So I Went UNDERCOVER as BadBoyHalo...

So I Went UNDERCOVER as BadBoyHalo...
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  1. Hayech

    HayechPred 4 meseci

    My mom grounded me after this

  2. Thenoobman

    ThenoobmanPred 8 dnevi

    Why do i feel so similar with you

  3. Tristan Denizard

    Tristan DenizardPred 9 dnevi

    Lol, if it makes you feel any better last year i was grounded for an entire summer.

  4. Shadow

    ShadowPred mesecem

    XD after you said the things about badboyhalo

  5. Da Big big foot

    Da Big big footPred mesecem


  6. KawaiiGamer

    KawaiiGamerPred mesecem

    Skeppy.. could kinda apologise to you-

  7. Click Bait

    Click BaitPred 12 minutami

    badboyhalo gets trolled in the end

  8. Angel rella

    Angel rellaPred 2 urami

    Sya HI

  9. Michael Michaca

    Michael MichacaPred 8 urami


  10. Philip Borgum

    Philip BorgumPred 14 urami

    11:47 LMAO

  11. XxgachatimexX

    XxgachatimexXPred dnevom

    epik am su b

  12. Mqdox

    MqdoxPred dnevom

    whats ur editing software

  13. Gacha Yuki

    Gacha YukiPred dnevom

    I swear Hayech is the #1 best mod / staff because of his jokes XD

  14. Yeah Sure

    Yeah SurePred dnevom

    Bring hayech back in more vids

  15. Simp Squad

    Simp SquadPred dnevom


  16. MoonLight

    MoonLightPred dnevom

    Title is UNTRUE

  17. Thisen Malalasena

    Thisen MalalasenaPred dnevom


  18. Thisen Malalasena

    Thisen MalalasenaPred dnevom

    LOL man wtf

  19. Pred 2 dnevi


  20. Jingling

    JinglingPred 2 dnevi

    I finished the video but I am still confused Soo skeppy thought it was bbh but then he found it out but then bbh made it in to a joke so skeppy punished him by giving him a peice of his mind by Hayech then bbh got mad and then argument but then it was resolved? was that what happened?

  21. Bloodhound

    BloodhoundPred 2 dnevi

    xDDD even hayechs mom was laughing

  22. Nothing much

    Nothing muchPred 2 dnevi

    I would listen to badboyhalo and not Skeppy

  23. The Lego Titan

    The Lego TitanPred 2 dnevi

    Skeppy what the heck WHY

  24. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard LigondePred 2 dnevi

    The vast grouse externally tame because suit socially strengthen worth a last feature. strong, uttermost sofa

  25. Hepplestone Fine Art

    Hepplestone Fine ArtPred 2 dnevi

    I feel so sorry for him

  26. Matt Yip

    Matt YipPred 2 dnevi


  27. Jases iPod touch

    Jases iPod touchPred 2 dnevi


  28. Deman Kid

    Deman KidPred 2 dnevi

    Hehe. Teddy bear.

  29. ishtihad archer

    ishtihad archerPred 2 dnevi

    bro ban him.

  30. Jacob Luna

    Jacob LunaPred 2 dnevi

    There's Too Much Shouting And Arguing Here In This Vid.

  31. PenguinsCanFly

    PenguinsCanFlyPred 2 dnevi

    wish the thumbnail was real

  32. MiceliBros

    MiceliBrosPred 3 dnevi

    im eating muffins

  33. Jovan Kovacevic

    Jovan KovacevicPred 3 dnevi

    Skepster is too cruel that too much chill bro the truth is the truth

  34. Cam Likes pandas

    Cam Likes pandasPred 3 dnevi

    I still don’t understand what’s so wrong with sleeping with plushies I sleep with like 70 pandas on my bed lol

  35. JMarmiesP

    JMarmiesPPred 3 dnevi

    this video is so loud bro

  36. Mark Yuri

    Mark YuriPred 3 dnevi


  37. Mark Yuri

    Mark YuriPred 3 dnevi


  38. Mark Yuri

    Mark YuriPred 3 dnevi


  39. Tõnu Õnnis

    Tõnu ÕnnisPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy, dont worry bout sleeping with stuffed animals cribs and stuffed toys go together!

  40. Drake_ Wolf2368

    Drake_ Wolf2368Pred 4 dnevi

    skeppy is very sensetive about his bear stuffles idk why stuffles i just feel like skeppy would name a bear that

  41. SeverePlayz

    SeverePlayzPred 4 dnevi

    His voice pitch from 5 years ago and today bruh his voice got higher

  42. Keegan Simon

    Keegan SimonPred 4 dnevi

    I also watch spongebob 🤣

  43. Bethany Kelly

    Bethany KellyPred 5 dnevi

    i’m not going to watch you anymore if you fire him

  44. Evelyn Gilbert

    Evelyn GilbertPred 5 dnevi


  45. Anders Naugle

    Anders NauglePred 5 dnevi

    "I'M NOT YELLING AT YOU IM JUST TRYING TO FIGURE STUFF OUT" Proceeds to not let skeppy talk.

  46. bobby joe

    bobby joePred 5 dnevi

    The ashamed nickel laterally offend because colt intialy sprout concerning a terrible replace. regular, beautiful bladder

  47. The Cracked Gamer

    The Cracked GamerPred 5 dnevi

    This dudes career went from depressed to having lot of fun

  48. The Cracked Gamer

    The Cracked GamerPred 5 dnevi

    Immagine ur 20 year old son telling u "Hey mom a dude from minecraft wants to talk with u"

  49. Jeilds

    JeildsPred 5 dnevi

    Skeppy! Use hypixels Nick gui plugin to prank badboyhalo! There's a lot of configuration you can change to make it look real and you can disguise to any youtuber you want with the same name as the youtuber your trying to be

  50. Hester Tung

    Hester TungPred 5 dnevi


  51. Queenduck Poop93

    Queenduck Poop93Pred 6 dnevi

    It is funny Skeppy

  52. Kevin The Boss

    Kevin The BossPred 6 dnevi

    Skeppy pays the bills guys

  53. Gogeta Of the blues

    Gogeta Of the bluesPred 6 dnevi


  54. Nate Bascombe

    Nate BascombePred 6 dnevi

    Yeah it’s not nice if it’s you isn’t it bbh

  55. nhitai Su

    nhitai SuPred 7 dnevi

    13:26 scream ok

  56. ErickPlayzzY

    ErickPlayzzYPred 7 dnevi

    this ship is good

  57. Robert McCrone

    Robert McCronePred 7 dnevi

    Poor hayech🙁

  58. Supersusangoat

    SupersusangoatPred 7 dnevi

    is it a joke ?

  59. XxLilly-BillyxX

    XxLilly-BillyxXPred 7 dnevi

    Imagine, people thinking BADBOYHALO swore-

  60. xXRat ChanXx

    xXRat ChanXxPred 8 dnevi

    The fact that they got grounded Big sad

  61. FutZone YT - Liam

    FutZone YT - LiamPred 8 dnevi


  62. Jarif Amin

    Jarif AminPred 8 dnevi

    That moment when the mom laughed 9:01

  63. Itz_A.B.R.I

    Itz_A.B.R.IPred 8 dnevi

    Plz Don't ban him pls

  64. Thenoobman

    ThenoobmanPred 8 dnevi

    I have feelings of sympathy because i felt what he felt before

  65. Ying Liu

    Ying LiuPred 9 dnevi

    Oof, serious skeppy is ded

  66. Taco Bros!

    Taco Bros!Pred 9 dnevi

    I was thinking "Why doesn't Skeppy give him a warning...?" 3 or more minutes before he decided a warning is fine. I knew it was coming.

  67. S3CRED Ryzen

    S3CRED RyzenPred 9 dnevi

    anyone just waiting for him to click the lever

  68. Sushi _girl

    Sushi _girlPred 9 dnevi

    I'm not an english speaker and I got the words wrong so I thought it was something like "suffocated animals" not "stuffed animals". It was even more funny (and weird ;-;) to watch xD

  69. crystal herrera

    crystal herreraPred 9 dnevi

    I sleep ON a stuffed animal using it as a pillow but i get stabbed sometimes by the horn

  70. The weird Guy

    The weird GuyPred 10 dnevi

    skeppy this crossed some lines I cant believe you'd humliate him and then have him yelled at by to youtubers and his mother that's a crappy thing you do

  71. Tortilla

    TortillaPred 10 dnevi

    BBH is too funny for this xd

  72. thefox801

    thefox801Pred 10 dnevi

    Hey I'm 14 and I sleep with a stuffed animal what's wrong with that

  73. Psychic Pikachu

    Psychic PikachuPred 10 dnevi

    voice mod is a hack

  74. Ethan Washbourne

    Ethan WashbournePred 10 dnevi

    skeppy you were so harsh

  75. Lydia Ma

    Lydia MaPred 10 dnevi

    Ho no!!!!! BBh is trolling you


    TIZZER PTSPred 10 dnevi

    Bruh the name "Jamal" i'm so dying right now XD ow yeah that name was popular in Indonesian :D

  77. Nolanxx24

    Nolanxx24Pred 11 dnevi

    I like this guy. If I have a server I’m def hiring him

  78. SilverAura

    SilverAuraPred 11 dnevi

    As skeppy is saying that this is ridiculous, as he is fricking thinking about (firing) his (manager) on a MINECRAFT server

  79. Rohin

    RohinPred 11 dnevi

    poor dude haha

  80. spark do3s_yt

    spark do3s_ytPred 11 dnevi

    SLthrow 100% of people arent subed skeppy a *small* percent of people arent subed

  81. Master Kiwi

    Master KiwiPred 11 dnevi


  82. Oven Shark

    Oven SharkPred 11 dnevi

    13:29 the way Hayech just said "Language!"

  83. Mix Edit Fun

    Mix Edit FunPred 11 dnevi

    Skeppy sleeps with stuff animals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bro laughing so hard don't fire him man

  84. Shay C

    Shay CPred 11 dnevi

    More like I’m gonna go UNDER THE COVERS WITH badboyhalo

  85. John Roberts

    John RobertsPred 11 dnevi

    alternate title:2 fully grown men scream at each other about stuffed animals while 20 year old child waits to see if he has been fired

  86. Hrnusi gaming

    Hrnusi gamingPred 11 dnevi

    Nooooo skeppy dont fire him

  87. galaxy moon

    galaxy moonPred 12 dnevi


  88. galaxy moon

    galaxy moonPred 12 dnevi

    From 1-10 how dumb was this?

  89. ψメZack_Sanメψ

    ψメZack_SanメψPred 12 dnevi

    the staff is awsome

  90. Christopher Bojocan

    Christopher BojocanPred 13 dnevi


  91. Ryder Hall

    Ryder HallPred 13 dnevi

    Don’t fire him

  92. Jaime Hughes

    Jaime HughesPred 13 dnevi

    badboyhalo is tottaly a simp


    JERRY ZHENGPred 13 dnevi

    Cool lol

  94. Furry Bird Bailey :-P FURRY!!!

    Furry Bird Bailey :-P FURRY!!!Pred 13 dnevi

    AHH XD

  95. reddest gamer

    reddest gamerPred 13 dnevi

    I can’t sleep without a stuffed animal lol

  96. Omar_bahamdain_ytmaster

    Omar_bahamdain_ytmasterPred 13 dnevi


  97. Haley_BrightstarYT

    Haley_BrightstarYTPred 13 dnevi

    Bbh be mad


    , RÚSHÉR々SHÂÑPred 13 dnevi

    Bbh be like: Peace was never a option🤣

  99. Poik

    PoikPred 13 dnevi

    G g get gbgbgbhbhbhbgbgb

  100. Ade Wawan

    Ade WawanPred 13 dnevi


  101. Joshua Blair

    Joshua BlairPred 14 dnevi

    I’m sorry skeppy but making him get his mom that’s just blackmail

  102. DarkReaper7626

    DarkReaper7626Pred 14 dnevi

    So do you sleep with a stuffed animal

  103. Sargent Family Funny Youtube Videos

    Sargent Family Funny Youtube VideosPred 14 dnevi

    geez y u so mad aboot it itz jost a dude i meen he did hak

  104. Puglover123 Root

    Puglover123 RootPred 14 dnevi

    Badboyhalo if hayech got fired I would of hired him again

  105. Indie Shaw

    Indie ShawPred 15 dnevi

    Can I take his place?