Skeppy vs CaptainPuffy - NETHER vs OVERWORLD Build Battle!

Skeppy and Captain Puffy Compete In An Escape Room Build Battle!

Today I stressed out Captain Puffy LMAO in a really fun and interesting Build Battle hahah. But this time we are building AND solving our very own Escape Room's. Also we themed it! I had an Overworld theme - shut up I didn't forget guys everything is technically overworld - and Puffy's was Nether themed. Pretty easy, right? Puffy even included prizes which was honestly just the best thing ever hahaha! She totally didn't cheat by looking over the wall, by the way, I guess it's those "spidey senses" she was talking about it. Even Rat makes an appearance! Also like all of her questions were BadBoyHalo themed... Thanks Puffy. At least I have a voucher to make up for it. This video was so fun and funny to make so if you enjoyed please hit this video with a like :D If this gets 100k likes maybe I'll challenge another SLthrowr to a fun Build Battle!! Also sub to @CaptainPuffy she is the best :D

Also! I will be uploading the BBH footage in a couple hours if you're looking for it.

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's Captain Puffy stressing out for 15 minutes LMAO

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  1. Ella Ruppert

    Ella RuppertPred 8 urami

    Gems or Pendas is what the math problem is

  2. ~cookie•da•bee~

    ~cookie•da•bee~Pred 9 urami

    Let's wach all skeppy vids all over again waiting for him to streem or upload a vidio

  3. Bubble Tea

    Bubble TeaPred 11 urami

    6:26 😂

  4. Nate_11

    Nate_11Pred 13 urami

    I did the math in 3 seconds lol

  5. Crazy Boba

    Crazy BobaPred 14 urami

    * the first thing skeppy dose * * builds with nether wood *

  6. FrostyBloxy

    FrostyBloxyPred 18 urami

    Since there is no space from the 5 to the ( that means that the item inside will become the exponent, and you do exponents first. 60/5(7-5) 60/5 2 60/25 2.4 The answer is 2.4

  7. Gacha Weed

    Gacha WeedPred 20 urami

    Me l getting 14 as the answer for the problem me also having an A on like all my math assignments

  8. Amplified Rat

    Amplified RatPred 20 urami

    the answer for the maths question, 7-5 is in parenthesis so it’s first (2) and Then do 60/5 which is 12 then finally 12*2 which makes 24. So skippy was right But for the people who think it’s 5(7-5) then divide it all by 60, that’s just dumb, it’s division first

  9. Zofia Piasecka

    Zofia PiaseckaPred 23 urami

    HAHA i wont die tomorow couse i liked yaaay

  10. bigfishman

    bigfishmanPred dnevom

    im in year 7 and i got that correct in my head

  11. blank

    blankPred dnevom

    5:24 the answer is actually 6

  12. *-!Its Levi!-*

    *-!Its Levi!-*Pred dnevom


  13. Kara Wong

    Kara WongPred dnevom

    The answer was right here?! -puffy 2021

  14. ii_Kyxaa_i

    ii_Kyxaa_iPred dnevom

    U should go against foolish

  15. Bussy the Bee

    Bussy the BeePred dnevom

    its 24

  16. Aydeen Mohd Shaufee Alfaizal

    Aydeen Mohd Shaufee AlfaizalPred 2 dnevi

    60 divided by 2hehe

  17. Eve_Sinclair

    Eve_SinclairPred 2 dnevi

    This is actually really good

  18. ally Smith

    ally SmithPred 2 dnevi

    He is rong it is 36

  19. Lemony Lime

    Lemony LimePred 2 dnevi


  20. Blazingboy77 Gaming

    Blazingboy77 GamingPred 2 dnevi

    Changed the title?

  21. Alex U

    Alex UPred 2 dnevi

    I’m ngl caption puffy’s parkour is pretty sick

  22. Braelyn Bynum

    Braelyn BynumPred 2 dnevi


  23. 💖Kayyisa_PlayzYT💖

    💖Kayyisa_PlayzYT💖Pred 2 dnevi

    Me : i love the nether imma build it Me : builds a nether fortress and more Me : spawning random nether animals To be continued e

  24. Ultimate gamer!

    Ultimate gamer!Pred 2 dnevi


  25. Mr.Redpanda

    Mr.RedpandaPred 3 dnevi

    the answer was 6 lol

  26. Ben Holdorf

    Ben HoldorfPred 3 dnevi

    skeppy thats not how math works pemdas parentheses first 7 - 5 = 2 then multiply 5 × 2 = 10 then division 60 ÷ 10 = 6 6 was one of the 2 options o o l I'll

  27. Zyron Bandong

    Zyron BandongPred 3 dnevi


  28. Mardee Thimesch

    Mardee ThimeschPred 3 dnevi

    wait this was made on my birthday?! omg

  29. Angelo Roque

    Angelo RoquePred 3 dnevi

    The build was actually pretty cool!

  30. annie

    anniePred 3 dnevi

    pemdas. it's 24.

  31. Luke Nielson

    Luke NielsonPred 3 dnevi

    I love how they are both wrong in the math problem

  32. KnotTwistd

    KnotTwistdPred 3 dnevi


  33. Garrett Hager

    Garrett HagerPred 3 dnevi


  34. Bartosz Chmielewski

    Bartosz ChmielewskiPred 3 dnevi


  35. Bartosz Chmielewski

    Bartosz ChmielewskiPred 3 dnevi


  36. Bartosz Chmielewski

    Bartosz ChmielewskiPred 3 dnevi


  37. Bartosz Chmielewski

    Bartosz ChmielewskiPred 3 dnevi


  38. Bartosz Chmielewski

    Bartosz ChmielewskiPred 3 dnevi


  39. Katherine_PlaysRoblox

    Katherine_PlaysRobloxPred 3 dnevi

    I was like I know the answer but I don't wanna say it I'm a smart student but I'm a lazy butt to...💤😪😴

  40. Health and Gaming

    Health and GamingPred 3 dnevi

    look at your planks its your face get rosted

  41. Princess Ribbon

    Princess RibbonPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy is a simp S-Super I-intense M-Minecraft P-Player

  42. jelly slogo Crainer fan

    jelly slogo Crainer fanPred 4 dnevi

    I looooopooooooooooooove redstone

  43. O O

    O OPred 4 dnevi

    Puffy: cat jump her own head** Me: imagines playing tower of hell

  44. BlueHeartGhost

    BlueHeartGhostPred 4 dnevi


  45. BlueHeartGhost

    BlueHeartGhostPred 4 dnevi

    I’m not mad at all

  46. {StrzxyDreamz}

    {StrzxyDreamz}Pred 4 dnevi

    R u sure that u r a pRoFesSioNaL bUtTon FinDer?

  47. Leong Family

    Leong FamilyPred 4 dnevi


  48. CookieCat70

    CookieCat70Pred 4 dnevi



    ABIGAIL KERK ZI YU MoePred 4 dnevi

    THERE IS NO THEME IN THIS ITS JUST RANDOM BLOCKS a mintue ago so i guess i will do a overworld puzzle?

  50. GeorgeNotFoundSecret Acount

    GeorgeNotFoundSecret AcountPred 4 dnevi

    Sleepy is the best

  51. gameyboy

    gameyboyPred 5 dnevi

    Skeppy do you know what pemdas is the answer to the math is six 😂 😂 😂 😂

  52. Honk Gaming

    Honk GamingPred 5 dnevi

    Skeppy DOOD Crimson planks are literally from the nether

  53. luceeyum

    luceeyumPred 6 dnevi

    I miss the old skeppy, the old trolling skeppy and the funny voice skeppy ;(

  54. Deborah Hmar

    Deborah HmarPred 6 dnevi

    that look good she is chating

  55. DeadShot Gaming YT

    DeadShot Gaming YTPred 6 dnevi

    when she said that yours is 10x bigger I was thinking about something else

  56. Cat Master

    Cat MasterPred 7 dnevi

    Well! 24 is correct through PEMDAS and 6 is correct as BODMAS.

  57. Roblox sherif

    Roblox sherifPred 7 dnevi

    1:56 Hmmmm look at the title then you'll seee

  58. Puppy lover Mimi

    Puppy lover MimiPred 7 dnevi

    It’s 14

  59. JuicyIii

    JuicyIiiPred 7 dnevi


  60. Alice Leouzon

    Alice LeouzonPred 7 dnevi

    The math quesyion Me : use bidmas

  61. Amongus _why

    Amongus _whyPred 8 dnevi

    0:12 he??

  62. Dying._. Bald- 🍄

    Dying._. Bald- 🍄Pred 5 dnevi

    He said she-?

  63. Ciel_phantom

    Ciel_phantomPred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy how to build a diamond land ?

  64. Julzoox

    JulzooxPred 8 dnevi

    The math question is six. No hesitation

  65. Matilda Stenius

    Matilda SteniusPred 8 dnevi

    It equals 6 not 24, right? Or am I just stupid?

  66. Matilda Stenius

    Matilda SteniusPred 8 dnevi

    Wait it isn't I'm stupid

  67. Karlsmp

    KarlsmpPred 8 dnevi

    I don’t know how to do maths :)

  68. Yahya Ibn-Sohaid

    Yahya Ibn-SohaidPred 9 dnevi

    pufffy was so good at building

  69. xX_BBQ_Xx O7XD

    xX_BBQ_Xx O7XDPred 9 dnevi

    Nether would is the purple block

  70. sophia jay

    sophia jayPred 9 dnevi

    Puffy: " I don't ever think I have built an escape room in minecraft-" Me: "Not in minecraft you say??😏"

  71. Brajesh Tiwari

    Brajesh TiwariPred 9 dnevi

    1:01 all we have to do follow the damm train Cj

  72. Mai_Hai

    Mai_HaiPred 9 dnevi

    Where's Badboyhalo's video?

  73. Riza Roux

    Riza RouxPred 9 dnevi

    is so funny if captianpuppy said mom get the camera off

  74. Lance Pestilos

    Lance PestilosPred 10 dnevi

    Name a sheepp jeb_

  75. Mr A Wilson

    Mr A WilsonPred 10 dnevi


  76. Quentilla Trawick

    Quentilla TrawickPred 10 dnevi

    “Lik or dye tmr” Me: *eats chips and does not care*

  77. Jenny Estrada

    Jenny EstradaPred 10 dnevi


  78. McKenzie Oram

    McKenzie OramPred 10 dnevi


  79. Totally Brat-Tastic

    Totally Brat-TasticPred 10 dnevi

    “Owo” I had to watch that 10 times

  80. Totally Brat-Tastic

    Totally Brat-TasticPred 10 dnevi


  81. Fwosh

    FwoshPred 10 dnevi

    I love when badboyhalo rages

  82. Elius Ullah

    Elius UllahPred 10 dnevi

    6 :6

  83. vaishnavirhatishadhawtal

    vaishnavirhatishadhawtalPred 10 dnevi

    Lol overwrold more like nether blocks gold is nether

  84. Tinedlie

    TinedliePred 10 dnevi

    The brackets means you do what ever is in the brackets first and then what ever is next. Stay in school

  85. 1 0

    1 0Pred 11 dnevi

    the answer to the problem was 6...

  86. SpeedyG604

    SpeedyG604Pred 11 dnevi


  87. Hayden sifford

    Hayden siffordPred 12 dnevi


  88. Coco  ola

    Coco olaPred 12 dnevi

    Lol poor badboyhalo lol I can't stop laughing 😂😆🤣

  89. R2 D2 gaming.

    R2 D2 gaming.Pred 12 dnevi

    Everything overworld but the neither planks

  90. Pyromane Gaming

    Pyromane GamingPred 12 dnevi

    Skeppy: "hope everyone roasts me in the comments" Also the answer was 6, parenthesis has to be done first

  91. Ala Elshaikh

    Ala ElshaikhPred 7 dnevi

    But when I used the calculator it said 24 lol

  92. Rafael Munteanu

    Rafael MunteanuPred 12 dnevi

    H-h-h-he?? your disrespecting woman's

  93. Zoey Taylor

    Zoey TaylorPred 12 dnevi

    Puffy yours is the best I love u!!

  94. Zachary D. Botelho

    Zachary D. BotelhoPred 12 dnevi

    But. The answer is 6

  95. ~Brooke~

    ~Brooke~Pred 12 dnevi

    "badboyhalos leads all the way to lava"

  96. DJ Matty

    DJ MattyPred 12 dnevi

    The answer to the maths is 1

  97. ch1lled.b34tz backup

    ch1lled.b34tz backupPred 13 dnevi

    Me: 60/5(7-5) is 6 Skeppy:if u said 24 then u can live another day. But if you chose 6..well.. Me: HUH?! Edit:i found out

  98. Dream._.Smpedits..andmore

    Dream._.Smpedits..andmorePred 13 dnevi

    Bro- gotta love that skeppy spelling though-

  99. Edith Tufts

    Edith TuftsPred 13 dnevi

    pemdas. Parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. for multiplication and division you do which ever comes first same with adding and subtracting 60/5(7-5) ^ you do that first 60/5(2) ^ now DIVISION 12(2) ^ now multiply BOOM 24 that's explained

  100. aswathy tom

    aswathy tomPred 13 dnevi

    is puffy a kid is he 5 or 9 or 4?

  101. Ants Asia

    Ants AsiaPred 13 dnevi

    14:56 the answer is six OMG skeppy is stoopid

  102. Yumi Bulan

    Yumi BulanPred 14 dnevi

    hang on isn’t it PEMDAS? so it would be 60/10 meaning =6??

  103. VintageStars

    VintageStarsPred 14 dnevi

    “These are over world theme stuff” The nether wood: ...