So I Applied For Staff On BadBoyHalo's Server AND THIS HAPPENED...

So I Applied For Staff On BadBoyHalo's Server AND THIS HAPPENED...
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  1. BadBoyHalo

    BadBoyHaloPred 5 meseci

    Oh my goodness... Happy muffinversary Skeppy!

  2. SN1P3R SH0T

    SN1P3R SH0TPred 3 urami

    Skeppy calls you badboynoob

  3. kitsune

    kitsunePred 7 dnevi

    ping spoofing :P

  4. giorno giovanna's legs

    giorno giovanna's legsPred 19 dnevi


  5. flamingokat

    flamingokatPred 22 dnevi


  6. Rotha Cairns

    Rotha CairnsPred mesecem


  7. Tyson Terrific

    Tyson TerrificPred 5 urami

    I’m a fan bbh and skep

  8. Blazingboy77 Gaming

    Blazingboy77 GamingPred 12 urami

    On the most significant hack, he should've said auto clicker because they are really easy to hide. and its very hard to tell if a person auto clicking from a 3rd person view.

  9. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard LigondePred 2 dnevi

    The overt cloud arthroscopically hope because calendar uncommonly consider per a smelly tom-tom. flagrant, sassy balloon

  10. christian p

    christian pPred 5 dnevi

    29:50 for youtube admins

  11. Foxy1782 Fims

    Foxy1782 FimsPred 5 dnevi

    Skeppys deaths are 14

  12. Will Gray

    Will GrayPred 5 dnevi

    4:32 hey astro


    EVAN SOKOLPred 6 dnevi

    When skeppy is putting names down on the sighns the first name is scrubee who is another youtuber

  14. ezra reyes

    ezra reyesPred 6 dnevi

    Is no one gonna talk about how vurb is in the bottom left at 4:32

  15. jackson Galigon

    jackson GaligonPred 8 dnevi

    Anyone else rewatching this video and just ythinking in their head, "his channel got so muvh worse, where is the server troling and these funny things"

  16. supercookie Gameuse

    supercookie GameusePred 8 dnevi

    No nobody

  17. crystalgaming

    crystalgamingPred 8 dnevi

    If This Gets 100k Likes Dye Your Hair Blue DO IT

  18. supercookie Gameuse

    supercookie GameusePred 8 dnevi

    He did in live

  19. AlexPlays

    AlexPlaysPred 9 dnevi

    Bruh over 1 mil in 5 months

  20. Annika Mangal

    Annika MangalPred 9 dnevi

    4:30 Wth is vurb doing

  21. Mars709 Regular

    Mars709 RegularPred 10 dnevi


  22. Banana Woman

    Banana WomanPred 11 dnevi

    4:31 why is (i forgot the name sorry) the pug in the corner!?


    JERRY ZHENGPred 12 dnevi


  24. JeloNotFound

    JeloNotFoundPred 13 dnevi

    10:18 Ping--spoofing

  25. intellectual gabe

    intellectual gabePred 14 dnevi

    ping spoofing


    PATRICK DID WHATPred 14 dnevi

    PiNg SpOoFiNg

  27. DJ Neutron

    DJ NeutronPred 14 dnevi

    4:30 what is dat in bottom left corner

  28. Ur Mom

    Ur MomPred 15 dnevi

    Big brain moment If you think about it thx hackers can be be heft kind of mod because they can easily identify whether people are using hacks or not because they have used them before 🧐

  29. Andrew hamilton

    Andrew hamiltonPred 15 dnevi

    Can I also apply for staff I'm a good guy

  30. TobiaGames

    TobiaGamesPred 17 dnevi

    4:39 that was so flawless

  31. Phil Chen

    Phil ChenPred 19 dnevi

    The humorous pakistan ultrasonically end because soda hemperly introduce towards a earthy shake. bloody, offbeat elizabeth

  32. wildcat tuna

    wildcat tunaPred 19 dnevi

    i lik compootr

  33. Birb

    BirbPred 19 dnevi

    I saw vurb

  34. Skid and pump

    Skid and pumpPred 19 dnevi

    It's a spooky moth

  35. Caleb Plays

    Caleb PlaysPred 20 dnevi



    MCYTCLIPSPred 21 dnevom

    So seriously know one is gonna mention “Badboynoob” really? No one-

  37. supercookie Gameuse

    supercookie GameusePred 8 dnevi

    :0 i just noticed

  38. jamisyn fleming

    jamisyn flemingPred 22 dnevi

    Skeppy has to dye his hair

  39. Corey 2099

    Corey 2099Pred 22 dnevi

    BadBoyHalo: When do you wanna schedule a uh meeting for? Skeppy: uummmm. 7:26pm October 20th BadBoyHalo: Uh Skeppy: Oh would you look at the time! BadBoyHalo: Hey that's today! Me and Skeppy: *Laughing at the same time* XD

  40. Alex Nguyen

    Alex NguyenPred 22 dnevi

    The old-fashioned hot ignificantly request because faucet worrisomely waste vice a red knot. woozy, shiny maria

  41. TrackpadYay

    TrackpadYayPred 22 dnevi

    100k dye hair ? xd

  42. TheBestEver

    TheBestEverPred 22 dnevi

    18:00 when skeppy said "Oh, i was just hitting your soul that's empty 'cause your a ghost." It just goes silent and idk why but i made ma laugh.

  43. Baldwin xu

    Baldwin xuPred 22 dnevi

    Four months ago

  44. Baldwin xu

    Baldwin xuPred 22 dnevi

    Is this what ADHD looks like?

  45. 0DanEpic

    0DanEpicPred 22 dnevi

    oof hes not gonna get staff now bads seen it xD

  46. Hudson Chow

    Hudson ChowPred 23 dnevi

    at 4:3o theres a dog skin in the corner

  47. Glauber Rocha Peclat

    Glauber Rocha PeclatPred 23 dnevi

    The enchanting voice proportionately spoil because discovery delightfully scream off a meek nut. pastoral, damp nail

  48. Nora Silveroli

    Nora SilveroliPred 24 dnevi

    vurb be like TOES TOES TOES

  49. Raiden Choron

    Raiden ChoronPred 24 dnevi

    ping spooffing

  50. Gaming With Thomas • 97 years ago

    Gaming With Thomas • 97 years agoPred 24 dnevi

    Skoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooo ooooooopy |EDIT|skooooooooooooooopy

  51. Gaming With Thomas • 97 years ago

    Gaming With Thomas • 97 years agoPred 24 dnevi

    haha skoy skoop

  52. Cai Jun wei

    Cai Jun weiPred 24 dnevi

    skeppy gave someone a screenshot when he asked for a ss in chat

  53. Maia Black

    Maia BlackPred 25 dnevi


  54. purplecaterpillar

    purplecaterpillarPred 25 dnevi

    why was vurb there for like one frame

  55. Ulta Blade

    Ulta BladePred 25 dnevi

    Guys he didn’t get what he wanted skeppy didn’t get what he wanted he got 176k likes not 100k likes

  56. Mr. Smiles

    Mr. SmilesPred 25 dnevi


  57. MissLangweilig

    MissLangweiligPred 26 dnevi

    Can someone tell me what he said at 10:18 ? I can't understand it

  58. Kristina Downey

    Kristina DowneyPred 26 dnevi

    The expensive afghanistan acutely grease because ball relatively laugh sans a adventurous orchid. pricey, towering tempo

  59. Miguel Oliveira

    Miguel OliveiraPred 26 dnevi

    10:20 "On skeppy's head"

  60. Catguygamez the ice king

    Catguygamez the ice kingPred 27 dnevi

    I saw an Easter egg mummy

  61. Omiyo Hossain

    Omiyo HossainPred 27 dnevi

    what happened in the end

  62. Reagan Robert

    Reagan RobertPred 27 dnevi

    Badboyhalo:no Skepy:yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess

  63. Reshirex

    ReshirexPred 27 dnevi


  64. нσиєу ριє

    нσиєу ριєPred 27 dnevi

    The video length really said even number

  65. joa

    joaPred 28 dnevi

    28:40 “Just for few days” “DAYS?!” “Weeks?”

  66. younesgamingxd

    younesgamingxdPred 28 dnevi

    LOL 4:31 look at the left cornor a tiny girl skeppy

  67. granger garrity

    granger garrityPred 29 dnevi

    More like 5mil

  68. Yara

    YaraPred mesecem

    12:30 "you promise im doing a good job?" "you're doing a really, really, really good job"


    TRACE ROBINSONPred mesecem

    Why are people?

  70. Elijah Bishop

    Elijah BishopPred mesecem

    4:30 justvurb is in the bottom left corner.

  71. Keelyn

    KeelynPred mesecem

    Lols rekt him xD

  72. Hafiz Mohammed

    Hafiz MohammedPred mesecem


  73. Sisir Kumal

    Sisir KumalPred mesecem

    make head in air and say he is owner

  74. Pikachu Pokémon

    Pikachu PokémonPred mesecem

    The weird 5hing is that this vid is exactly 30 minutes

  75. Lucy Figueroa

    Lucy FigueroaPred mesecem


  76. itookmysocksoff

    itookmysocksoffPred mesecem

    5MIL YEAHH!!

  77. JustaNoah

    JustaNoahPred mesecem

    ok for real if u ship bbh and skeppy just like this:)

  78. ᆞPhantomᆞBlitzᆞ

    ᆞPhantomᆞBlitzᆞPred mesecem

    Claim ur subscribers before 5M here I I V

  79. panda man

    panda manPred mesecem

    Tommyinnit is PogChamp

  80. This will be named something better

    This will be named something betterPred mesecem

    Skeppy has been unbanned 937 times... He probably holds the record for a player to get banned and unbanned the most

  81. •AleyasWolfPack•

    •AleyasWolfPack•Pred mesecem

    Hello the god of muffins (for badboyhalo)

  82. Johnson Memphis

    Johnson MemphisPred mesecem

    { This is CodeFish say hi.

  83. Orion

    OrionPred mesecem

    I broke my foot lol

  84. marissa eriksen

    marissa eriksenPred mesecem

    its NUKER hacks muffin

  85. Maryam Qari

    Maryam QariPred mesecem

    '' Im professional ''

  86. Maryam Qari

    Maryam QariPred mesecem

    just because we are best friends ''hint hint '' aaa classic guilt trip .

  87. Crackers

    CrackersPred mesecem

    Oct 27, 2020 174K 1.3K SHARE SAVE

  88. Abudurrahim Khan

    Abudurrahim KhanPred mesecem

    how you can do that

  89. Apple Tree

    Apple TreePred mesecem

    Almost 5 milll

  90. Ultra Lion Studios

    Ultra Lion StudiosPred mesecem


  91. Baby yoda Gamer

    Baby yoda GamerPred mesecem

    Ya what color

  92. Klaymen

    KlaymenPred mesecem

    why is vurb at the bottom left of the screen at 4:32 or so

  93. DSK9

    DSK9Pred mesecem

    22:31 its a buuger


    ABI MCKIBBINPred mesecem

    "Friendship " UwU

  95. Superepicrivera Rivera

    Superepicrivera RiveraPred mesecem

    Did you dye your hair? No

  96. Linus Emil

    Linus EmilPred mesecem

    U have 14 deaths

  97. RarelyRare

    RarelyRarePred mesecem

    u got an a+

  98. Hi. I play games

    Hi. I play gamesPred mesecem

    Oh my Guinness

  99. Zack San Francisco

    Zack San FranciscoPred mesecem


  100. Levi Paris

    Levi ParisPred mesecem


  101. Creationator

    CreationatorPred mesecem

    “In my thesis of my conclusion” We’re in the presence of a modern day scientist.

  102. Creationator

    CreationatorPred mesecem

    “I have information that NOBODY KNOWS!!!” *He said in from of four million people*

  103. Pie or Kai

    Pie or KaiPred mesecem

    SLthrow LIED TO ME. IT SAID IT WAS 30:00 WHEN IT IS 29:59

  104. Azul Raptor

    Azul RaptorPred mesecem

    25:28 : its like wholesome griefing

  105. Maeanna conover

    Maeanna conoverPred mesecem

    I can’t not like his vids :3

  106. Oleg Zermeno

    Oleg ZermenoPred mesecem

    The answer to the first question is tell an administrator and tell them to make sure then ban them.

  107. sans

    sansPred mesecem

    What about the hair diy

  108. Malak Dalal

    Malak DalalPred mesecem


  109. Muthu Samayan

    Muthu SamayanPred mesecem