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  1. Isis the ice Cube

    Isis the ice CubePred 14 minutami

    12:10 didn’t you deliver him like 75 pizza’s 😂😂💀

  2. Divinitii

    DivinitiiPred 43 minutami

    Them shushing each other for like 2 minutes...

  3. Ashley Guzman Raymundo

    Ashley Guzman RaymundoPred 5 urami

    This is a tutorial for noobs in to play amoung us :) bbh is became teacher :)

  4. Gage Hanson

    Gage HansonPred 9 urami

    face reveal

  5. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaPred 10 urami


  6. Star Light

    Star LightPred 10 urami


  7. Lorien Hokirk

    Lorien HokirkPred 13 urami

    Not me trying to press online and thinking it was me playing the game

  8. N Koby

    N KobyPred 17 urami

    I saw vurb 🤣 2:16

  9. Milo Palmer

    Milo PalmerPred 18 urami

    Plz do more amung us

  10. S0M31

    S0M31Pred 20 urami

    Lol 50K licks

  11. J Slotapop

    J SlotapopPred dnevom


  12. J Slotapop

    J SlotapopPred dnevom

    I think

  13. J Slotapop

    J SlotapopPred dnevom

    this is joes kid here so ik who the impostor was the second time it was frog

  14. J Slotapop

    J SlotapopPred dnevom


  15. J Slotapop

    J SlotapopPred dnevom


  16. Sloth and Bunny Plays

    Sloth and Bunny PlaysPred dnevom


  17. Urso Guerreiro

    Urso GuerreiroPred dnevom

    bbh is a potato

  18. Zyan Kyle Velasco

    Zyan Kyle VelascoPred dnevom

    I lick my phone 100

  19. Armiel Angelique

    Armiel AngeliquePred 2 dnevi

    Skeppy: 'I need you to tech me how to play' Me: T-there's literally a 'How to Play' button there- I'll let it slide.

  20. Rush_ LOL

    Rush_ LOLPred 2 dnevi

    Only real fans knows what this is from

  21. Rush_ LOL

    Rush_ LOLPred 2 dnevi

    The song is respected man by yung cracka and shotgun Willy

  22. Dibri

    DibriPred 2 dnevi

    Among us brought airship try airship!

  23. Dream Team SpeedRunner

    Dream Team SpeedRunnerPred 2 dnevi

    :| cool

  24. Daniel Nathanswidjaja

    Daniel NathanswidjajaPred 2 dnevi


  25. Elizabeth Reynolds

    Elizabeth ReynoldsPred 3 dnevi


  26. Megan Torres

    Megan TorresPred 3 dnevi

    I licked the vid

  27. Tibyan Abdelgabar

    Tibyan AbdelgabarPred 3 dnevi

    Question what’s going up

  28. ThaStylishNoob

    ThaStylishNoobPred 3 dnevi

    20:16 me when finding out that it was actually my sister who ate the last slice of pizza when I trusted her.

  29. annika lao

    annika laoPred 4 dnevi

    bbh is like dad to skeppy XD

  30. Zayden Valle

    Zayden VallePred 4 dnevi


  31. Imposter God

    Imposter GodPred 4 dnevi


  32. Zach Hadsell

    Zach HadsellPred 4 dnevi

    You could’ve pressed how to play

  33. Tharinia Oyegun

    Tharinia OyegunPred 4 dnevi

    SkepBoyHalo getting an divorce?

  34. Alexis Tobin

    Alexis TobinPred 4 dnevi


  35. Ahmed Playz

    Ahmed PlayzPred 4 dnevi

    badboyhalo more like baldboyhalo

  36. Leo Crowther

    Leo CrowtherPred 4 dnevi

    I did 50k licks

  37. ItsMonster

    ItsMonsterPred 4 dnevi

    I like your trolls can you do more:()

  38. Prince Ryanne Pasaje

    Prince Ryanne PasajePred 4 dnevi

    There is mod in among us download it and make videowith it

  39. RyanTheLion 12

    RyanTheLion 12Pred 5 dnevi

    yeah let’s get 50k likes

  40. XxTheHiddenPandaxX

    XxTheHiddenPandaxXPred 5 dnevi

    Almost 50k likes B)

  41. Jase Plays

    Jase PlaysPred 5 dnevi


  42. Daniel Okoli

    Daniel OkoliPred 5 dnevi

    Critics definitely imposter visualizations just at is the investment actual attack

  43. Novak Stamenković

    Novak StamenkovićPred 5 dnevi

    Ok thi is LOL

  44. Just Rish

    Just RishPred 5 dnevi

    Is that intro in the beggining from the Andy Griffith show?

  45. Roberts_Vilks

    Roberts_VilksPred 5 dnevi

    BBH would be a good dad thanks to him raising skeppy in his youth

  46. Black Baby Crewmate YT

    Black Baby Crewmate YTPred 6 dnevi

    Badboyhalo and skeppy adopted me

  47. Spherior

    SpheriorPred 6 dnevi

    I just licked the screen, and liked at the same time.

  48. Shaikh Ashfaque

    Shaikh AshfaquePred 6 dnevi

    Vurb: he killed frog and me, Skeppy Me: visible confusion

  49. Mettaton EX

    Mettaton EXPred 6 dnevi


  50. Yvette Peters

    Yvette PetersPred 6 dnevi

    Skeppy you so cool 👍👍👍👍👍👍😂

  51. Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer LeePred 7 dnevi

    OK SO Cool

  52. chace konicki

    chace konickiPred 7 dnevi


  53. ammad noob

    ammad noobPred 7 dnevi

    lol you are a noob skeppy i hate your vids

  54. Liam Doyon

    Liam DoyonPred 7 dnevi

    Who is a new update in Among Us what

  55. Dior Rose

    Dior RosePred 7 dnevi

    Skephalo hi!

  56. Chick kip

    Chick kipPred 8 dnevi

    Why would they play with 4 people

  57. GameBadger 12

    GameBadger 12Pred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy and Badboyhalo are a huge bromantic comedy.

  58. Eleen Guniemat

    Eleen GuniematPred 8 dnevi

    4:00 what🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  59. Shreya Stark

    Shreya StarkPred 8 dnevi

    "This can be our kid" Badboyhalo-2021

  60. Endertion

    EndertionPred 8 dnevi

    It’s called “AMOG US”

  61. Among_The_Couch23

    Among_The_Couch23Pred 9 dnevi

    AMONG US............... The Game That Friends Are Never Among Us!!!!!! XD

  62. Edwyn Chan Estrella

    Edwyn Chan EstrellaPred 9 dnevi

    I’m unsubscribeing to badbohalo bc he vote you out when verb killed krit

  63. Micka Thurin

    Micka ThurinPred 9 dnevi

    Skep : I will kill bbh : me Why is bbh Teaching you if you already know how to play among us? Oh wait you Trolling him

  64. Leslie Culter

    Leslie CulterPred 9 dnevi

    Bbh looks bald XD

  65. Emogene Baas

    Emogene BaasPred 9 dnevi

    The illustrious venezuelan enthrallingly paddle because cupcake oceanographically flap near a thankful tree. succinct, ill sleep

  66. Serina Thomas

    Serina ThomasPred 10 dnevi

    The enormous age phytochemically try because difference bioinformatically pack throughout a furry furtive coil. strange, short trapezoid

  67. Ariya Bawa

    Ariya BawaPred 10 dnevi

    you got 50 k

  68. Lori ROUILLARD

    Lori ROUILLARDPred 10 dnevi

    I am a good at among us I can tech u for 10 dollars pure hour

  69. Eric Diaz

    Eric DiazPred 10 dnevi

    The jumpy whale lamentably fail because hockey steadily mark vice a next trombone. late, inconclusive blade

  70. Teertha Mondrati

    Teertha MondratiPred 10 dnevi


  71. Gaien-Gavin Lagman

    Gaien-Gavin LagmanPred 10 dnevi

    When skeppy just started the video and he called bbh And bbh is voice on the call pissed me off

  72. OObexistan Ss

    OObexistan SsPred 10 dnevi

    Uhh idk why does u said 10.000 licks

  73. Kellie Poer

    Kellie PoerPred 10 dnevi

    25:48 assed you what LOL

  74. Julie Bear

    Julie BearPred 11 dnevi

    Tip for card task: you will get it first try if you swipe back and forth rapidly usually three times then let go at the end of the swiper thing

  75. Erika Mae Simbajon

    Erika Mae SimbajonPred 11 dnevi

    WtF WTF I Think Is Kritt

  76. Erika Mae Simbajon

    Erika Mae SimbajonPred 11 dnevi

    Is not skeppy IS VURB vurb Noob

  77. Mariuko

    MariukoPred 11 dnevi

    I wish my games went this smoothly

  78. Donna Shelton

    Donna SheltonPred 11 dnevi

    Every time you say the words at the end it gives me anxiety-

  79. Karina Romero

    Karina RomeroPred 11 dnevi


  80. Gretchen Hitt

    Gretchen HittPred 11 dnevi


  81. Gabe Charles

    Gabe CharlesPred 11 dnevi

    50k likes and he gets 349k likes LOL

  82. Abigail Seelye

    Abigail SeelyePred 11 dnevi

    just end it

  83. James N

    James NPred 11 dnevi

    can u do a face reveal at 10k subs?

  84. GhostFoxIOI

    GhostFoxIOIPred 11 dnevi

    Among us: how to play button Skeppy: imma pretend I didn’t see that

  85. Dhonz ezrha Lopez

    Dhonz ezrha LopezPred 11 dnevi

    I lick my phone

  86. Rajshree Rathod

    Rajshree RathodPred 11 dnevi

    it got 348k like

  87. Nikhil Kalla

    Nikhil KallaPred 12 dnevi

    plot twist skeppy still doesn't know how to play among us

  88. xXDark_ShadowXx

    xXDark_ShadowXxPred 12 dnevi

  89. Savannah & Maverick

    Savannah & MaverickPred 12 dnevi

    25:40 BBH would say LANGUAGE!!!

  90. bumbofoot

    bumbofootPred 12 dnevi

    Skeppy: don’t tell anyone pls :( Also skeppy: *making vid*

  91. Beckett Brubiks

    Beckett BrubiksPred 12 dnevi

    everybody is wearing a suit until u look at kritt

  92. xHawaiii

    xHawaiiiPred 9 dnevi

    And frog

  93. CandacePlays Gamer

    CandacePlays GamerPred 12 dnevi

    I feel like poor bbh bc he got tricked by skeppy but yaa...........

  94. god of bunnies

    god of bunniesPred 12 dnevi

    Skeppy ,here's a tip Before u say where the body is Ask where everyone is

  95. Kobe DreDaniel Atoigue

    Kobe DreDaniel AtoiguePred 13 dnevi

    What we going do this is a disaster everyone calm down and tell me what you task was

  96. Kobe DreDaniel Atoigue

    Kobe DreDaniel AtoiguePred 13 dnevi

    I found a body beside the reactor someone killed orange you based

  97. Ngo Nu

    Ngo NuPred 13 dnevi

    If you could join my lobby cuz I have AMONGUS SO I CAN TECH YOU

  98. axstral

    axstralPred 13 dnevi


  99. Leslie Robertson

    Leslie RobertsonPred 13 dnevi

    The tough island problematically dry because cousin paradoxically suit midst a quick font. loutish, rambunctious quill

  100. Shevaugh Torrez

    Shevaugh TorrezPred 13 dnevi


  101. Tragik Jx

    Tragik JxPred 13 dnevi

    Among Us caption A way to break a good friendship

  102. Chloé Lavictoire

    Chloé LavictoirePred 13 dnevi

    Your laugh is cute

  103. Wolfy Space

    Wolfy SpacePred 13 dnevi

    I like how his first among us vid is trolling

  104. Korneel Beausaert

    Korneel BeausaertPred 13 dnevi

    Skeppy:i dont know anything Me:u know how to live -_-