Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo UNDERWATER House Battle! - Minecraft

Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo Underwater Building Competition

Today BadBoyHalo and I face off in an Underwater Building Competition!!! We have 30 minutes to get the BEST build underwater, seriously, we can do WHATEVER we want we just have to do it underwater. Honestly, I always win these so it's no surprise that this was so easy for me. I found the perfect space for my house, Bad is going to be SO jealous. You may have to watch me struggle with glass for a little bit but it's fine, it's fine, everything is fine. I'm really going for more of a modern home feel with a hot tub and big TV, the works, you'll see what I mean. Bad tries to create a "hollow sphere" or whatever that means? And then he crashes the server to try and sabotage me? I try and be fancy one time in my life... Bad's place actually turned out pretty cute not gonna lie. These videos with Bad are always so fun to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like and we'll do more fun challenges like these :D
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of the Ultimate Minecraft Underwater Building Challenge
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  1. Peyton Dela Cruz

    Peyton Dela CruzPred 33 minutami

    BBH won I think

  2. Evamelia Fortus

    Evamelia FortusPred uro

    I like when bbh said hey!! Its so kind

  3. Chanatip Panchupol

    Chanatip PanchupolPred 3 urami


  4. Lucas Terence Asis

    Lucas Terence AsisPred 8 urami


  5. C Cellupica

    C CellupicaPred 9 urami

    Your videos are dang funny

  6. vvvxxyy

    vvvxxyyPred 11 urami

    whats the mod link for the coaches

  7. Yellow Sweaters

    Yellow SweatersPred 19 urami

    What is that my car the furniture mod

  8. FxHawk

    FxHawkPred 22 urami

    They should've made spongebob house

  9. Bgibbons

    BgibbonsPred dnevom

    You win

  10. Cecille Teodoro

    Cecille TeodoroPred dnevom

    On bbh house I think I'm getting Sandy's house vibes

  11. AJ Illiano

    AJ IllianoPred dnevom

    Bads was way better (sorry skeppy)

  12. eijiro kirishima

    eijiro kirishimaPred dnevom

    *me listening to bbh and skeppy agree on how up the time is:*

  13. Hanan Todoroki

    Hanan TodorokiPred dnevom

    Badboyhalo won 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%

  14. HeyImDeclan

    HeyImDeclanPred dnevom

    6:38 thats a cool animation. how did he do that? is there like a software?


    ENG THE KINGPred dnevom


  16. KirbeeFan 3000

    KirbeeFan 3000Pred dnevom

    bbh basically made sandys place

  17. Bill Greggory

    Bill GreggoryPred 2 dnevi

    bbhs house is just sandys house 2.0

  18. NinjagoMotion

    NinjagoMotionPred 2 dnevi

    Spongebob sandy house idea?!?!? 5:23

  19. Nadira Singh

    Nadira SinghPred 2 dnevi

    i like bad's better

  20. Baitul Rahmah

    Baitul RahmahPred 2 dnevi

    date wan almuos like sandis house

  21. Ramanjot

    RamanjotPred 2 dnevi

    But actually, I like badboy's builds more.

  22. Oink 60

    Oink 60Pred 2 dnevi


  23. Mikah Weets

    Mikah WeetsPred 2 dnevi

    At 539 it looks like sandys house from spongebob

  24. Apple Gaming

    Apple GamingPred 2 dnevi

    bad's house is literally sandy's treedome from spongebob

  25. ali ssr

    ali ssrPred 2 dnevi

    Sandy from sponge Bob:why u steal my house

  26. Godzilla Forever

    Godzilla ForeverPred 2 dnevi

    I like bad’s more !

  27. Ann Kigima

    Ann KigimaPred 2 dnevi

    Bbh voies is like a girl

  28. AlphaMusic

    AlphaMusicPred 3 dnevi

    You must have built a SpongeBob pineapple house

  29. Andres Magana

    Andres MaganaPred 3 dnevi

    Bbh’s dome reminds me of sandy cheeks house with tree

  30. StephieBee24

    StephieBee24Pred 3 dnevi

    I my god

  31. Oogalie

    OogaliePred 3 dnevi

    Me when I saw bads house at first * is this is just Sandy’s house from sponge bob lol *

  32. TRPX Optical

    TRPX OpticalPred 3 dnevi

    I love your vids can I have a shout out please

  33. Antoinette Bettro

    Antoinette BettroPred 3 dnevi

    I think that Bbh won

  34. TheSammy7169

    TheSammy7169Pred 3 dnevi

    Skeppy is a better builder than anyone in the world ps. I LOVE YOU SKEPPY!!!💕💖😃😃😃😃😺😋😋😋

  35. IDontBreakHoles

    IDontBreakHolesPred 3 dnevi

    Suggestion: Use a soundboard of plop noises and see if he thinks that your playing minecraft in the toilet.

  36. Rain-a

    Rain-aPred 3 dnevi

    BBH is just vibin while skeppy is doing the intro hs like just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming


    Mr.ROMILJANO ZENELIPred 3 dnevi

    14:47 did badboyhalo said sh!t

  38. indiefest01

    indiefest01Pred 3 dnevi

    It has bin 20 mins

  39. indiefest01

    indiefest01Pred 3 dnevi


  40. Terra Bite

    Terra BitePred 3 dnevi

    At 14:46 listen to bbh and you'll hear him say the s word

  41. Ollie Hanlon clark

    Ollie Hanlon clarkPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy did really well

  42. epic triggered

    epic triggeredPred 4 dnevi

    Bbh can I do like a underwater treehouse in here me:SPONGEBOB....WelL saNdY liVeS iN thErE BUt LiKe...WAAAIIITT WITHOUT SPONGEBOB SANDY WOULDN'T EXIST🤔🤯🤯

  43. Questy

    QuestyPred 4 dnevi

    tbh i like bbhs house more

  44. Pepe Vizcaíno

    Pepe VizcaínoPred 4 dnevi

    Times up yes yes times up but we stil building

  45. -_Haruto MLG_-

    -_Haruto MLG_-Pred 4 dnevi


  46. Lit Industries

    Lit IndustriesPred 4 dnevi

    BBH: "What world edit did you use?" Skeppy: "uhmmmm" BBH: "you know what it doesn't even-" Skeppy : "drain...........2000" BBH: *loud gasp* "you did not!" Skeppy: "it was a mistake!" IM WHEEZING LOL

  47. Michael Jackson

    Michael JacksonPred 5 dnevi

    Launguage bbh u said sh!*

  48. Aiden West

    Aiden WestPred 5 dnevi

    Hey skeppy I just subscribed

  49. Felix Lopez

    Felix LopezPred 5 dnevi

    the they this came out it was my birthday

  50. DN Nation

    DN NationPred 5 dnevi


  51. Circuit motions

    Circuit motionsPred 5 dnevi

    Bruh just use a sponge

  52. Jane Reeds

    Jane ReedsPred 5 dnevi

    does skeppy know that gamerboy80 likes his vids

  53. Jane Reeds

    Jane ReedsPred 5 dnevi

    BBH is actually good forb once

  54. Annika Mangal

    Annika MangalPred 5 dnevi

    Just now realized This was uploaded in 14th feb

  55. •TRIGON ph•

    •TRIGON ph•Pred 5 dnevi

    Dude the animation of them arguing is nice👍

  56. Madeleine Kusnadi

    Madeleine KusnadiPred 5 dnevi

    I love it the animation when Skeppy broke the server!

  57. Mehal Kothari

    Mehal KothariPred 5 dnevi

    is say badboyhalo won

  58. Whittmore

    WhittmorePred 5 dnevi

    "whoever wins this is the Best builder ever, for the muffins" Ninjamuffin19: **Survival mission failed**

  59. rink

    rinkPred 6 dnevi


  60. Helena Zardo

    Helena ZardoPred 6 dnevi

    i just realized bbh built sandy's treehouse!

  61. lizzy zuwzu

    lizzy zuwzuPred 6 dnevi

    Badboyhalos house reminds me of Sandy the squirrels house from spongbob

  62. Angèlique

    AngèliquePred 6 dnevi

    La crème de la crème 👌🏻👌🏻

  63. peely_playzAlot

    peely_playzAlotPred 6 dnevi

    Bro can u put a picture of the character on top so we know whose who it's a bit confusing to me cause I'm a new viewer like skeppy pov has a pic of his minecraft avatar and badboyhslo has a pic of his

  64. among gaming and art

    among gaming and artPred 6 dnevi

    badboyhalo house look like sandy house

  65. Noor Isabelle

    Noor IsabellePred 7 dnevi

    The gullible gusty tin effectively twist because chemistry bioinformatically yell on a successful haircut. chivalrous, responsible cellar

  66. Mason Backus

    Mason BackusPred 7 dnevi

    Use camp fire on bottom then glass then water so there’s steam comeing out so it’s like a hot tube

  67. chicken

    chickenPred 7 dnevi

    ske pp word of wisdom: " Ima break the glass and water is gonna suffocate everywhere " ske pp

  68. Stefan Yang

    Stefan YangPred 7 dnevi

    Badboyhalo is just peaceful and then u just hear Skeppy scream

  69. Stefan Yang

    Stefan YangPred 7 dnevi

    For the top room he should’ve did a gaming room

  70. Don van Riet

    Don van RietPred 7 dnevi

    You dare press the boron?? ♥️♥️♥️Hi♥️♥️♥️

  71. Don van Riet

    Don van RietPred 7 dnevi

    Hi ♥️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. Cosmos Roblox

    Cosmos RobloxPred 7 dnevi

    12:02 im about to manslaughter skeppy

  73. SolomonLandscaping

    SolomonLandscapingPred 7 dnevi

    8:56 why does this look like sandys place?

  74. Char Crisol

    Char CrisolPred 7 dnevi

    I pick both

  75. RILEY playz

    RILEY playzPred 7 dnevi

    Bbh wins

  76. Complex Flows

    Complex FlowsPred 8 dnevi

    ive been looking for it

  77. Complex Flows

    Complex FlowsPred 8 dnevi

    What is that mod

  78. Flame Plxyss

    Flame PlxyssPred 8 dnevi

    SKeppy so won-

  79. Bruno

    BrunoPred 8 dnevi

    20:20 To communism

  80. KittyKat Girls

    KittyKat GirlsPred 8 dnevi

    ive been in a under water hotel its scary dude i needed to go in a submarine

  81. TheCurs3r

    TheCurs3rPred 8 dnevi

    autojump makes the handrail kinda useless

  82. ɪᴀᴍ ᴀ ㄥ乇ᘜ乇几ᗪ

    ɪᴀᴍ ᴀ ㄥ乇ᘜ乇几ᗪPred 8 dnevi

    bbh definitely win.

  83. Jordan Haddad

    Jordan HaddadPred 9 dnevi

    Bbh looks like Sandy’s dome

  84. Amari Jackson

    Amari JacksonPred 9 dnevi

    Also I’d rate skeppy 12/10 and bbh 11/10

  85. catman299

    catman299Pred 9 dnevi


  86. zinc

    zincPred 9 dnevi

    Did the muffin swear when he put the hedges down in the middle...

  87. Isobel Dowling

    Isobel DowlingPred 9 dnevi

    Skeppy I I blinded your head in my sever

  88. Sarah Saccone

    Sarah SacconePred 10 dnevi


  89. _ peekxway _

    _ peekxway _Pred 10 dnevi

    I like how they just got really wholesome when they got to see the houses

  90. tnartist06

    tnartist06Pred 10 dnevi


  91. The weird Guy

    The weird GuyPred 10 dnevi


  92. Silvia Slivka

    Silvia SlivkaPred 10 dnevi

    I love badboyhalos build

  93. Kid48Mhara99

    Kid48Mhara99Pred 10 dnevi

    1:46 "Aww, miss him already.." UwU Sweet BadBoyHalo

  94. ¡The Mrs. Bisexual & Pansexual Crackhead!

    ¡The Mrs. Bisexual & Pansexual Crackhead!Pred 10 dnevi

    22:02 HAH!

  95. Glitch_gurl2349

    Glitch_gurl2349Pred 11 dnevi

    You need to invite someone else to vote for your houses or you guys will keep saying you win!

  96. bing HUA

    bing HUAPred 11 dnevi

    Sleepy : this is the "crème de la crème" XD

  97. Little Potato chan :]

    Little Potato chan :]Pred 11 dnevi

    19:51 me: aww that’s cute Badskep: SHIP!!!!!!! Me: you ok.-

  98. UnderKnight _Team

    UnderKnight _TeamPred 11 dnevi

    BBH and Skeppy building are so cool

  99. Loghan Steenvoorde

    Loghan SteenvoordePred 11 dnevi


  100. Banana Woman

    Banana WomanPred 12 dnevi

    ive been subbed for a while so... 0:19