If Technoblade was in Minecraft Manhunt...

Skeppy plays Minecraft Manhunt with Technoblade
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Today Technoblade and Skeppy play Minecraft Manhunt! Kind of! Basically I get a 30 second head start and then I attempt to survive 20 minutes against the Blood God himself. I honestly give up on this game. I hope Dream and the Dream Team are proud of me for this one. This was such an incredible display of skill so you all should definitely be impressed and hit this video with a like! :D 150,000 likes and I will do another Minecraft Manhunt.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friend Technoblade playing minecraft manhunt LMAO


  1. Technoblade

    TechnobladePred 3 meseci

    i hate that technoblade guy please stop making videos with him. downvote!

  2. puttu nammu

    puttu nammuPred 25 dnevi

    Even i hate techno

  3. RorE

    RorEPred mesecem


  4. Jamison Crawford

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  5. Icy Bosskiller

    Icy BosskillerPred 2 meseci

    Funny how this comment got half the likes of the video

  6. Guatzz

    GuatzzPred 2 meseci


  7. LazyBobby240

    LazyBobby240Pred 2 minutami

    "one of my technoblades" - rick 2015

  8. LazyBobby240

    LazyBobby240Pred 4 minutami

    I fear no man, but that man, he scares me.

  9. LazyBobby240

    LazyBobby240Pred 5 minutami

    All that was missing was the trance racing music

  10. Aali Ali

    Aali AliPred 52 minutami

    if this was manhunt then why is there border???

  11. Marie Justina

    Marie JustinaPred 2 urami

    The part where skeppy got done mining and technoblade was done counting when he comes for skeppy TECHNO SCARED THE LAST LIVING HELL OUT UF ME

  12. Pika

    PikaPred 7 urami

    skeppy survived 73 seconds

  13. Uncle Fiend

    Uncle FiendPred 8 urami

    The arena is too small

  14. Ally Wally

    Ally WallyPred 14 urami

    Wheres the second manhunt skeppy

  15. iu5tin ?!

    iu5tin ?!Pred 16 urami

    iS tHe bEsT mInEcRaFt mAnHuNt i eVeRy SeEn!!!!!!!

  16. Boa Wall

    Boa WallPred 17 urami

    "one of my technoblade"

  17. ツPix

    ツPixPred 18 urami


  18. Mr Skelax

    Mr SkelaxPred dnevom

    world border too small

  19. TheRealHuman `

    TheRealHuman `Pred dnevom

    You know somethings wrong when SKEPPY kills technoblade

  20. T8

    T8Pred dnevom

    Sm4sh music still goes hard.

  21. BlazerLolzer SpillThatTea

    BlazerLolzer SpillThatTeaPred dnevom

    an ancient rivalry

  22. Stephen Lay

    Stephen LayPred dnevom

    This whole video is a bruh moment, but not for techno.

  23. Glitchy Gamer.

    Glitchy Gamer.Pred dnevom

    Take a shot every time he makes a crafting table

  24. Ghooft

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  25. Anddog07

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  26. Glitch Corporation

    Glitch CorporationPred dnevom

    That Technoblade guy should create a channel

  27. Forcey Me

    Forcey MePred 2 dnevi

    9:31 so funny

  28. Forcey Me

    Forcey MePred 2 dnevi

    This is one of my favorites

  29. lindsay ely

    lindsay elyPred 2 dnevi


  30. SimplyDurhy

    SimplyDurhyPred 2 dnevi

    one of my technoblades "also i hate technoblade" edit : we need tommy and skeppy and techno in manhunts

  31. Roopa S

    Roopa SPred 2 dnevi

    Techno dies

  32. Austen Chen

    Austen ChenPred 2 dnevi

    Wait one’s?! THERES MORE THAN ONE

  33. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruPred 2 dnevi

    The power of the t a c o Is too powerful

  34. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruPred 2 dnevi

    T a c o b l a d e

  35. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruPred 19 urami

    @Glitch Corporation b u f f a l o b l a d e

  36. Glitch Corporation

    Glitch CorporationPred dnevom

    @Mr. Sebru B U R G E R B L A D E

  37. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruPred dnevom

    @Glitch Corporation t e c h n o r i c e

  38. Glitch Corporation

    Glitch CorporationPred dnevom

    @Mr. Sebru t e c h n o t a n k

  39. Mr. Sebru

    Mr. SebruPred dnevom

    @Glitch Corporation t e c h n o s e e d s

  40. Chickyplayz

    ChickyplayzPred 2 dnevi

    Skeppy u should of make an axe it does more damage

  41. blaze 2

    blaze 2Pred 2 dnevi

    Just wanted to say it was lamest manhunt

  42. The Astron

    The AstronPred 3 dnevi

    How many technoblades does this man have...

  43. Brady Ryan

    Brady RyanPred 3 dnevi

    You need new friends, preferably friends that won't just kill you.

  44. Purpled Adam

    Purpled AdamPred 3 dnevi

    I love techno if i meet thats gonna be my best day ever wtf r u taliing skeppy

  45. Just Meh

    Just MehPred 3 dnevi

    "One of my technoblades"

  46. Jelly Jelly

    Jelly JellyPred 3 dnevi

    I love techroblade

  47. megdad salih

    megdad salihPred 4 dnevi

    skeppy sucks at man hunt

  48. Thegaming Void

    Thegaming VoidPred 4 dnevi

    Me hearing one of my technoblades My brain:so how many are there

  49. Clashtrix

    ClashtrixPred 4 dnevi

    13:06 hold up...

  50. Alyssa Willis

    Alyssa WillisPred 4 dnevi

    Sometimes I feel like corpse and technoblade are the same person....just me? ok..

  51. Fadded Reality

    Fadded RealityPred 5 dnevi

    Wait did skeppy say ONE of his technoblades? There are more? I'm scared and confused help

  52. Colette

    ColettePred 5 dnevi

    One of my technoblades?

  53. Floyd Reuben Pardo

    Floyd Reuben PardoPred 5 dnevi

    You must love thechno or else

  54. Floyd Reuben Pardo

    Floyd Reuben PardoPred 5 dnevi

    You must love thechno or else

  55. minecraft and robloxian gamer

    minecraft and robloxian gamerPred 5 dnevi

    blood for blood god aka tachnoblade

  56. Aigle Wibowo

    Aigle WibowoPred 5 dnevi

    Real title: if manhunt had world border

  57. Ancient CosmicYT

    Ancient CosmicYTPred 6 dnevi

    6:54 best laugh ever 😂

  58. Ismail Bilal

    Ismail BilalPred 6 dnevi

    How to comment 1. Make a quote joke Eg: "hi" -techno 2021 2. Make a mocking comment about those comments mockin them 3.become the comment mentioning how ive become a mockery while mocking

  59. Zapparite

    ZapparitePred 6 dnevi

    These 2 voices are polar opposites and its killing me

  60. paper boy

    paper boyPred 6 dnevi

    6:54 HOLY

  61. Allen Robles

    Allen RoblesPred 6 dnevi

    My man said one of my technoblades are going to hunt me down 🤣

  62. Grizzlybear2470

    Grizzlybear2470Pred 6 dnevi

    Atlernate title pig with 300 iq bullies a diamond man for half an hour

  63. HotMatrixRB

    HotMatrixRBPred 6 dnevi

    HOLY MUFFINHEAD bbh 2021

  64. -Green TeaYT-

    -Green TeaYT-Pred 7 dnevi

    6:54 Seagull Skeppy

  65. Sajan S

    Sajan SPred 7 dnevi

    Imagine Dream's shortest minecraft manhunt video if technoblade is hunter

  66. UxRay _

    UxRay _Pred 7 dnevi



    AADYA RAIPred 9 dnevi

    One of my technoblade

  68. Person 3

    Person 3Pred 9 dnevi

    6:53 me when i see a spider crawling on me

  69. Drip of bacon funkin

    Drip of bacon funkinPred 9 dnevi

    Why u just run away bc techno blade has about a tough axe that is wood and u have stone axe

  70. BERND Das Allerechte Brot

    BERND Das Allerechte BrotPred 9 dnevi

    when you hate technoblade then i hate you

  71. •ᗩIKO•

    •ᗩIKO•Pred 9 dnevi

    technoblade never dies😈

  72. Muhammad Aichaka Keanu Dishaquell

    Muhammad Aichaka Keanu DishaquellPred 9 dnevi

    The Blade Never Lose

  73. melted acid

    melted acidPred 10 dnevi

    wait did he say one of my Technoblades? Techno stop making cloning devices


    RAJEEV BHATIAPred 10 dnevi



    RAJEEV BHATIAPred 10 dnevi



    RAJEEV BHATIAPred 10 dnevi



    RAJEEV BHATIAPred 10 dnevi


  78. Henry Htat Myat Aung

    Henry Htat Myat AungPred 10 dnevi

    Techno should have been the runner and skeppy should have been the hunter

  79. EnderAI

    EnderAIPred 10 dnevi

    Beat a technoblade

  80. YT_Show

    YT_ShowPred 11 dnevi


  81. Alpha Sans

    Alpha SansPred 11 dnevi

    6:54 that scream tho

  82. Dogpotato tv

    Dogpotato tvPred 11 dnevi

    I love the smash bros music

  83. ?Content Deleted?

    ?Content Deleted?Pred 12 dnevi

    One of my technoblades Wait If he has more the SMP is doomed

  84. Sandro Master

    Sandro MasterPred 12 dnevi

    Wtf i already subscribed and i need to subscribe again what the fu_"

  85. mehoimonanaa

    mehoimonanaaPred 12 dnevi

    Good job u survived 73 seconds!

  86. Julia Wen

    Julia WenPred 12 dnevi

    the intro is so similar to dream's

  87. Luca Hedger

    Luca HedgerPred 12 dnevi

    my techno blade

  88. RinOkumura YT

    RinOkumura YTPred 12 dnevi


  89. gabriellemundo

    gabriellemundoPred 13 dnevi

    *me hearing from technoblade other video saying " technoblade never dies"* *Literally dies many times in this video*

  90. DrStepan

    DrStepanPred 13 dnevi

    5:55 the power of ultra instinct

  91. Omi Tulatamalelagi

    Omi TulatamalelagiPred 13 dnevi


  92. Perhaps

    PerhapsPred 13 dnevi

    “One of my techno blades” best line

  93. ItzClyde

    ItzClydePred 13 dnevi


  94. zee boo

    zee booPred 13 dnevi

    technoblade manhunt starts three seconds go by dead

  95. Kay Caprii

    Kay CapriiPred 14 dnevi

    "this video one of MY technoblades”

  96. Izz Marissa

    Izz MarissaPred 14 dnevi

    techno ended skeppy's career

  97. Platy2287

    Platy2287Pred 14 dnevi


  98. pvt.Smasher

    pvt.SmasherPred 14 dnevi

    but this isnt manhunt this is hitmen

  99. Nedas

    NedasPred 15 dnevi

    If you beat techno he was just going easy on you

  100. mohammed a

    mohammed aPred 15 dnevi

    Skeppy does not know that the axe does more dmg

  101. Zelouzy

    ZelouzyPred 2 dnevi

    But it's not better bc its so slow

  102. Totally Not Me

    Totally Not MePred 16 dnevi

    copyright of mcyum lol

  103. Whiskers

    WhiskersPred 16 dnevi

    No one: Not even fly: Not even porkchop: Me: why is the border so freakin small

  104. Cariheartscats2 :3

    Cariheartscats2 :3Pred 16 dnevi

    Ring around the Rosie XDD!!

  105. Omegion [Gaming&RandomVideos]

    Omegion [Gaming&RandomVideos]Pred 16 dnevi

    "and then, i landed the water; killed technoblade, and won the challenge, thanks for watching" ~skeppy

  106. Youlexa Vanbrook

    Youlexa VanbrookPred 17 dnevi

    3:58 even the world generation knows how much of an L skeppy is taking

  107. Vengirgirem

    VengirgiremPred 17 dnevi

    I want to see Technoblade in Dream's manhunt

  108. Keizer Syen

    Keizer SyenPred 18 dnevi

    Woahh he stole Dream's intro LMAOO

  109. GreenLX

    GreenLXPred 18 dnevi

    13:33 what is the music? i'm looking everywhere for it lol

  110. Jeanna Cuen

    Jeanna CuenPred 18 dnevi

    Pls tell me techno didn't say "this is a bruh moment"

  111. Voltaicgaming101

    Voltaicgaming101Pred 18 dnevi

    your pretty good