Me after being confident its technoblade: Skeppy""LeTS tAlK aboUT HoNeY"

  84. pro gamer

    pro gamerPred 15 dnevi


  85. Ramenixsan

    RamenixsanPred 15 dnevi

    Skeppy and badboyhalo goes through memory lane.

  86. ApplyingGaming

    ApplyingGamingPred 15 dnevi

    Activate windows where

  87. •Mei Mei

    •Mei MeiPred 16 dnevi


  88. Liza 💕

    Liza 💕Pred 16 dnevi

    ⟟ know the second because Karl going from the tree lmao

  89. Mirage Potato

    Mirage PotatoPred 16 dnevi

    skeppy be giving $1000 dollars to a random sub but he ain't giving techno his $20 dollars

  90. indene

    indenePred 16 dnevi

    Skeppy play factions or hardcore factions

  91. Pauline LeBlanc

    Pauline LeBlancPred 16 dnevi

    You good

  92. Black pearl

    Black pearlPred 16 dnevi

    Any one realised that the tommy clip had the s word

  93. Have Fun with Xymi

    Have Fun with XymiPred 16 dnevi

    When Karl's clip played I was like "Karl" I watched that 2 million times

  94. Mono

    MonoPred 17 dnevi


  95. Emerald69

    Emerald69Pred 17 dnevi

    On the but video clip the one when wisp was walking on the blocks and they turned random and i hade seen that video so when i saw him mining an anvil i knew for a fact that it was WisP

  96. Emerald69

    Emerald69Pred 17 dnevi

    On the lucky block one in the ravine i had seen bionics video on the lucky blocks and in the video he went in a ravine so when i saw that he broke a lucky block i didnt even see him break the lucky block i just saw the particles but i still knew it was B.I.O.N.I.C

  97. Shilpa jain

    Shilpa jainPred 17 dnevi

    It's a tie

  98. Eve reynolds

    Eve reynoldsPred 17 dnevi

    i just knew the last one bc of the quackitys stream title for it

  99. TheAlertGamer

    TheAlertGamerPred 17 dnevi

    I am subscribed

  100. Joziah gonzalez

    Joziah gonzalezPred 17 dnevi

    I got 16 right

  101. NoobEon7

    NoobEon7Pred 18 dnevi

    7:44 is karl

  102. power yt

    power ytPred 18 dnevi

    i subbed

  103. nalie dib

    nalie dibPred 18 dnevi


  104. LEtsGO53

    LEtsGO53Pred 18 dnevi

    omg i actually got unspeakable ayyyyy

  105. Little kitty

    Little kittyPred 18 dnevi