Dream SMP But Technobalde Trolled Me... So I Trolled BadBoyHalo

Dream SMP But Technobalde Trolled Me... So I Trolled BadBoyHalo
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  1. Lobita Sofy

    Lobita SofyPred 2 urami

    Technobalde,balde? Is technoblade XD balde is bucket in spanish how do I know it cause I'm a Spanish person

  2. Ibrahim Souccar

    Ibrahim SouccarPred 8 urami

    What If the person BBH chose to troll watched this video though, what would happen then?

  3. SnipinJP

    SnipinJPPred 9 urami


  4. Brayden Horton

    Brayden HortonPred 10 urami

    Jus watched the video “trolling skeppy” from techno

  5. Leslie Robertson

    Leslie RobertsonPred 13 urami

    The gray greasy great death operationally tire because body thankfully risk since a common volleyball. wretched, testy undershirt

  6. itsregera

    itsregeraPred 16 urami

    Did anyone notice that this video's title has "TechnoBALDE" instead of "TechnoBLADE"?

  7. Rainbow Slime

    Rainbow SlimePred 19 urami

    Me: **Looks in The Title** Also Me: **Sees technoblades name TechnoBadle** My Mind: **Is Technoblade bald or baldi?**

  8. yeetus deletus

    yeetus deletusPred 22 urami

    Watch techno's pov before this one and i LOVE it so much lol

  9. thunderie gacha

    thunderie gachaPred 23 urami

    This is chemical reaction, one trols the other, while the other that was being trolled, trolls another, SCIENCE!

  10. Ersin xD

    Ersin xDPred dnevom


  11. Narnia Lives

    Narnia LivesPred dnevom

    "NOO DID THE HORSIE DIE????? 🥺🥺🥺"

  12. iiSerpentKing

    iiSerpentKingPred dnevom

    I just realized he spelled it Technobalde...

  13. Sabastian Loi

    Sabastian LoiPred dnevom

    The title seems to have a misleading objective.

  14. The Golden Burger

    The Golden BurgerPred dnevom


  15. ALPHA BunnY

    ALPHA BunnYPred dnevom

    1.23 it felt like it was techno

  16. MacBook Pro 2019

    MacBook Pro 2019Pred dnevom

    Me Reading the title 3 months ago: technoblade now: technobalde

  17. RexBusterPlayz

    RexBusterPlayzPred dnevom

    the puzzle was already messed up, cause lots of stuff was broken and they didnt even understand how to do it

  18. Housecat.

    Housecat.Pred 2 dnevi

    Im here four months later after watching techno's video LOOOOOL

  19. DatBird

    DatBirdPred 2 dnevi


  20. Mvcqury

    MvcquryPred 2 dnevi


  21. Lunar Nova

    Lunar NovaPred 2 dnevi

    He’s so good at it he just did this with easy and when they did it struggles-

  22. MrYeast

    MrYeastPred 3 dnevi

    How did BBH solve this so fast When Skeppy solved it for like 2 hours

  23. Wanhoop

    WanhoopPred 3 dnevi

    “If we do the hoki poki” LMAOO


    LAZYBRAINPred 3 dnevi

    technobalde-skeppy 2020

  25. KittyTheSavage

    KittyTheSavagePred 4 dnevi

    This is quality content!

  26. Tik tok Girl

    Tik tok GirlPred 4 dnevi

    I am the alpha male!~skeppy(2020)

  27. Jordon Reynolds

    Jordon ReynoldsPred 4 dnevi


  28. Ivo Kotze

    Ivo KotzePred 4 dnevi

    Does no one care about bbh saying he’s gonna blow up sams house

  29. Galaxy

    GalaxyPred 4 dnevi

    *Look really closely to the title*

  30. Димитър Мирчев

    Димитър МирчевPred 4 dnevi

    Technoblade I know u r whaching

  31. •Kellan’s Kingdom•

    •Kellan’s Kingdom•Pred 4 dnevi

    Did anyone notice the title? *Technobalde*

  32. Nugz

    NugzPred 4 dnevi


  33. Charice Baguistan

    Charice BaguistanPred 4 dnevi


  34. zeanplay08

    zeanplay08Pred 4 dnevi

    lol the part 2

  35. galrakisu

    galrakisuPred 5 dnevi

    technobald and baldboyhalo


    PROWLERPred 5 dnevi

    I love how he spell it wronge balde blade

  37. Np Plays

    Np PlaysPred 5 dnevi

    Technobalde What!!!

  38. w0ckyslushh

    w0ckyslushhPred 6 dnevi


  39. Bakugou kun

    Bakugou kunPred 6 dnevi

    ( う-´)づ︻╦̵̵̿╤──

  40. Allison Padilla

    Allison PadillaPred 6 dnevi

    9:43 that will totally work😂🤣

  41. alaynac

    alaynacPred 6 dnevi

    this is just gonna be an endless cycle of trolling someone else before everyone gets in on the troll

  42. Lex Wood

    Lex WoodPred 6 dnevi


  43. Blake The Simms

    Blake The SimmsPred 6 dnevi

    It's all fun and games until someone tries to troll Sam saying they built this

  44. Ava's Family

    Ava's FamilyPred 6 dnevi


  45. Slayer Animations

    Slayer AnimationsPred 6 dnevi

    I was not confused i watched techno vids first lol

  46. Scratch aGunner

    Scratch aGunnerPred 6 dnevi


  47. Y A

    Y APred 6 dnevi


  48. Roqued

    RoquedPred 6 dnevi


  49. Hamzah Aboobaker

    Hamzah AboobakerPred 7 dnevi


  50. ߣ_SEAN

    ߣ_SEANPred 7 dnevi

    Rip BBH lol

  51. Shagun Upadhyaya

    Shagun UpadhyayaPred 8 dnevi

    Eret: Tragic Skeppy: Very Tragic Eret: Indeed

  52. Dead Meme

    Dead MemePred 8 dnevi

    Just realized the title says technobalde not technoblade

  53. Auritro

    AuritroPred 9 dnevi

    Techno *BALDE*

  54. Little Tiny Gamer

    Little Tiny GamerPred 10 dnevi

    Osm dod

  55. The Stickman

    The StickmanPred 10 dnevi


  56. That Random Minecrafter

    That Random MinecrafterPred 12 dnevi

    Technoblade: Awesomdude made it Skeppy:HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  57. Syed Azdeek

    Syed AzdeekPred 12 dnevi

    If we hokey pokey and shake it all about the horse will come back -Technoblade 2020

  58. Itz Meh

    Itz MehPred 13 dnevi

    My sis is a fan of Technoblade

  59. Itz Meh

    Itz MehPred 13 dnevi


  60. Nato

    NatoPred 15 dnevi

    6:25 TOWN OF SALEM MUSIC!!!!!

  61. lil sheepy

    lil sheepyPred 16 dnevi


  62. lil sheepy

    lil sheepyPred 16 dnevi


  63. nacho

    nachoPred 16 dnevi


  64. VibStwo

    VibStwoPred 16 dnevi

    so nobody notices technoBALDE

  65. ClownPlays

    ClownPlaysPred 17 dnevi

    Why did u write technobalde

  66. DovahAlex

    DovahAlexPred 17 dnevi

    Ah yes my favorite SLthrowr, technobalde

  67. WormyJohn

    WormyJohnPred 17 dnevi

    technobalde trolled you tuff

  68. HOW gaming YT

    HOW gaming YTPred 18 dnevi

    Oh oh sweeping Edge go to xbox

  69. Zixzo Tarpon

    Zixzo TarponPred 18 dnevi

    It took more time for badboyhalo too complete the puzzle. It took 12:34 It took 16:26 I hope I get that right lol

  70. Zixzo Tarpon

    Zixzo TarponPred 18 dnevi

    Oh 16:17


    JAKE RODRIGUEZPred 18 dnevi

    technoblade is always so chill

  72. Depressed Derp

    Depressed DerpPred 18 dnevi

    If we do the hokey pokey and we shake it all about the horse will come back

  73. Neytiri 1212

    Neytiri 1212Pred 18 dnevi

    [*] Horsie

  74. ihatebrickplanet12

    ihatebrickplanet12Pred 19 dnevi


  75. xQritt

    xQrittPred 19 dnevi

    TechnoBlade: Exists Skeppy: Techno-Bald-e

  76. Peaceful Ant Studios

    Peaceful Ant StudiosPred 19 dnevi


  77. I am A rat

    I am A ratPred 19 dnevi

    Technobalde yes

  78. Lei Jiang

    Lei JiangPred 19 dnevi

    I like you skeppy! 10:27

  79. YL8

    YL8Pred 19 dnevi

    Nice ending

  80. Aayaan Farooq

    Aayaan FarooqPred 19 dnevi

    Did no one notice that skeppy typed Technoblade’s name wrong

  81. Sophie Is An Idiot

    Sophie Is An IdiotPred 19 dnevi

    I think it was intentional

  82. William Camarines

    William CamarinesPred 19 dnevi

    friendship always prevails

  83. kyunii

    kyuniiPred 20 dnevi

    “so technoblade trolled skeppy so skeppy trolled me so i trolled...”

  84. Deegan Siebers

    Deegan SiebersPred 20 dnevi

    good boi

  85. Annoying Cookie

    Annoying CookiePred 20 dnevi

    ahh yes technobalde

  86. Ping Spoofer 14

    Ping Spoofer 14Pred 20 dnevi

    "technobalde" LOL

  87. Demonic _Bubbletea

    Demonic _BubbleteaPred 21 dnevom

    Anybody else notice in the title that Skeppy wrote 'TechnoBALde' 😂😂

  88. Sophie Is An Idiot

    Sophie Is An IdiotPred 19 dnevi

    I think it was intentional

  89. Keltan07

    Keltan07Pred 22 dnevi

    Anyone gonna acknowledged that it’s says technobalde?

  90. Sophie Is An Idiot

    Sophie Is An IdiotPred 19 dnevi

    @Keltan07 you asked a question.. I answered..

  91. Keltan07

    Keltan07Pred 19 dnevi

    @Sophie Is An Idiot I know I was just saying it DUII

  92. Sophie Is An Idiot

    Sophie Is An IdiotPred 19 dnevi

    Sort comments by newest first and you’ll see,, there is a LOT

  93. Strqfer

    StrqferPred 22 dnevi


  94. Kavitha Hawaldar

    Kavitha HawaldarPred 23 dnevi

    I just watched the side of technoblades, perfect timing lol

  95. Xttr Cat Cal

    Xttr Cat CalPred 23 dnevi


  96. Creafice

    CreaficePred 23 dnevi

    Technobalde Basically Technobald

  97. Phantomartist !!!

    Phantomartist !!!Pred 24 dnevi


  98. mae briones

    mae brionesPred 24 dnevi


  99. MrsNibbles 2010

    MrsNibbles 2010Pred 25 dnevi


  100. Master Noodle

    Master NoodlePred 26 dnevi

    The title makes no sense

  101. Predator Exoc

    Predator ExocPred 27 dnevi

    No one: Title: Technobalde

  102. Kookiee

    KookieePred 28 dnevi


  103. Mysterious Civilian

    Mysterious CivilianPred 28 dnevi


  104. The King

    The KingPred 29 dnevi

    Im the only one that noticed the title, but "TechnoBALDe"

  105. Erica Joy

    Erica JoyPred 29 dnevi

    Bruh Skippy spelled technoblade wrong lmao

  106. Ryan Staab

    Ryan StaabPred 29 dnevi

    Technoblade you and skeppy are so creative

  107. iBloooping

    iBlooopingPred 29 dnevi