Minecraft, But Our Damage Is Shared...

Minecraft, But Our Damage Is Shared...
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  1. Veici segovia

    Veici segoviaPred uro

    BBH 2020 saying no when you ask for something and he gives ya it 😂😂

  2. suqjene qogusga

    suqjene qogusgaPred 3 urami

    The foregoing low bailly preserve because bagpipe osmotically jog behind a inconclusive snowman. synonymous, powerful bottle

  3. WolfE

    WolfEPred 6 urami

    25:37 Skeppy: *casually uses tnt to make the portal*

  4. miyarin

    miyarinPred 13 urami

    Lmao that was brilliant. Literally no boring scene with them playing tgt ;v;

  5. Nikkstar99

    Nikkstar99Pred 16 urami

    34:53 skeppy just learn the enchanting table language

  6. Deanna Cruz

    Deanna CruzPred 19 urami

    The general gentle duck usually shop because barbara globally spot mid a concerned ostrich. spooky, shivering tornado

  7. GalaxiaTheAlphaWolf

    GalaxiaTheAlphaWolfPred dnevom

    I have no snacks TvT

  8. Princess Kitten

    Princess KittenPred dnevom

    He Was Testing.

  9. Jessie Tibaldi

    Jessie TibaldiPred 2 dnevi

    What dose PVP stand for?????!!!!???

  10. Jessie Tibaldi

    Jessie TibaldiPred 2 dnevi

    Seriously what does it stand for

  11. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard LigondePred 2 dnevi

    The accurate guatemalan infrequently hum because class regrettably rely aboard a well-made pint. tiresome, lowly trapezoid

  12. KiraNotFound

    KiraNotFoundPred 2 dnevi

    28:06 - 28:10 intro 28:52 - 29:02 outro

  13. Novak Stamenković

    Novak StamenkovićPred 2 dnevi

    I'd like you here 10 secs. later: hurry up you muffinhead

  14. The Crazy Girls

    The Crazy GirlsPred 2 dnevi

    5:33 is literally the best lol 😂🤣 what happen to bbh

  15. deadproxerator

    deadproxeratorPred 3 dnevi

    when someone kills me in PVP 11:33

  16. Erin Emanuel

    Erin EmanuelPred 3 dnevi

    "stay on the furnace" 😳


    ROCCO PASCARELLAPred 3 dnevi

    OMG my name is Roccco

  18. Iain Land

    Iain LandPred 3 dnevi

    11:09 Create a playlist somebody

  19. Kacchan678 _1

    Kacchan678 _1Pred 3 dnevi


  20. Isabella Trader

    Isabella TraderPred 4 dnevi

    thw spkes on a catus are called spines. bruh

  21. the minecraftgod smp

    the minecraftgod smpPred 4 dnevi

    is it hard???:/

  22. •ᗩIKO•

    •ᗩIKO•Pred 4 dnevi

    bucket buddys

  23. Iker Altamirano Flores

    Iker Altamirano FloresPred 4 dnevi

    Everyone knows the story of the three litte pigs

  24. My Life

    My LifePred 4 dnevi

    35:30- Hhkuhaebasiuh Skeppy’s mind - what did he sayyyyy

  25. jespa

    jespaPred 5 dnevi

    32:30 bruuuh

  26. Luke Saravia

    Luke SaraviaPred 5 dnevi

    Why asriel dreemuurr music/hopes and dreams

  27. TTV_godspeed_gg

    TTV_godspeed_ggPred 5 dnevi

    We love how they say they want full iron armor but they don’t pick up the iron that is right next to them

  28. itsMindz

    itsMindzPred 5 dnevi

    32:30 Skeppy while editing " should I leave this in... or out... in or out in or out.... ahh screw it I'm just gonna leave it in "

  29. Sanjay Rajagopalan

    Sanjay RajagopalanPred 6 dnevi

    Communism be like

  30. Danijel Lazic

    Danijel LazicPred 6 dnevi

    I didnt even realize i watched this video for 1h!?

  31. Bobdcoolkid

    BobdcoolkidPred 6 dnevi


  32. ammad noob

    ammad noobPred 6 dnevi

    i love your vids skeepy you are so funny


    ALFRED LEE ZHI MING MoePred 6 dnevi

    It literally took you one hour!

  34. Crypto

    CryptoPred 6 dnevi

    Is it damaged shared or health shared?

  35. Mukunda Libo-on

    Mukunda Libo-onPred 6 dnevi

    26:56 i wanna come next to skeppy and tell him he smells like cheese

  36. Ahmad Akram

    Ahmad AkramPred 6 dnevi

    11:09 temple song so they can find temples

  37. Jpotato King The Squeaker

    Jpotato King The SqueakerPred 6 dnevi

    Skeppy: " *takes about a few hearts from time to time while saying sorry perversely* (If that's the right word)" BBH: " *jumps on a cactus, drowns themself, takes fall damage, asks a zombie to punch them in the face* HAHA, YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. I BET YOU FEEL SORRY FOR DOING THIS TO MEEE" =-= So true bbh, so true. Wait, perversely means... o h

  38. xx fire xx

    xx fire xxPred 7 dnevi


  39. Raapi.Quarantine Gamers

    Raapi.Quarantine GamersPred 7 dnevi

    Divorce part 39 or more •~•

  40. Vorce

    VorcePred 7 dnevi

    00:35 i would but it is 12:30pm for me

  41. Kaedn

    KaednPred 7 dnevi

    Whats the song at 0:28 and through the intro?

  42. Yolopolotyu R

    Yolopolotyu RPred 7 dnevi

    how did tnt not explode when he put it next to lava

  43. Eight Cartoon

    Eight CartoonPred 7 dnevi

    You guys are hilarious

  44. HCMSurvivorJake

    HCMSurvivorJakePred 7 dnevi

    Minecraft is the only game I know where you can do child abuse

  45. hardtainted

    hardtaintedPred 7 dnevi

    [I N T E N T I O N A L G A M E D E S I G N]

  46. hardtainted

    hardtaintedPred 7 dnevi

    The two endermen riding the boat (1:03:16): 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️

  47. Otniel Kenneth Wise

    Otniel Kenneth WisePred 7 dnevi


  48. Rightspinburst Yt

    Rightspinburst YtPred 7 dnevi

    I luv u skeppy ur vids are cool

  49. Tristan Miller

    Tristan MillerPred 8 dnevi

    59:23 Ohnihuoio

  50. Asher Tathren

    Asher TathrenPred 8 dnevi

    Yo that enderman just jacked the boat 1:03:16

  51. Tom Robinson

    Tom RobinsonPred 8 dnevi

    4:19 nothing to see here than two over 16 year olds fighting like siblings

  52. Oni Jones

    Oni JonesPred 8 dnevi

    im rewatching this and now i realized how skeppy says stop he says ShToP 🤣🤣

  53. Sammi Playz

    Sammi PlayzPred 8 dnevi

    They stood on a furnace for each other

  54. P1R0CK

    P1R0CKPred 8 dnevi

    If it was me I would find any possible way to mess with the other person

  55. SnarlingCloud

    SnarlingCloudPred 8 dnevi

    i really just spent an HOUR watching this..... i really have no life :(

  56. Quicklightning

    QuicklightningPred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy said "it's been like 48 years" at 48 minutes

  57. Luke Watson

    Luke WatsonPred 8 dnevi

    The opening song is called Hopes and Screams


    SKEPPYTDMPred 9 dnevi

    Im enjoying the undertale music

  59. Mick_Chungus

    Mick_ChungusPred 9 dnevi


  60. Marilyn Reyez

    Marilyn ReyezPred 10 dnevi

    Knock knock Who's there Drama Drama who Dramas coming

  61. sharkman9876

    sharkman9876Pred 10 dnevi

    lamo :youtube anyloictal

  62. Jett YouTube

    Jett YouTubePred 10 dnevi


  63. tnartist06

    tnartist06Pred 10 dnevi


  64. Gaming With Kentin.

    Gaming With Kentin.Pred 10 dnevi

    Am I the only one that I watch this three times

  65. Gaming with the Epic gamer

    Gaming with the Epic gamerPred 10 dnevi

    Do minecraft but you are connected like he health and the inventory and hunger and armor stuff like that

  66. Nyx

    NyxPred 10 dnevi


  67. RasenganSpace

    RasenganSpacePred 10 dnevi

    "Have a muffin bc you are not good at breakfast" -bbh 2020

  68. TayTay Bink

    TayTay BinkPred 11 dnevi

    Guuuuuyyyyysssss😫 dads are fighting 😣

  69. Ryan9116

    Ryan9116Pred 11 dnevi

    1:01:56 skeppy: has 2 hearts also skeppy: I HAVE ONE HEART

  70. Zaib Mohammd

    Zaib MohammdPred 11 dnevi

    I just realised that this is one hour

  71. Snaycheto E bog

    Snaycheto E bogPred 11 dnevi

    5:36 hahahahaahahahahahaha aahhahahahahahahahahaha aim dead hahahahahaa

  72. King of Nothing

    King of NothingPred 11 dnevi

    1:55 "KILL THE FISH"

  73. Doruk Dokurer

    Doruk DokurerPred 11 dnevi

    0:11 that music is underale hopes and dreams

  74. Dark Scar92

    Dark Scar92Pred 11 dnevi

    Listening to Bbh and sleepy singing **pain**

  75. W o l f 1028

    W o l f 1028Pred 11 dnevi

    The first time they barely care about each other

  76. Gamers latest news

    Gamers latest newsPred 11 dnevi

    40:00 lmao

  77. Akaeral

    AkaeralPred 12 dnevi

    "Gold is good" Capitalism intensifies

  78. Rauf_G

    Rauf_GPred 12 dnevi

    Shtop Shotp

  79. Livy TheBivy

    Livy TheBivyPred 12 dnevi

    Skeppy: i'm so low, i have 1 heart his hearts: 😑 ❤❤❤❤

  80. Livy TheBivy

    Livy TheBivyPred 12 dnevi

    18:14 - 18:25 Skeppy: killing skeletons BBH: in the zone thinking about cactus

  81. Stephanie Rojas

    Stephanie RojasPred 12 dnevi

    Bro this video is a hour long :>

  82. Ethan08

    Ethan08Pred 12 dnevi

    *you forget less than a minute in?!?!?!* Me:it’s been 2 minutes...

  83. Ryder Hall

    Ryder HallPred 12 dnevi

    Minecraft but we’re at half a heart the whole time

  84. xakariyo

    xakariyoPred 12 dnevi


  85. FireGitch Minecraft

    FireGitch MinecraftPred 12 dnevi

    Alternate title: Damage is Shared(Movie)

  86. saad alamari

    saad alamariPred 12 dnevi

    11:20 2 idots vibin'

  87. Moonlight

    MoonlightPred 12 dnevi

    33:25 this is like a weird transition

  88. Shadi Klaib

    Shadi KlaibPred 12 dnevi


  89. Tristan Matteo Bangcaya

    Tristan Matteo BangcayaPred 12 dnevi

    Badboyhalo got a die error BRUH

  90. Sai Shetty

    Sai ShettyPred 13 dnevi

    "I don't know. They're just so cuddly. ^^" -BBH about fish

  91. Felicity Melgarejo

    Felicity MelgarejoPred 13 dnevi

    Skeppy: "He's not giving us anything" Bbh: "Thats cuz you're not asking politely" Yeah like you didn't just threaten him.

  92. TheRaccoon Man

    TheRaccoon ManPred 13 dnevi

    Who else watched the whole vid

  93. Swiftgunnerrr

    SwiftgunnerrrPred 13 dnevi

    I don’t like Skippy’s toxic

  94. g g

    g gPred 10 dnevi


  95. Swiftgunnerrr

    SwiftgunnerrrPred 13 dnevi

    I don’t like Skippy is so toxic

  96. I need friends-

    I need friends-Pred 13 dnevi

    Oh god... it's a teen couple fight.. they get together two days later they break up they get together they break up- ALSO THE "That's my name dont where it out" ITS FROM THE MOVIE GREASE THE FULL SCENE IS Dani!? Sandy!? What are you doing here!? There were change of plans! Well that's cool baby you know how it is rockin and rollin and what not! Dani? What's the matter with you? What's the matter with me baby what's the matter with you! Dani..? That's my name dont where it out!

  97. Secret Gamer

    Secret GamerPred 13 dnevi

    I DoNt HaVE AN GoLd i hAvE iNgoTs


    MR. INTENSEPred 13 dnevi

    If this helps you kill the temple piglins you can burn them lava to kill them without taking damage

  99. Julius Lau

    Julius LauPred 13 dnevi

    æû ï œ ł

  100. •Dulnuan Lorheen Jade•

    •Dulnuan Lorheen Jade•Pred 13 dnevi

    0:15 O: that's asriels Music in roblox

  101. iidrxpyii

    iidrxpyiiPred 13 dnevi

    Am i the only one that watched the whole time

  102. Snipe God XD

    Snipe God XDPred 13 dnevi


  103. Cooper Harmsen

    Cooper HarmsenPred 14 dnevi

    Skeppy: kill the fish Badboyhalo: no there so cute Skeppy: kills the fish