I Troll BadBoyHalo With The Shapeshift Mod

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo With a Shape Shifter Mod
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Today I am trolling BadBoyHalo with the CLASSIC Shape Shifter Mod! This time though instead of doing ANY sort of building we are playing an epic game of hide and go seek. I gave him food and even a potion of swiftness to get through this troll so honestly, I gave him every advantage. He had 15 minutes to see me, spot me out and win $10,000 in cold hard cash lmaoo. This was SO hilarious and fun to make so if you enjoyed this video PLEASE hit the subscribe button to see more hilarious content like this hahaha. He refused to even leave my call, honestly he is really the clingy one out of the two of us. I almost really messed at one point but we are pro gamers so it's okay, I figured it out in the end!
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's actually just the return of the ocelot meme LMAO


  1. Angel rella

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    say hi

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    How does he get bbh to download the mod...

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    5:15 bbh said he lost all his sh!t omfg😱😱😱😱😱😱

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    i can’t stop gagging, my dog puked on my carpet and was eating it again. 🤢

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    Does skippy have a minecraft server

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    5:15 did bbh just cuss?!??


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    you posted this on my dads birthday

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    No flying ocelot?


    I AND I PRODUCTIONSPred 11 urami

    Skeppy and badboyhalo PLZ watch Minecraft buy if you laff you lose by gorgenotfound you will get really mad

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    Is that y...... you in the merch or not u

  12. oil tanker for you

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    skeppy you should troll bbh with something like a build competition where u only have 3 mins to make something then on ur side u paste an amazing build and say u made it

  13. Santpal Kalra

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    Troll idea: Make someone invent a shapeshifting mod for among us and troll bbh

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  15. joshuachapple

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    after this the ultimate troll would be to not troll. because he expects you to troll.

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    In todays video I troll badbohalo 2021 In today's video I trap badboyhalo 2022 So fkoff

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    you are cool

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    the thumbnail is going to give me PTSD


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    can you put the linked of the mod

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    When autogenerated subs come on in English, badboyhalo reads batboy halo

  23. Anitoi Traian

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    everything about you changed once you became famous ...

  24. Arnav Ayri

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    11:20 cutest "What the heck" i have ever heard

  25. Brendan Zammit

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    Hey Zak

  26. Anthonius Tjahyadi

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    Oh my God yes you're not red anymore I thought you were stuck in red forever maybe you were dumped in the pool of holy water or you were surrounded with blue diamonds and wool and other blue stuff or maybe you got separated from the blood egg so long that you just turned back to normal and I'm proud of you Skeppy from breaking out of the curse also I have a question what did it feel like when you had the curse

  27. TheGunn

    TheGunnPred 23 urami

    I love how happy bbh is when he sees the ocelot and then just panic and fear

  28. French-Ish Toast

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    I love how it ends with “I hate you.” Ah good times.

  29. French-Ish Toast

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    *BadBoyHalo will remember*

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    Skeppy vid is pog

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    Skeppy I got Minecraft java edition today to play on your server and it puts me in the hub and I can't go into kit pvp or anything please help this took me 14 hours to figure out how to download

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    Now you haven’t upload in a 2 weeks what again pls upload I

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    Hello everyone have a great day 😀 and skeppy and all the SLthrowers

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    bbh is a potato!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! poop HAHAH skeppy bbh is a potato!!!!!

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    4:02 that was bbh

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    Remember he at 600k subs damn

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    is skeppys merch legit? i ordered it 2without doing much research

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    Next thing you know “100 kids trapped me in a box”

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    2:03 *no you*

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    Please don't use God's name in vain

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    “Oh hi mr ocoWHAT” Baldboyhalo 2021-2021

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    Hi yesterday I got banned for hacking but in reality I just lagged and got froze in mid air If possible can I get unbanned

  51. stick mation

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    Poor bbh I would be sad if I saw acat and it attacked me, tho it wouldn't be the first time.

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    What mod

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    I’m real lol

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    Your not lol

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    0:36 am i the only person to notice the also also?

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    Hello, Skeppy i have been ban in invaded lands for cheating. I someone was using a hacked client and made me fly which got me auto banned. Please unban me. My minecraft ign is: Corgiiiiiiiiiii

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    hey skeepy next video y not do u and bbh have linked hearts and inventory lol

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    You know how bbh says muffin I search on google and it means idiot,fool

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    umm soo invaded lands is stupid cause i was watting jessterday for 4 houers and the pearl event din tlet me in today i am on the 1st spot and its not working its 1 in the moring tanks stupid skeppy im unsubing for this (u were me favorite youtuber)

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    i m dissapointed in skeppy

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