I Troll BadBoyHalo with A Confusing Minecraft Mod

Skeppy makes BadBoyHalo change his perspective. This was amazing.

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Today I took BadBoyHalo on a tour of my home on the "new" Minecraft Server Update LMAO. BadBoyHalo gets lost and I have to save him (as usual), I show off my bedroom, mirror room and my farm and I think he got scared? He refuses to come to my house now? Bad absolutely lost his mind this video so if this gets 100,000 likes I might let him out of the simulation (or you could say: Bad absolutely lost his mind this video so if this does not get 100k likes may all your servers be CURSED)

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is me pushing Bad to the edge of insanity.


  1. Nitu Chowdhary

    Nitu ChowdharyPred 19 urami

    100000 days in hard core minecraft


    KINKY TMPred 21 uro

    You had to ask him to install the mod. Why is he suprised if he knows that if something weird happened its because or related to the mod he also installed? Don't understand

  3. Kuraksted

    KurakstedPred 21 uro

    The morale of the house " Skeppy im stucc " Editor's mind : Uh.

  4. Logan Hodgson

    Logan HodgsonPred dnevom

    I’m subscribed love u guys and videos and have a great day or night or evening:3

  5. serckf

    serckfPred dnevom

    ""Skeppy i am stuck""

  6. Gogineni Tarun

    Gogineni TarunPred dnevom

    This is literally the better portal mod

  7. Ayesha Carleigh Abera

    Ayesha Carleigh AberaPred dnevom

    Houses in diff games:

  8. Hippity hop Hop

    Hippity hop HopPred dnevom

    Whats the mod name!!!

  9. •{Classica}•

    •{Classica}•Pred 2 dnevi

    My head hurts after watching this TwT

  10. Neon Donut

    Neon DonutPred 2 dnevi

    Wait wait wait.. I thought every skeppys video is diamond not gold I think this youtuber is gold type

  11. Zerfity

    ZerfityPred 2 dnevi

    This house is filled with lies

  12. A friendly neighborhood noob

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    Me : already subscribed Skeppy :Shows you should subscribe Me : oh so I should click it again-

  14. Alpha pack

    Alpha packPred 3 dnevi

    I just subscribed🙂

  15. Snom Noises

    Snom NoisesPred 3 dnevi

    Is there a way to get this mod?

  16. • Honey Ranboo •

    • Honey Ranboo •Pred 3 dnevi

    This is the reason I ship SkepHalo :]

  17. Maxi YT

    Maxi YTPred 3 dnevi

    "skeppy im stuck"

  18. Alexandre rizk

    Alexandre rizkPred 4 dnevi


  19. SCP-173

    SCP-173Pred 4 dnevi

    The Stranger Things theme at the beginning

  20. among us is sus

    among us is susPred 4 dnevi

    Magic house

  21. Ethan Granstrom

    Ethan GranstromPred 5 dnevi

    Aren’t you friends with tbnrfrags? I am new

  22. Majestical 195

    Majestical 195Pred 5 dnevi

    Houses in pokemon be like:

  23. Roseline Kuuahee

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  24. Adi mamlok

    Adi mamlokPred 5 dnevi

    5:42 AMOGUS

  25. 4D08 鍾禮名CHUNG LAI MING

    4D08 鍾禮名CHUNG LAI MINGPred 6 dnevi

    i will be lost in a min

  26. Ramje Baul

    Ramje BaulPred 6 dnevi

    As the great pghfilms said:DONT ASK QUESTIONNNSSSS

  27. Malaya Moore

    Malaya MoorePred 6 dnevi

    This honestly confused me

  28. Alex Farebrother-Naylor

    Alex Farebrother-NaylorPred 6 dnevi

    I saw halo in another one of his videos

  29. Epic Potter

    Epic PotterPred 6 dnevi

    Skeppy im stuck LOL

  30. PenguinKingXV

    PenguinKingXVPred 6 dnevi

    What is the name of the mod

  31. Shimmerrr . exe

    Shimmerrr . exePred 6 dnevi

    My brain litterally hearts rn

  32. Conquestor

    ConquestorPred 6 dnevi

    Im loosing braincells from watching this.

  33. EnderslayerYT

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  34. Gold Vibezz

    Gold VibezzPred 7 dnevi

    Am i the only one getting Harry Potter Vibes here??

  35. some dude

    some dudePred 7 dnevi

    the vid is 36 reddit gold



    6:26 uhhh hahahaha

  37. The_cutycatYTlol

    The_cutycatYTlolPred 7 dnevi

    The telepoort Prank portal

  38. Boyfriend

    BoyfriendPred 7 dnevi

    Skeppy jncdsnojdscjnoscdnjhcuidhcsiudjciusdjcoisdjcoidsjciodsjcoijdcjjidsjcuidsjcuisdvhiudschhidshfiyfiyhdsfuihwduifhweoudhweuoduiaeduidhiueahciuwehciuewhdshsdhsdhhsducihdsiuchsduichhdschdsihcbidhscbihdbcihdshfhusdbfuhdsbvhisrhfhursbfhisrbfhubrsifhubfshihfshihdfhiuadfhuodfhousajfuiadhfiudhiufadhhdfiuhdsiufhdsiufhduifhdsyuvgvgvghvcugy is now your name

  39. 🌹R O S E S)

    🌹R O S E S)Pred 7 dnevi

    If u Have a big house: *Gets lost Need a Phone And a Butler So u can Tell your Butler Where is my bedroom when you need to sleep And That Mode is An never ending room and for the phone Watch vids When you can find your Living Room*

  40. ImABonker

    ImABonkerPred 8 dnevi

    Non Euclidean?

  41. niinja

    niinjaPred 8 dnevi

    POV:bbh help me step skeppy I'm stuck

  42. Jamez _

    Jamez _Pred 8 dnevi

    Which Mod? tell me please :(

  43. niinja

    niinjaPred 8 dnevi


  44. niinja

    niinjaPred 8 dnevi

    Pov:bbh help me stop sloppy I'm stuck

  45. Chungyboi1234

    Chungyboi1234Pred 8 dnevi

    Never judge a book by its cover

  46. The Amazing Aidan

    The Amazing AidanPred 8 dnevi

    How do I download this portal mod?

  47. Sniffnose99

    Sniffnose99Pred 9 dnevi

    techno is going to troll yoju

  48. Sophia Li

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  49. Bob

    BobPred 9 dnevi

    Also this would make a good scp 3008 >:)

  50. Bob

    BobPred 9 dnevi

    Do you need Java or Bedrock to use this mod? If so which and HOW do I get this freaking insane mod?

  51. Ronald Pascua

    Ronald PascuaPred 9 dnevi


  52. Sew-ey

    Sew-eyPred 9 dnevi

    what mod is dis

  53. Little Bird

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  54. AndrewAla55

    AndrewAla55Pred 9 dnevi

    BBH: "Skeppy Im Stuck" Me: .... Ayo? 🤨

  55. Fire monke

    Fire monkePred 9 dnevi

    What is that mod? I need it to troll my friends

  56. Dragon fire Gem

    Dragon fire GemPred 9 dnevi

    What is this mod

  57. Chiheb Theultimate

    Chiheb TheultimatePred 9 dnevi

    What's the mod's name

  58. Dahin xxx

    Dahin xxxPred 9 dnevi


  59. Lkfc -

    Lkfc -Pred 9 dnevi


  60. €•Aviti Radi•€

    €•Aviti Radi•€Pred 10 dnevi

    BBH: “just by going in we can go into-“ me: *THE THICK OF IT*

  61. Seventh Story

    Seventh StoryPred 3 dnevi

    lol i can relate

  62. A Dakota Sport Retriever

    A Dakota Sport RetrieverPred 10 dnevi

    2:21 that’s what she said.

  63. Damp was not

    Damp was notPred 10 dnevi

    You just went in to the nether

  64. ᗴ ᑕ ᖇ

    ᗴ ᑕ ᖇPred 11 dnevi

    my brain pains!!!

  65. THEEjk128

    THEEjk128Pred 11 dnevi

    Hey look they are doing the Diavilo challenge

  66. Even Lanne

    Even LannePred 11 dnevi

    Skeppy Im stuck🤣🤣

  67. PaddoXX

    PaddoXXPred 11 dnevi

    Im just curious how you installed the mods (on BBH‘s pc) without him knowing…

  68. Ya boi jinkz

    Ya boi jinkzPred 10 dnevi

    It’s the world that’s modded

  69. An0n1m11 Loader

    An0n1m11 LoaderPred 11 dnevi

    kool portals

  70. Earth

    EarthPred 11 dnevi

    O____o weird bro

  71. Joseph Rosa

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  72. Flyguydev

    FlyguydevPred 12 dnevi

    Skeppys house of illusion

  73. mean ou

    mean ouPred 12 dnevi


  74. Jignesh Chadha

    Jignesh ChadhaPred 12 dnevi

    BBH: "ITS HUGE" me: I've heard that one before



    that came out differently than expected

  76. Mary Grace Go Tan

    Mary Grace Go TanPred 12 dnevi

    "Its Really Tiny on the outside But Really Big On the Inside" *Tardis Vibes*

  77. Gigann Plus

    Gigann PlusPred 12 dnevi

    Please say name of the mod


    FATMEMEGAMERPred 13 dnevi

    It’s technoblade

  79. Brandon

    BrandonPred 13 dnevi

    My head hurts after this video… :(

  80. Dragon CyberX Magic

    Dragon CyberX MagicPred 13 dnevi

    -It is not for the light headed Sleepy you simp

  81. OliOliv3s

    OliOliv3sPred 13 dnevi

    This breaks the laws of physics...

  82. Destrolon

    Destrolon Pred 13 dnevi

    Wait i know the mod

  83. Clever Kitty

    Clever KittyPred 13 dnevi

    MY BRAIN IS DEAD!!!! :| O_o >_

  84. Jackson Schweitzer

    Jackson SchweitzerPred 13 dnevi

    Can't judge a book by its cover

  85. Hunter Horne

    Hunter HornePred 13 dnevi

    i lost oveer a 100 brain ceells watching this video ok, a 1000 OK A 1000

  86. jackson giese

    jackson giesePred 13 dnevi

    what are these mods

  87. Anne Hodgkiss

    Anne HodgkissPred 13 dnevi

    Notice my comment! EeeeeeeeEReeEeEeEeEe

  88. God Robloxer

    God RobloxerPred 13 dnevi


  89. James Shmendrik

    James ShmendrikPred 14 dnevi

    The mod is immersive portals mod

  90. RojiniStar1125🌟

    RojiniStar1125🌟Pred 14 dnevi

    R. I. P. THE PEOPLE WHO NOTICED THE PAINTING AT 5:49, GOT RICK ROLLED AT THE AGE OF INFINITY. oh yea and got voted out for being sus.

  91. •A•I•K•O•

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  92. Laurence adams

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    Says I need subscribers Me:you have 5 MILLION i have 5 subscribers :(

  93. I don’t upload anymore.

    I don’t upload anymore.Pred 15 dnevi

    Spiefy 2021.

  94. 04_ Nguyễn Đức Duy Anh

    04_ Nguyễn Đức Duy AnhPred 15 dnevi


  95. Cactus Fruit98

    Cactus Fruit98Pred 15 dnevi

    “It’s really tiny”- BBH

  96. B3trix _Caplin

    B3trix _CaplinPred 15 dnevi

    I loved how skeppy put the stranger things theme song at 0:13 & did it again at some points

  97. Mark Nolledo

    Mark NolledoPred 15 dnevi

    In 2:24 u can see a portal if u pause

  98. Pathit P

    Pathit PPred 15 dnevi

    95% of skeppy channel:i troll badboyhalo

  99. RazyBoyRawr

    RazyBoyRawrPred 15 dnevi

    Skeppy's laugh is so wholesome it cured my depression lol

  100. Eric Scheit

    Eric ScheitPred 16 dnevi

    Still remember the egg

  101. Dreamy

    DreamyPred 16 dnevi

    What mod is that p?

  102. MindTheGap

    MindTheGapPred 16 dnevi

    let me guess mods: invisble portals, immmersif portals and some kind of mirror teleporter mod

  103. hello me

    hello mePred 16 dnevi

    2:02 infinty train music