Minecraft, But Lava Rises Every 10 Seconds VS Technoblade

Skeppy and Technoblade play Minecraft, But Lava Rises every 10 Seconds. This is so scuffed.


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Today I played...Minecraft? But Lava Rises Every 10 Seconds. Technoblade watches me suffer from the clouds like a *real gamer* while I fight a skeleton with an ENCHANTED BOW, and I finally get sand? LMAO. This was super fun and I love doing videos like this so 100,000 likes if you want to see me challenge more SLthrowrs to stuff!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, yup.

this excuse of a youtube video is nothing more than a 1/10 confetti challenge with technoblade


  1. Skeppy

    SkeppyPred 7 meseci

    I just want confetti

  2. gem

    gemPred 10 dnevi


  3. M M

    M MPred 16 dnevi


  4. Randomly

    RandomlyPred 27 dnevi


  5. Candice Deez

    Candice DeezPred mesecem


  6. Midgit_ Ninja002

    Midgit_ Ninja002Pred mesecem

    @Isabell Lopez Omg

  7. A DiNella

    A DiNellaPred 9 urami

    tecs vid first like 4 months ago

  8. TonlyTheOnly

    TonlyTheOnlyPred dnevom

    alternate title: techno bullies skeppy

  9. Alpha Ducki

    Alpha DuckiPred dnevom

    When techno’s video gets more views than the original video

  10. remm

    remmPred dnevom

    I like how he put kachi daze in the begining lol

  11. MeGaming

    MeGamingPred 3 dnevi

    Tecno is SOOOO skilled!!!😍😍😍

  12. MeGaming

    MeGamingPred 3 dnevi

    Skeppy's and Tecnoblade's friendship barely works. 🤣🤣🤣

  13. akb125218

    akb125218Pred 4 dnevi

    I watching this after watching Technoblade's POV before this, so I was pretty interested in his POV

  14. Arya Prince

    Arya PrincePred 4 dnevi

    The difference between the thumbnail and the video.....HAHA NO CHANGES MADE

  15. Drdinorock

    DrdinorockPred 5 dnevi

    I like the alternate more than the real

  16. [WP] Shadow Mewtwo

    [WP] Shadow MewtwoPred 5 dnevi

    you didn't show the type race😂😂

  17. master of the guitar

    master of the guitarPred 6 dnevi




    you g et destroyeddd

  19. Gunnar Hill

    Gunnar HillPred 6 dnevi

    Would you betray bbh for confedy

  20. Articwølfie

    ArticwølfiePred 9 dnevi

    Skeppy : I want confetti *instert confetti*

  21. Hiroto The Pleb

    Hiroto The PlebPred 9 dnevi

    I like how the alternate video still had a skeppy death message before he killed techno

  22. Ernest irang

    Ernest irangPred 10 dnevi


  23. salociN Red

    salociN RedPred 10 dnevi

    Who here didnt subscribe

  24. Rekit Gaming

    Rekit GamingPred 11 dnevi

    Plot Twist: your here after watching techno’s POV and is checking to see if he cut out all of the parts of sleppy dying

  25. Ox Oxerson

    Ox OxersonPred 11 dnevi

    boy said "this is original content i made" @s no one and doesnt show any bodys thumbnail to be sarcastict

  26. Potato man

    Potato manPred 11 dnevi

    Honestly I like technoblades version better

  27. Johnson

    JohnsonPred 13 dnevi

    Bruh who didn't like the video 😡

  28. AlabamaRaptor

    AlabamaRaptorPred 13 dnevi

    Yo is that cross town traffic I’m hearing?

  29. The Jedi

    The JediPred 14 dnevi

    I like how if you look at the chat in the alternative video, you can see that Skeppy died before Techno did.



    b e p i s

  31. Munu octopus

    Munu octopusPred 15 dnevi

    Who didnt sub cus a new type of corona came out

  32. ben gameing

    ben gameingPred 15 dnevi

    Skeppy you know tecknoblad ruwiled your vid

  33. M M

    M MPred 16 dnevi

    “If you don’t subscribe 2021 will be worse than 2020” I smell someone didn’t subscribe

  34. Plsoir

    PlsoirPred 16 dnevi

    I love the way Techno says "haloo"

  35. Disambodyed Hand

    Disambodyed HandPred 16 dnevi

    Fun fact skeppy cut out half of the deaths because they were all his

  36. zazacK stickman

    zazacK stickmanPred 17 dnevi

    Skeppy Before :"I tried to troll technoblade" Skeppy now :"I troll with technoblade"

  37. Reece Petersen

    Reece PetersenPred 17 dnevi

    who didnt subscribe o_o

  38. Smart Player

    Smart PlayerPred 17 dnevi

    9:29 you should have blurred chat xd

  39. Chloe Machacek

    Chloe MachacekPred 18 dnevi

    The last part lol

  40. ItsUnpug

    ItsUnpugPred 18 dnevi


  41. EnderIsa5

    EnderIsa5Pred 20 dnevi


  42. MARIO

    MARIOPred 20 dnevi

    2021 Is Already Worse Than 2020

  43. MARIO

    MARIOPred 20 dnevi

    I remember watching technos video first

  44. Sleepy head Yawn

    Sleepy head YawnPred 22 dnevi

    Hey you lost dont lie he won

  45. シ mochiiJade

    シ mochiiJadePred 23 dnevi

    But he trolled you

  46. Calebfire9

    Calebfire9Pred 24 dnevi

    Notice how techno isn't burning in the thumbnail. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

  47. Exͥtrͣeͫmΐร♛

    Exͥtrͣeͫmΐร♛Pred 25 dnevi

    I repeated the skeppys dying scene when techno jumped 5 to 6 times

  48. Hellz Wrath

    Hellz WrathPred 26 dnevi

    Who the hell didn't subscribe and made 2021 worse?

  49. cookiewolf

    cookiewolfPred 27 dnevi

    “Did you win?” “Uh, no.” *L*

  50. Aakash Sehgal

    Aakash SehgalPred 27 dnevi

    U put the dragon ball super theme in the startttt u are the besttt

  51. Eric Tang

    Eric TangPred 27 dnevi

    Who didn’t sub

  52. Liam Ig

    Liam IgPred mesecem

    Skeppy: Its first to die to lava Techno: Bruhhhhhhh

  53. TechnobladeKing

    TechnobladeKingPred mesecem

    Count to 100

  54. TechnobladeKing

    TechnobladeKingPred mesecem


  55. TechnobladeKing

    TechnobladeKingPred mesecem


  56. TechnobladeKing

    TechnobladeKingPred mesecem


  57. TechnobladeKing

    TechnobladeKingPred mesecem


  58. TechnobladeKing

    TechnobladeKingPred mesecem


  59. Migz TV

    Migz TVPred mesecem

    Skeppy dies 12,000 times Skeppy kills techno once I WON!!!!!!!!

  60. J C

    J CPred mesecem

    Skeppy changes rules techno bruhhhhh

  61. lolllludrs

    lolllludrsPred mesecem


  62. Joey Hintz

    Joey HintzPred mesecem

    Do it against latter man

  63. JoeOak

    JoeOakPred mesecem

    Ok why doesn't technoblade have optifine


    LANCE RAMOSPred mesecem

    what about the part when failed RP to make a bed

  65. Eri Chan

    Eri ChanPred 2 meseci

    It was hilarious when Skeppy tried to troll Techno when Skeppy built that parkour mansion and Tencho trolled him so much!


    KISHORE FFPred 2 meseci

    I hate tec

  67. Javier Venegas

    Javier VenegasPred mesecem


  68. Hidden Draco

    Hidden DracoPred 2 meseci

    Technoblade: *kills Skeppy* Skeppy: *I am Jesus*

  69. ×yrus

    ×yrusPred 2 meseci

    Damm. The video is 4k

  70. Gacha Mustard

    Gacha MustardPred 2 meseci

    Skeppy-or else 2021 will be worse Me in 2021-thank you subscribers

  71. tumblingartist

    tumblingartistPred 2 meseci

    9:15 alternate video time stamp

  72. Lasagna LookingCRISP

    Lasagna LookingCRISPPred 2 meseci

    I subscribed yet 2021 still ended up being worse

  73. StarGodLegend YT

    StarGodLegend YTPred 2 meseci

    The dragon ball super music in the background was amazing 👏

  74. Beast Phoenix

    Beast PhoenixPred 2 meseci

    2021 is worse

  75. the reapers twin

    the reapers twinPred 2 meseci

    Their just so perfect together I love their duo

  76. Jeff Stapleton

    Jeff StapletonPred 2 meseci

    I came here from techno to see skeppy Pov

  77. Petter

    PetterPred 2 meseci

    Why is the intro with ui goku theme


    NATHANIEL YOUNGPred 3 meseci

    ho hello

  79. Hollow Soul

    Hollow SoulPred 3 meseci

    Eat my mouse, skeppy >:)

  80. Wizard1

    Wizard1Pred 3 meseci

    Ewww, view bobbing

  81. Kimisaw

    KimisawPred 3 meseci

    Hey Skeppy! Just a friendly reminder, you have a server at your disposal. Might wanna use it in a video to keep high attendance and increase channel-viewer interaction? Your server is rather... dying.

  82. Silver Kuroma

    Silver KuromaPred 3 meseci

    this man just jinxed the entire world on the intro, bruh

  83. -Simone_Pxstal-

    -Simone_Pxstal-Pred 3 meseci

    Alternative Title:Skeppy dies for 9 minutes and 34 seconds while technoblade says bruh

  84. Jesuser

    JesuserPred 3 meseci

    "subscribe or 2021 will be worse than 2030" alright who didn't subscribe

  85. Matt Webb

    Matt WebbPred 3 meseci

    U lose

  86. UghaThuga

    UghaThugaPred 3 meseci

    (Second 0:30) POV: Im subbed to Skeppy, but 2021 is worse then 2020

  87. Clade Among The Clouds

    Clade Among The CloudsPred 3 meseci

    🟩 🟦 🟧

  88. Albert

    AlbertPred 3 meseci

    BRUH I didn't sub in 2020 Now 2021 IS WORSE

  89. UltraBlade

    UltraBladePred 3 meseci

    its so funny that technoblade got more views

  90. Hemchandra Pandey

    Hemchandra PandeyPred 3 meseci

    all didn't subscribe to him, now 2021 is in actual worse.

  91. BigBroBrain

    BigBroBrainPred 3 meseci

    Ah yes, the king of anarchy.

  92. Matt Gehringer

    Matt GehringerPred 3 meseci

    you guys need to watch techno's pov

  93. Alliterator Guy

    Alliterator GuyPred 3 meseci

    🎉 confetti 🎊 for skeppy

  94. Alliterator Guy

    Alliterator GuyPred 3 meseci

    🎉 confetti 🎊

  95. StealthNinjaFromYoutube

    StealthNinjaFromYoutubePred 3 meseci

    F this video has 2.1 k dislikes

  96. The Praetor

    The PraetorPred 3 meseci

    Its just been a day and it had gained 200 dislikes.

  97. Kelly Hodgkinson

    Kelly HodgkinsonPred 3 meseci

    Ha seen techno vid

  98. dianne

    diannePred 3 meseci

    O like dreams videos

  99. Jase Plays

    Jase PlaysPred 4 meseci

    @Skeppy HI 👉👈

  100. •MotherBear•

    •MotherBear•Pred 4 meseci


  101. Zruhl0van19AZ zz

    Zruhl0van19AZ zzPred 4 meseci

    Skeppy when do you think you will get your 1/10 confetti???

  102. Zruhl0van19AZ zz

    Zruhl0van19AZ zzPred 4 meseci

    One thing you should know skeppy, Technoblade will even betray his country for 1/10 confetti you should have known skeppy , you should have known

  103. Tait Y7325

    Tait Y7325Pred 4 meseci

    Yay Steppy

  104. Tait Y7325

    Tait Y7325Pred 4 meseci


  105. Benjamin Sunna

    Benjamin SunnaPred 4 meseci

    Notice how they are both winning in their own worlds. (compare the tumbnails)

  106. Tired Baymax Ripoff

    Tired Baymax RipoffPred 4 meseci

    I had already subscribed before this intro, but I hit the bell after that intro

  107. Rudy

    RudyPred 4 meseci

    Diamond Man VS Pigman

  108. Fermin95 Gaming Fire

    Fermin95 Gaming FirePred 4 meseci

    yei technopig to us

  109. Adrian Toomes

    Adrian ToomesPred 4 meseci

    Gui scale: 4

  110. GoldenBlueTFD

    GoldenBlueTFDPred 4 meseci

    Anyone else notice the Dragon Ball Super music in the begging

  111. James Creation Games

    James Creation GamesPred 4 meseci

    6:00 just clutch

  112. Roaring Thunder115

    Roaring Thunder115Pred 4 meseci

    Techno is so nice with his sand

  113. Nite Slayer

    Nite SlayerPred 4 meseci

    I thought technoblade never dies