If Technoblade was in Minecraft Manhunt...

Skeppy plays Minecraft Manhunt with Technoblade

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Today Technoblade and Skeppy play Minecraft Manhunt! Kind of! Basically I get a 30 second head start and then I attempt to survive 20 minutes against the Blood God himself. I honestly give up on this game. I hope Dream and the Dream Team are proud of me for this one. This was such an incredible display of skill so you all should definitely be impressed and hit this video with a like! :D 150,000 likes and I will do another Minecraft Manhunt.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friend Technoblade playing minecraft manhunt LMAO


  1. Technoblade

    TechnobladePred 7 meseci

    i hate that technoblade guy please stop making videos with him. downvote!

  2. Watching the storm

    Watching the stormPred dnevom

    get reported and downvoted ungl

  3. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaPred 2 dnevi

    *I have the last comment*

  4. PezzyPlayz

    PezzyPlayzPred 5 dnevi

    The blade

  5. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno GiovannaPred 13 dnevi

    Free likes and clout

  6. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad AliPred 13 dnevi

    Me too

  7. Steve Booth

    Steve BoothPred 4 urami

    Your a noob skeppy

  8. Subro Orbus

    Subro OrbusPred dnevom


  9. robot Miles

    robot MilesPred dnevom

    The part when techno and skeppy started saying yea yea yea was the best thing

  10. The Chosen One

    The Chosen OnePred 3 dnevi

    This is Hitman.

  11. SoulRaider21

    SoulRaider21Pred 3 dnevi

    Technoblade I seen your face

  12. Dream jogadordo

    Dream jogadordoPred 4 dnevi


  13. Dream jogadordo

    Dream jogadordoPred 4 dnevi


  14. Blueman_

    Blueman_Pred 4 dnevi

    "one of my technoblades" Wait, he has more.

  15. Kloggier

    KloggierPred 4 dnevi

    FUN FACT: techno never dies and skeepy defeated techno

  16. P85D

    P85DPred 5 dnevi

    9:33 I literally jumped out of my chair and broke it.

  17. The_meme_intellctual

    The_meme_intellctualPred 6 dnevi

    2:48 It’s over skepanakin I have the high ground You underestimate my power

  18. Miifin

    MiifinPred 6 dnevi

    skeppy is actually pretty good

  19. Squirrel_

    Squirrel_Pred 6 dnevi

    I like how skeppy sed “one of my technoblades”

  20. Ronald Pascua

    Ronald PascuaPred 6 dnevi

    Draem intro

  21. Taki Ktoś

    Taki KtośPred 7 dnevi

    I love this part when technoblade killed skeppy

  22. Roman Rimlinger

    Roman RimlingerPred 7 dnevi


  23. Ncraft - Random Videos

    Ncraft - Random VideosPred 8 dnevi


  24. Cody Innit

    Cody InnitPred 8 dnevi

    7:53 I like how technos laugh cuts off

  25. Fikret EFツ

    Fikret EFツPred 8 dnevi

    "One of my Technoblades"

  26. ‹‹ Ayanø_Gacha_UwU ››

    ‹‹ Ayanø_Gacha_UwU ››Pred 9 dnevi

    ✨ this video one of my technoblades try to hunt me down and stop me from beating Minecraft ✨

  27. Rocketfighte

    RocketfightePred 9 dnevi

    Shut th fu is my favorite part

  28. Arlane Samar

    Arlane SamarPred 9 dnevi

    Techno's vision is so good

  29. abdelrahman tantawy Mahdy

    abdelrahman tantawy MahdyPred 9 dnevi

    6:35 the scream killed me🤣😂

  30. Alicia van ledden

    Alicia van leddenPred 9 dnevi

    I know you wont see this but i get builed end if im sad i wach youre vids end it helps You are my idol LOVE YOU❤

  31. dré

    dréPred 9 dnevi

    6:55 omg😭😭😭✨✨✨

  32. Idk What to call this

    Idk What to call thisPred 10 dnevi

    3 minutes in and skeppy has been killed twice lmao

  33. XD OG AQUA

    XD OG AQUAPred 10 dnevi

    wait so you have more than 1 technos

  34. springtrap

    springtrapPred 10 dnevi

    If techno was actually doing a manhunt for serious, you'd be dead by the time you spawned

  35. MomoCraft

    MomoCraftPred 10 dnevi

    Why are there different techno blade

  36. Uday Varma

    Uday VarmaPred 10 dnevi

    Hmmm one of my TECHNOBLADE *S*

  37. Jitin Reddy

    Jitin ReddyPred 11 dnevi

    Sleepy how many ThecnoBlade friends u got?

  38. Random Person

    Random PersonPred 12 dnevi

    The part whenever tecnoblades “yeah yeah yeah” gets louder tho and then it turns it to YEAH YEAH YEAH I got tears from this part XD

  39. knight heart

    knight heartPred 12 dnevi

    Can he stop me from surviving for 20 min ? Video length: 14min Well u know TECHNOBLADE NEVA DIES

  40. Akshaj Singla

    Akshaj SinglaPred 12 dnevi

    I like how technoblade irritates skeppy by just counting

  41. daddy

    daddyPred 13 dnevi

    did he just say one of my technoblade at the start

  42. Dido

    DidoPred 13 dnevi

    "one of my technoblades"

  43. JDoge

    JDogePred 13 dnevi

    1:04 LMFAOOO

  44. Phuong Vo

    Phuong VoPred 13 dnevi

    Technoblade’s weakness: water combat

  45. Dyslexyc Kid

    Dyslexyc KidPred 13 dnevi

    Alternate Title : Skeppy Gets Cyberbullied For 14 Minutes

  46. AnimalHunter

    AnimalHunterPred 13 dnevi


  47. A.I.

    A.I.Pred 13 dnevi

    "This video, one of my Technoblades try and hunt me down and stop me from beating Minecraft" - Skeppy 2021. Really, Skeppy? As if one Technoblade wasn't enough?

  48. Primetime Legos

    Primetime LegosPred 13 dnevi

    1:23 techroblade lol

  49. Brainbomb 736

    Brainbomb 736Pred 13 dnevi


  50. Nitish S

    Nitish SPred 13 dnevi

    If skeppy has creative plus totem then it would be fair

  51. Fancy Hat

    Fancy HatPred 13 dnevi

    that moment when techno disappears as usual so you have to watch old skeppy videos to get any techno content

  52. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi HatakePred 14 dnevi

    He should have just stayed in the tower

  53. SeccoEcho

    SeccoEchoPred 14 dnevi

    this is actually "Minecraft Hitmen" not "Minecraft Manhunt"

  54. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerPred 14 dnevi

    Bro he actually had to make multiple attempts because techno was to fast

  55. Pius Leland Mapsalak

    Pius Leland MapsalakPred 14 dnevi

    Skeppy should kno that the axe is way more stronger than the sword right?

  56. Dragon CyberX Magic

    Dragon CyberX MagicPred 15 dnevi

    Skeppy: I win if I survive 20min Video: I don’t even last 20min

  57. Faygo

    FaygoPred 15 dnevi

    If techno is on manhunt the video time will go from 38 minutes to 6

  58. Where are the askers

    Where are the askersPred 15 dnevi

    The full drean intro

  59. Videoblade

    VideobladePred 16 dnevi


  60. Ronald McDonald trump

    Ronald McDonald trumpPred 16 dnevi

    This is what a man vs a god looks like

  61. SleepySloth 145

    SleepySloth 145Pred 16 dnevi

    Skeppy with half a heart going into battle and expecting to win: 👁👅👁

  62. cleckf

    cleckfPred 16 dnevi


  63. MB Zoom

    MB ZoomPred 17 dnevi

    Lol the ending tho

  64. Jayden Zhang

    Jayden ZhangPred 17 dnevi

    The Reason Technoblade Died Because Skeppy Said 1 One My Technoblade So This One Is A Clone Meaning It Ain’t Original.

  65. Joe M.

    Joe M.Pred 18 dnevi

    That technoblade guy should make a youtube channel

  66. Parker Reehling

    Parker ReehlingPred 18 dnevi


  67. genjyo cyrus

    genjyo cyrusPred 18 dnevi

    one of ur technoblades- o k

  68. TomPiano

    TomPianoPred 18 dnevi

    I dont think you would beat mc even without anyone hunting you

  69. Merissa

    MerissaPred 18 dnevi


  70. Angel Lozano

    Angel LozanoPred 18 dnevi

    "This video, one of my technoblades-" Lmaooooo

  71. Sun

    SunPred 19 dnevi

    Who just got this NOW in their recommended?

  72. Ali Tuğrul Akıcı

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  73. Sun

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  74. Zaroque ΔΔΔ

    Zaroque ΔΔΔPred 19 dnevi

    this is not minecraft manhunt

  75. ItsUnpug

    ItsUnpugPred 20 dnevi

    Best ending ever


    MRSUPERSTPred 20 dnevi


  77. Liam Roberts

    Liam RobertsPred 20 dnevi

    At 9:35 I was literally crying laughing 😂

  78. i cause suffering

    i cause sufferingPred 20 dnevi

    technoblade is intensely scary sometimes-

  79. Hydra21

    Hydra21Pred 20 dnevi

    7:40 is a good representation of their friendship

  80. idk won

    idk wonPred 20 dnevi

    "In this, one of my technoblade will hunt me down" Me:WAIT THERES MORE OF HIM???

  81. Lost Soul

    Lost SoulPred 20 dnevi

    still surprise the video lasted 14 minutes

  82. Kyle Schwartz

    Kyle SchwartzPred 20 dnevi

    The mincraft manhunt where the speedruner died more than the hunter

  83. The Big Peen

    The Big PeenPred 20 dnevi

    Is that terraria veterans intro music at 5:46?

  84. Parasme Shrivastava

    Parasme ShrivastavaPred 20 dnevi

    Yes but hey didn’t make it, it’s a song that they chose for their intro, skeptics also chose that song

  85. Irrelevant

    IrrelevantPred 20 dnevi

    Nobody: Skeppy: *Makes an Iron Sword and Bucket instead of a Shield*

  86. SolarChris Gaming

    SolarChris GamingPred 20 dnevi

    Haha Haha these videos are so funny

  87. Magenta Wolf

    Magenta WolfPred 20 dnevi

    manhunt but technoblade start with full netherite

  88. Oskar Bem

    Oskar BemPred 20 dnevi

    “in this video one of my Technoblades tries to ...”

  89. Ba Nguyen

    Ba NguyenPred 20 dnevi

    this just looks like technoblade is the speedrunner

  90. Animations

    AnimationsPred 20 dnevi

    You can’t beat the blade

  91. Shomi bi

    Shomi biPred 20 dnevi


  92. T Be

    T BePred 20 dnevi

    Eliminate the world border for fairness lol

  93. Just A Dude Who Likes To Comment

    Just A Dude Who Likes To CommentPred 21 dnevom

    Who's scarier? Technoblade running towards you with an Axe on his hand Or Your mother walking towards you with a broom on her hand

  94. Amal

    AmalPred 21 dnevom

    Man this technoblade guy is terrible he can even beat skeppy at a disadvantage of a 30 second head start

  95. NeonRope

    NeonRopePred 21 dnevom

    “Can I last 20 minutes?” Me: checks the video length “no”

  96. Le Lamp

    Le LampPred 21 dnevom

    This video! One of my Technoblades will- Me: Plural? There’s more of him?

  97. smile of the rainbow

    smile of the rainbowPred 21 dnevom

    I miss this song :dudududu

  98. ItsUnpug

    ItsUnpugPred 21 dnevom


  99. amay king

    amay kingPred 21 dnevom

    How many technoblade do you have? 🤣🤣

  100. Gtr6

    Gtr6Pred 21 dnevom

    It's dream's brother lol

  101. quail

    quailPred 22 dnevi

    I'm chillin at my zombie farm with my game audio off while watching this video and ate a baked potato right as skeppy ate and i got spooked

  102. Gerardine Rodriguez

    Gerardine RodriguezPred 22 dnevi

    Its not manhunt its hitman when its timed did you not watch dreams vid

  103. TonlyTheOnly

    TonlyTheOnlyPred 22 dnevi

    techno is too powerful he odered a drowned to kill skeppy

  104. Smoogey Noodle

    Smoogey NoodlePred 23 dnevi

    “You are a monster.” “You’re not wrong.” BAHAHAHAHHA

  105. Smoogey Noodle

    Smoogey NoodlePred 23 dnevi

    Can we please call these two the Triggered duo because all they do is trigger each other

  106. Smoogey Noodle

    Smoogey NoodlePred 20 dnevi

    @Windiest YESSS

  107. Windiest

    WindiestPred 22 dnevi


  108. CapriciousMuse

    CapriciousMusePred 23 dnevi

    "-one of my Technoblades-" ...one of my??? Did...Did Skeppy totally call it for Techno getting cloned by the revive book???? xD

  109. Dalton Sankey

    Dalton SankeyPred 23 dnevi

    1:19 that voice crack tho 😂