I Troll BadBoyHalo with A Confusing Minecraft Mod

Skeppy makes BadBoyHalo change his perspective. This was amazing.
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Today I took BadBoyHalo on a tour of my home on the "new" Minecraft Server Update LMAO. BadBoyHalo gets lost and I have to save him (as usual), I show off my bedroom, mirror room and my farm and I think he got scared? He refuses to come to my house now? Bad absolutely lost his mind this video so if this gets 100,000 likes I might let him out of the simulation (or you could say: Bad absolutely lost his mind this video so if this does not get 100k likes may all your servers be CURSED)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is me pushing Bad to the edge of insanity.


  1. jacobschat

    jacobschatPred 12 minutami

    what mod is this?

  2. Angel rella

    Angel rellaPred uro

    Say hi

  3. Miguel Dumancas

    Miguel DumancasPred 2 urami

    Pls tell us what mods you used pls?

  4. The Unholy Dark Wanderer

    The Unholy Dark WandererPred 4 urami

    What mod are you using?

  5. gamingjfranco49 manjarres

    gamingjfranco49 manjarresPred 4 urami

    Pokémon buildings be like

  6. Mira Barkley

    Mira BarkleyPred 6 urami

    I think I left a comment on a video of skeppy's saying things I REALLY regret saying so please skeppy if you are seeing this comment that one comment I made please ignore it I was being immuture at the time so please forgive me for that. That's all I wanted to say.

  7. Eugenio Velazquez Eugeniovelaz29@gmail.com

    Eugenio Velazquez Eugeniovelaz29@gmail.comPred 7 urami


  8. Eugenio Velazquez Eugeniovelaz29@gmail.com

    Eugenio Velazquez Eugeniovelaz29@gmail.comPred 7 urami


  9. 叶墨 Pumpkin smp!

    叶墨 Pumpkin smp!Pred 7 urami

    Everyone gets so much likes from saying random stuff soooooo let me try Potato,muffin,lucy,Skeppy

  10. Ado

    AdoPred 8 urami


  11. Gacha _Grieve

    Gacha _GrievePred 8 urami

    Just subbed !!!

  12. MrToxic133

    MrToxic133Pred 9 urami

    what mod is this?

  13. Rainbow dragon Master

    Rainbow dragon MasterPred 9 urami


  14. Pandacier

    PandacierPred 9 urami

    Alternative outro : Like or be stuck forever like us

  15. Ethan Boone

    Ethan BoonePred 10 urami

    Even I’m confused

  16. boxy boyo

    boxy boyoPred 10 urami

    7:44 GIPPY I DIED

  17. Berti_

    Berti_Pred 11 urami

    Mod name?



    At first i thought they did the non euclidean minecraft mod but it was immersive portals mod

  19. lazy-gabriel

    lazy-gabrielPred 12 urami

    **Stranger things theme intensifies**

  20. Itajir0

    Itajir0Pred 14 urami

    What is the mod

  21. Homer Ecang

    Homer EcangPred 19 urami

    Skeppys house is "sus"

  22. Maulana Junaidi

    Maulana JunaidiPred 19 urami

    Wait maybe make a scp 3008 Like with that crazy mod but also if you dont know who that, is a scp foundation to Securing and Contain to Protect the world and if they found a scp they name scp 001 to thousand or more like in alphabet in orders of numbers crazy huh? Soo many scps my mind is blown

  23. SuperEthan00

    SuperEthan00Pred dnevom

    What mod is this

  24. Eco poster gaming Tsuruta

    Eco poster gaming TsurutaPred dnevom



    TATSUYA BURGESSPred dnevom

    Oh my god u troll him so much

  26. Rineil Isaac

    Rineil IsaacPred dnevom

    Badboyhalo is not listening to skeppy

  27. Meredith Rose

    Meredith RosePred dnevom


  28. bobby. x

    bobby. xPred dnevom

    I wish this was real

  29. CiCi Yang

    CiCi YangPred dnevom

    What mod is that

  30. CiCi Yang

    CiCi YangPred 11 urami


  31. Kesean’s Hands

    Kesean’s HandsPred dnevom

    Immersive portals mod

  32. Glitch X

    Glitch XPred dnevom

    Love the stranger things music

  33. Nicolas Ortiz

    Nicolas OrtizPred dnevom

    Doctor who reference in Minecraft

  34. Appu Pappu

    Appu PappuPred dnevom

    𝗕𝗮𝗱𝗯𝗼𝘆𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗼: Look, we're in the nether. 𝗪𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗳𝗹𝗼𝘄𝗶𝗻𝗴: Am I a joke to you?

  35. Jrasic Geo

    Jrasic GeoPred dnevom

    The funny thing is that he didn’t even built the house

  36. Kam Magetse

    Kam MagetsePred dnevom

    Suber-scribe to skeppy

  37. A C

    A CPred dnevom

    *w o a h*

  38. korayerpence

    korayerpencePred dnevom

    STRANGER THİNGS intro a best intro oK?!?!?!

  39. Fit Bans

    Fit BansPred dnevom

    Remember red skeppy 😳😳

  40. Dustin Morgan

    Dustin MorganPred dnevom

    Invisible nether portal?

  41. Dracoo Official

    Dracoo OfficialPred dnevom

    what is dis mod?

  42. THE ARMYBOY08_11_08

    THE ARMYBOY08_11_08Pred dnevom

    What are u doing skepbro

  43. Nick Carpenter

    Nick CarpenterPred dnevom

    I wish I had a house like that


    SKULL KINGPred dnevom


  45. Grace Abechuela

    Grace AbechuelaPred 2 dnevi


  46. Denosawrawr

    DenosawrawrPred 2 dnevi

    i know what he did! Theres this mod that makes it so portal transitions are seemingless and he just used portal blocks. one of the clues i found was the particles

  47. Denosawrawr

    DenosawrawrPred 2 dnevi

    rip i said this just before he revealed it

  48. Abigail the strawberry fox

    Abigail the strawberry foxPred 2 dnevi

    bbh got a little hat

  49. Elana Swart

    Elana SwartPred 2 dnevi

    RIP my brain

  50. pog champ

    pog champPred 2 dnevi

    5:40 That head looks sus

  51. Typicxl Tejas

    Typicxl TejasPred 2 dnevi

    rumor has it badboyhalo has been there ever since

  52. Lucas puggos

    Lucas puggosPred 2 dnevi

    One mod is immersive portals

  53. YEET YAY

    YEET YAYPred 2 dnevi

    non euclidan geometry?

  54. Gaming with Wk.1000

    Gaming with Wk.1000Pred 3 dnevi

    *Error*error* brain cells can’t handle initiating 🛑self destruct🛑

  55. J H

    J HPred 3 dnevi

    I lost a whole bunch of brain cells watching this video

  56. Davis Manning

    Davis ManningPred 3 dnevi

    Well we learned big things are in small packages everyone

  57. Gabriela Mutic

    Gabriela MuticPred 3 dnevi

    One day later on the news: BREAKING NEWS, 5.8k PEOPLE HAVE MYSTERIOUSLY DIED :O

  58. bro world

    bro worldPred 3 dnevi

    Badboyhalo is cute when he has crismas hat🐰🐻

  59. Juustooniit

    JuustooniitPred 3 dnevi

    Them : oh i'm lost Me : WHY IS THERE WATER IN THE NETHER

  60. Cupcakes can Barf

    Cupcakes can BarfPred 4 dnevi

    this is probably the portal mod

  61. jayson causon

    jayson causonPred 4 dnevi

    It's so tiny Me being a 13 year old: That's what she saiddddd

  62. sans

    sansPred 4 dnevi

    My brain.. is going to explode

  63. Imposter God

    Imposter GodPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy:Your computer has virus BadBoyHalo:It’s a mod not virus

  64. Sachiko

    SachikoPred 4 dnevi

    At the house part he really said: I’m Tencho now

  65. Connor Bayn

    Connor BaynPred 4 dnevi

    This is 🤯

  66. Matilda Tranduc

    Matilda TranducPred 4 dnevi


  67. Nesar Atai

    Nesar AtaiPred 4 dnevi


  68. Nichole Bishop

    Nichole BishopPred 4 dnevi

    i luve you

  69. CaNdY

    CaNdYPred 4 dnevi

    What’s the mod?


    DHIMANT BARMANPred 5 dnevi

    hey Skeppy and BadBoyHalo i want to play Minecraft with you

  71. Hunter Russell

    Hunter RussellPred 5 dnevi

    Tommy in it is better

  72. Cammy Mallari

    Cammy MallariPred 5 dnevi

    Damn my mind hurts

  73. Kaveen AU

    Kaveen AUPred 5 dnevi

    Skep skeptical small skep

  74. Ilan Sternfein

    Ilan SternfeinPred 5 dnevi

    Must be the immersive portal mod that mumbo jumbo used

  75. EnderGangsta

    EnderGangstaPred 5 dnevi


  76. Dylan Hartshorne

    Dylan HartshornePred 5 dnevi


  77. X-gamer Pro-HD

    X-gamer Pro-HDPred 5 dnevi

    He’s the diamond durp so he’s rich!!

  78. Itz Azoxaz

    Itz AzoxazPred 5 dnevi

    I wish we saw bads pov

  79. I don't even know this person :P

    I don't even know this person :PPred 5 dnevi

    S K E P P Y I S A T I M E L O R D COnFiRMeD

  80. Adina Hlamaga

    Adina HlamagaPred 5 dnevi

    The Mod Is Cool

  81. Shavira

    ShaviraPred 5 dnevi

    Barbie van but make it in minecraft

  82. Hamburger Cheeseburger Big Mac Whopper

    Hamburger Cheeseburger Big Mac WhopperPred 5 dnevi

    Hamburger Cheeseburger BigMac Whopper

  83. {•minecraft netherplayz•}

    {•minecraft netherplayz•}Pred 6 dnevi


  84. Alexandru Blaga

    Alexandru BlagaPred 6 dnevi

    5:42 thats kinda sus not gonna lie

  85. Estelle Anderson

    Estelle AndersonPred 6 dnevi

    Doctor who?

  86. chris Dijkstra

    chris DijkstraPred 6 dnevi

    me brain is hurtin

  87. Gael Ruiz

    Gael RuizPred 6 dnevi


  88. Formal Eggplant

    Formal EggplantPred 6 dnevi

    This is so funny

  89. Tank Person

    Tank PersonPred 6 dnevi

    What mod is this and is it available for Minecraft pocket edition

  90. Tank Person

    Tank PersonPred 6 dnevi

    @AZore oh ok :(

  91. AZore

    AZorePred 6 dnevi

    Probably not considering they are on Java

  92. JustArandomGamer

    JustArandomGamerPred 6 dnevi

    Tell me the mod pls

  93. Kesean’s Hands

    Kesean’s HandsPred dnevom

    Or better portals

  94. Kesean’s Hands

    Kesean’s HandsPred dnevom

    It might be what @AZore said but I think it is the immersive portals mod

  95. AZore

    AZorePred 6 dnevi

    He might’ve made it himself or one of his friends did since a lot of other Minecraft youtubers code

  96. Jo Martin

    Jo MartinPred 6 dnevi

    Holy crap trye

  97. tixter

    tixterPred 6 dnevi

    what is the mods

  98. Jarif Amin

    Jarif AminPred 6 dnevi

    Alternate title: Harry potter but its minecraft

  99. Ali'nin Dünyası

    Ali'nin DünyasıPred 6 dnevi

    is badboyhalo family friendly?NO

  100. GamingwithCatey Games

    GamingwithCatey GamesPred 6 dnevi

    When ur already subbed 👁👄👁


    KEION KOSCAPred 6 dnevi

    when bbh opens the door "STRANGER THINGS THEME PLAYS"

  102. Frost Cat

    Frost CatPred 6 dnevi

    You can actually tell how he build it by watching the snowflakes.

  103. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas SrsichPred 7 dnevi

    The testy rotate universally bubble because violet atypically pour following a chemical room. disturbed, undesirable dinner

  104. Ethan Taylor

    Ethan TaylorPred 7 dnevi

    When ur brain just dies

  105. Nub Kills

    Nub KillsPred 7 dnevi


  106. Sir Lamb Chops

    Sir Lamb ChopsPred 7 dnevi


  107. thunderstorm96 x

    thunderstorm96 xPred 7 dnevi

    10:25 technoblade moment

  108. Mike Hagan

    Mike HaganPred 7 dnevi

    I subbed