Skeppy Vs BadBoyHalo ESCAPE ROOM Build Battle - Minecraft

BadBoyHalo struggles against Skeppy in the Ultimate Escape Room Build Battle


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Today BadBoyHalo and I face off in a timed Escape Room Build Battle Challenge :D I even gave Bad an advantage over me so if he messes this up it is totally his fault. I mean, dying in Creative Mode? Really? LMAO. Creating a Maze was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be but I think I did a pretty good job overall. These videos with Bad are always so fun to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like and we'll do more fun challenges like these :D

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of an Escape Room Build Battle


  1. Emmilyah Matsing

    Emmilyah MatsingPred uro

    BBH is so stupid

  2. Humanoid Mammal

    Humanoid MammalPred 6 urami

    10:20 "ew"

  3. Samhitha Balu

    Samhitha BaluPred 16 urami

    be happy be fun

  4. Khush Plays

    Khush PlaysPred 17 urami

    0:42 cross on ground

  5. Khush Plays

    Khush PlaysPred 17 urami

    O:42 a cross on the ground

  6. Joaquin Acosta

    Joaquin AcostaPred 23 urami

    skeppy escaped in around 4 minutes while bbh escaped around 12 minutes



    wait did badboyhalo said fack what the hek

  8. Gamer09

    Gamer09Pred dnevom

    best vid on utube

  9. Patler28

    Patler28Pred dnevom

    Idk how he got 1 if anything he should’ve thought it was six but the right answer is 9 bc u do the one in parentheses first and then u do what’s on the left first which is PEMDAS so that is the division and that = 3 so next 3(3)=9

  10. Thomas Reactions

    Thomas ReactionsPred dnevom

    the answer is 9


    VILLEROTIIIPred dnevom

    I love the diamond realm from the intro, you should save it as a mcworld file and put it on a website so we can do stuff with it

  12. Ann Limpio

    Ann LimpioPred dnevom

    Badboyhalo swear

  13. Jevaurey Gordon

    Jevaurey GordonPred dnevom

    Skeepy was the best one

  14. Fantastic Mcboygaming

    Fantastic McboygamingPred dnevom

    Skeppy: *casually places lava on wool* Me: cool, Wait *WHAT THE FU-*

  15. Willow Bishop

    Willow BishopPred 2 dnevi

    There were 294 choices skeppy could have chosen I'm not calling anyone out or anything it's just whenever I see math I have to do it so I just wanted to say

  16. Willow Bishop

    Willow BishopPred 2 dnevi

    It's nine skeppy it's it's nine I'm I'm not mad I'm just... Just disappointed

  17. Noraksetha Chhun

    Noraksetha ChhunPred 2 dnevi

    pls work on the game and easy to

  18. Noraksetha Chhun

    Noraksetha ChhunPred 2 dnevi

    pls work

  19. Migz TV

    Migz TVPred 2 dnevi

    9:36 So evil he says

  20. Cool pineapple 🍍

    Cool pineapple 🍍Pred 2 dnevi

    2:50 DONT LOK!!

  21. Cool pineapple 🍍

    Cool pineapple 🍍Pred 2 dnevi

    Lick and subsrobe or u well have bed luk!! 🙌

  22. Nahje Chambers

    Nahje ChambersPred 2 dnevi

    badboyhalo: "I going to beat this legit " *dies*

  23. worm juice

    worm juicePred 2 dnevi

    babboyhalo sweared

  24. Antonio 6594

    Antonio 6594Pred 2 dnevi

    Lol that was half an hour us seeing him suffer dam

  25. X5epsilon

    X5epsilonPred 2 dnevi

    "WhAt ThE fAcK"

  26. Dale Dadrewala

    Dale DadrewalaPred 2 dnevi

    skeppy has a better mess

  27. Janice Luk

    Janice LukPred 2 dnevi

    The fact that bbh saying “put them back” sounded like “wtfff”

  28. Cycloned

    CyclonedPred 3 dnevi

    Skeppy probs could have built BBH something in the time it took him to do this

  29. Cycloned

    CyclonedPred 3 dnevi

    15 minutes of bbh being tortured and dying

  30. Cycloned

    CyclonedPred 3 dnevi

    Skelly thought the lava would kill him even tho it was the parkour lol

  31. Cycloned

    CyclonedPred 3 dnevi

    Use /back XD

  32. Unlimited

    UnlimitedPred 3 dnevi

    15:00 Me: really does not know what 14 means. I have only been watching Skeppy since yesterday!

  33. Itsgalaxyangel64

    Itsgalaxyangel64Pred 2 dnevi

    One day they asked a question and always answer 14 look for example badboyhalo said "at what hour do we play today?" And skeppy said "14" with no more explanation hahaha and that became a meme 141414141441

  34. Omelihu Nwanguma

    Omelihu NwangumaPred 3 dnevi

    6/2=3 not 1

  35. robert farrington

    robert farringtonPred 3 dnevi

    The skillful key frequently whine because circle lamentably wonder aside a rambunctious copper. mature, roasted macrame

  36. Addison Unicorn

    Addison UnicornPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy won but badbyhalo did well

  37. REALEpicgamer2000

    REALEpicgamer2000Pred 4 dnevi

    alternative title: BBH screams AAAH SKEPPY FOR 30 minutes straight xD

  38. ~iin00taceyspacey•_•chan~

    ~iin00taceyspacey•_•chan~Pred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy *spams xoxoxoxoxo* Me: skephalo?

  39. Shame Gamer

    Shame GamerPred 4 dnevi


  40. Fort Lage

    Fort LagePred 4 dnevi


  41. Devscape

    DevscapePred 5 dnevi

    The answer was 9 not 1

  42. Mikey Bell

    Mikey BellPred 5 dnevi

    im 5m and i coot do that

  43. Emily Greene

    Emily GreenePred 5 dnevi

    6x2 +1+2=14

  44. Lowburn1 Gaming

    Lowburn1 GamingPred 5 dnevi

    When vid starts gets fright skeppy in Dimond world RICH

  45. AnaR.

    AnaR.Pred 5 dnevi


  46. kajahelten

    kajaheltenPred 5 dnevi

    25:10 i hate to say it. but Skeppy, the answer is actually 9, i did it on a calculator. it said 9

  47. Lightning _11

    Lightning _11Pred 5 dnevi

    R.I.P., the correct answer is actually nine.

  48. Lightning _11

    Lightning _11Pred 5 dnevi

    Skeppy: (14:54) "I just hope someone is watching this video and they have absolutely no idea what 14 means..." Me: It's 2*7, right?

  49. LegendaryGamers

    LegendaryGamersPred 5 dnevi

    12…. TH13TEEN

  50. Robi Is Cool

    Robi Is CoolPred 5 dnevi

    When u realise he’s putting wool next to lava: oh so u like breaking the game?

  51. LegendaryGamers

    LegendaryGamersPred 5 dnevi

    5688 39088 5688 Nothing wrong for sure lol lol

  52. Princess Ribbon

    Princess RibbonPred 5 dnevi

    "Imagine someone who actually dont get 14" Me:....... Am i dumb or just confused-

  53. sheila vargas

    sheila vargasPred 6 dnevi


  54. Finn Holland

    Finn HollandPred 6 dnevi

    but it is 9

  55. Yuvraj Thakkar

    Yuvraj ThakkarPred 6 dnevi

    Sleepy I am close to 5 mil Me/now he is close to 6 mil

  56. Patricia Castellano

    Patricia CastellanoPred 6 dnevi

    He took so long that I had to skip through it

  57. Alexfartn

    AlexfartnPred 6 dnevi

    8:27 i was eating lemons and he said lemon YEET

  58. •Mrs.Simp•

    •Mrs.Simp•Pred 6 dnevi

    Skeppy did not realize he made his maze dnf-

  59. Littzy Garcia

    Littzy GarciaPred 6 dnevi

    Totally not skeppy who did dnf-

  60. Lil_chihuahua

    Lil_chihuahuaPred 6 dnevi

    ‘’Minecraft is a game of survival and death ‘’ - werewolf pup ( me )

  61. Vivian Pence

    Vivian PencePred 6 dnevi


  62. tom Sh

    tom ShPred 6 dnevi

    ur maze is a"maze"ing

  63. Tech Arts

    Tech ArtsPred 6 dnevi

    11:18 and 11:42 “HeeEEEH??!!” When a 4 year old tries to become Technoblade

  64. ꧁༒☬𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐍☬༒꧂

    ꧁༒☬𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐍☬༒꧂Pred 6 dnevi

    I don't remember ever laughing so much thanks skeppy

  65. LxquidLess

    LxquidLessPred 6 dnevi

    Cus bidmass

  66. LxquidLess

    LxquidLessPred 6 dnevi

    Isn't the answer to the question 9

  67. SuperBoy1231

    SuperBoy1231Pred 6 dnevi

    Skeppy Defenetly Won The Build Competition He Was Much Faster Wit BadBoyHalos Maze And Did Much Better Building!

  68. Stu3 Alif

    Stu3 AlifPred 7 dnevi

    Skeppy: random video idea gets over 100k likes Other people: gets not even half the amount of likes for their best video

  69. Lea May

    Lea MayPred 7 dnevi

    Ha ha ha ha

  70. Dhairya Tuteja

    Dhairya TutejaPred 7 dnevi


  71. eenshcobob

    eenshcobobPred 7 dnevi

    So confirmed skeppy sucks at math

  72. Candace Tauzin

    Candace TauzinPred 7 dnevi

    yoooooo did anyone notice the green and blue 0.0

  73. Alliterator Guy

    Alliterator GuyPred 7 dnevi

    Bar’s attempt to build an escape room is just straight up sad 😂 :14141414

  74. Creative Guy

    Creative GuyPred 7 dnevi

    7:35 the answer is 9 actually

  75. Aåron Kurenaì

    Aåron KurenaìPred 7 dnevi

    /3 \3

  76. Aåron Kurenaì

    Aåron KurenaìPred 7 dnevi

    I’d Never Swear” -BadBoyHalo 2O2I Also Him: Im So *Evil”*

  77. Aåron Kurenaì

    Aåron KurenaìPred 7 dnevi

    Also the other ones: Hate

  78. Soup

    SoupPred 7 dnevi

    Me when I saw green and blue : ‘ insert heatwaves ‘

  79. Mateus LeandroCordeiro

    Mateus LeandroCordeiroPred 7 dnevi


  80. Mateus LeandroCordeiro

    Mateus LeandroCordeiroPred 7 dnevi

    Skeppy won why did you just lie badboyhalo

  81. Ninja Bear Ultra

    Ninja Bear UltraPred 7 dnevi

    And Badboyhalo did it in 19:00

  82. Ninja Bear Ultra

    Ninja Bear UltraPred 7 dnevi

    Skeppy did bad's maze and it was 10:00

  83. Asrola lol

    Asrola lolPred 8 dnevi

    Badboyhalo can not jump at his own hat

  84. jacob dykes

    jacob dykesPred 8 dnevi

    the answer is actually 9 I searched it up

  85. Anna Montgomery

    Anna MontgomeryPred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy has no business being this funny

  86. Genoz

    GenozPred 8 dnevi

    the math was wrong lol

  87. Aldo Gonzales

    Aldo GonzalesPred 8 dnevi

    WHAT IS THE 14 Meme??

  88. ChristianPlayz

    ChristianPlayzPred 8 dnevi

    Sleepys was better

  89. 🌸ℂ𝕦𝕡𝕔𝕒𝕜𝕖_plays🌸

    🌸ℂ𝕦𝕡𝕔𝕒𝕜𝕖_plays🌸Pred 8 dnevi

    In 26:10 bbh hade the biggest voice crack i think like did u hear his voice lol

  90. Meme-a-tron 6000

    Meme-a-tron 6000Pred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy: I hope there is someone watching that doesn’t know what 14 means Me: That would be me!

  91. Saba atz

    Saba atzPred 8 dnevi

    Me too:(


    DUNCE-PIKA-FACEPred 8 dnevi

    I respect BadBoyHalo 👌💝

  93. Brenno

    BrennoPred 8 dnevi

    wait did he swear 25:56

  94. MrRai-

    MrRai-Pred 8 dnevi

    0:43 *oh god no*

  95. MrRai-

    MrRai-Pred 8 dnevi


  96. Christian Georges

    Christian GeorgesPred 8 dnevi



    RENGOKUPred 8 dnevi


  98. Lea

    LeaPred 9 dnevi

    I love your videos skeppy

  99. Benjamin Bourgade

    Benjamin BourgadePred 9 dnevi

    7:23 That's wrong the answer is 9

  100. saber empire

    saber empirePred 9 dnevi

    Bads are not even good

  101. Garrett Clark

    Garrett ClarkPred 9 dnevi

    I don’t know which one was better bass was repetitive and not creative but Skeppys was wrong

  102. Mistery potato man

    Mistery potato manPred 9 dnevi

    6/2(1+2) = 9