Minecraft But, Water Rises Every 10 Seconds VS BadBoyHalo

Skeppy and BadBoyHalo Have Fun Together

Today I played...Minecraft? But Water Rises Every 10 Seconds. BadBoyHalo and I compete in this intense survival challenge, basically whoever dies and drowns on respawn wins :D Bad tries to sabotage me and STARVE me to death which of course will not work because we are real . I try to kill him with llamas at one point, it was pretty epic. Apparently I brought out HardCoreBoyHalo. I've truly never experienced anything like this LMAO. This gets really intense and we kind of end up working together at some point and finding a stranded doge hahaha so if you enjoyed this video be sure to like for more!!

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Water Rises, yup, really cool very nice I like it


  1. alice on youtube

    alice on youtubePred 11 sekundami

    skeppy: i need to end this bbh: guess what i have a boat

  2. o k a y

    o k a yPred 10 urami

    How did this video go from a challenge to minecraft manhunt at the biginning lmao

  3. Empheriouss

    EmpherioussPred dnevom

    when doors exist

  4. The Dino Gamer

    The Dino GamerPred 2 dnevi

    Pangea was the super continent Before continental drift when the land broke spark and formed the world as me know it today.

  5. Frog From Space

    Frog From SpacePred 2 dnevi

    3:10 why is this kind of a bop.

  6. Ex0tic_Theme

    Ex0tic_ThemePred 3 dnevi

    Can we just talk about the fact that if bbh and skeppy sang with that voice thingy they would make an awesome duo ( my opinion )

  7. Champ Gaming

    Champ GamingPred 3 dnevi

    15:45 lol

  8. Champ Gaming

    Champ GamingPred 3 dnevi

    12:17 Awhh poor bbh

  9. foxtails53

    foxtails53Pred 4 dnevi

    what mod is this?

  10. Newbie_Forgotten

    Newbie_ForgottenPred 4 dnevi

    0:20 [Start] 0:44 [bbh die] 1:22 [Lucky skeppy] 3:10 [The Song] 4:07 [bbh die2] 12:01 [bbh die3]

  11. Hisokas_bungeeegumm Morrow

    Hisokas_bungeeegumm MorrowPred 4 dnevi

    The POV things blink

  12. Gamer lcpo

    Gamer lcpoPred 4 dnevi

    Hard. core

  13. HC Playz

    HC PlayzPred 4 dnevi

    Who else remembers when the title was water.exe

  14. Patsy Rendon

    Patsy RendonPred 5 dnevi

    Welcome back to late youtube recommend.

  15. 《?Krystal▪︎oofqueen¿》

    《?Krystal▪︎oofqueen¿》Pred 5 dnevi

    Them visibly flirting: *PEGASUS BUT THE P IS M*

  16. anoriginalname

    anoriginalnamePred 5 dnevi

    Ya, go get your boat, “Noah”

  17. anoriginalname

    anoriginalnamePred 5 dnevi

    Why did BadBoyHalo call Skeppy “Noah?”

  18. justin _

    justin _Pred 5 dnevi

    That song would be a banger

  19. sophia

    sophiaPred 6 dnevi


  20. Spazzing Out

    Spazzing OutPred 7 dnevi


  21. ggg ggg

    ggg gggPred 7 dnevi

    16:13 sounded like that youtuber named fearless

  22. Shaiya Playz

    Shaiya PlayzPred 7 dnevi

    I did not even realize that the water was rising-

  23. Rhiannon McPherson

    Rhiannon McPhersonPred 9 dnevi

    I live how instantly they changed from ally’s after they saw the water. They fought for like 14 minutes and then instantly trust each other

  24. Stuart Paris

    Stuart ParisPred 10 dnevi

    And I did a steppe one

  25. Random Person

    Random PersonPred 10 dnevi

    I was wondering where the water was until 14:01 and a little bit before that

  26. Rose

    RosePred 11 dnevi

    i like the song

  27. Imabot

    ImabotPred 11 dnevi

    0:07 AYOOO

  28. Tayo :D

    Tayo :DPred 11 dnevi

    He said get your boat NOAH

  29. Junior beast

    Junior beastPred 12 dnevi

    bbh pangea is the world in the ancient time so in ancient time there was just 1 pice of land called pangiea and it was surrounded by water but due to the movement of tectonic plates in earth surface the land split and formed what r known today as continenets

  30. duong tuanminh

    duong tuanminhPred 13 dnevi

    A Demon V.S A Living Diamond WHO WOULD WIN?, COMMENT IF YOU THINK WHO WILL WIN! BadBoyHalo or A Living Diamond?

  31. Cat Lake

    Cat LakePred 13 dnevi

    Can I join your server

  32. Isabella Reason

    Isabella ReasonPred 13 dnevi

    U guys are suck a cute couple🤗

  33. VxI

    VxIPred 13 dnevi

    And u can put the song in different modes fast or slow with the playback speed

  34. BestBrosForever 145

    BestBrosForever 145Pred 13 dnevi

    He swore a bit

  35. Darwin Skousen

    Darwin SkousenPred 14 dnevi

    "You tried to kill me!" No he just hit you really hard with an axe

  36. BeenThereDoneThat

    BeenThereDoneThatPred 14 dnevi


  37. ItsUnpug

    ItsUnpugPred 14 dnevi


  38. Dan Zhang

    Dan ZhangPred 15 dnevi

    9:09 is so cursed there's a skeleton with a sword

  39. Annacat's Arts and Crafts

    Annacat's Arts and CraftsPred 15 dnevi

    just break part of his tower and tower with it

  40. Dreami Rose

    Dreami RosePred 15 dnevi

    U got that from Aphmau 😡

  41. Gaming Pizza

    Gaming PizzaPred 16 dnevi


  42. Bea trx Re

    Bea trx RePred 16 dnevi

    Bab is stupid

  43. athseticlilygamez

    athseticlilygamezPred 17 dnevi

    cool song

  44. Jayden Sol9n

    Jayden Sol9nPred 17 dnevi

    I call God and herobrine and Godzilla and king kong and gilgamush

  45. Jayden Sol9n

    Jayden Sol9nPred 17 dnevi

    Or ales

  46. Jessica N Zepeda

    Jessica N ZepedaPred 17 dnevi


  47. Hi

    HiPred 17 dnevi

    thay should make a full ver. of this 3:10

  48. keNT GAMING

    keNT GAMINGPred 18 dnevi

    Who here think theres an easy way like idk make a door???

  49. Vaughn Jaeden Monterola

    Vaughn Jaeden MonterolaPred 18 dnevi


  50. Harish

    HarishPred 18 dnevi

    4:41 what did he sayyyyyyyy

  51. Perfect Alpaca

    Perfect AlpacaPred 19 dnevi

    for anyone wodering pangea is when all the earths contenents were 1

  52. InsaneTomo

    InsaneTomoPred 19 dnevi

    12:09 U could of used commands Skeppy

  53. CheeseGuy

    CheeseGuyPred 19 dnevi

    a good strategy would be to make a base before the water rises.

  54. Unicornz

    UnicornzPred 19 dnevi

    12:03 i- SKILLZZZZZZ

  55. JOEL AAMOS Moe

    JOEL AAMOS MoePred 20 dnevi

    they are cute

  56. Jacquie Francisco

    Jacquie FranciscoPred 20 dnevi

    Did anybody notice that their skins on the POV was blinking but later it doesent

  57. Maison Loulabelle

    Maison LoulabellePred 20 dnevi

    Skeppy: Water rises Me : where’s the water Also me : oh there it is :p

  58. Leycon

    LeyconPred 21 dnevom

    HELP!!! 9:52 what’s the song’s name?


    KD DA GAMERPred 22 dnevi

    0:10 🤣

  60. Tropical

    TropicalPred 23 dnevi




    3:10 pog

  62. ChiChiPlayer

    ChiChiPlayerPred 23 dnevi

    Badboyhalo sepose to dont trust skeppy

  63. Bluegod

    BluegodPred 23 dnevi

    how does voting help a minecraft server

  64. LeandrusGuy

    LeandrusGuyPred 24 dnevi

    0:09 "two guys having fun" 3:19 "bad's a snack" 4:43 "BEG! BEG MORE" 7:15 "MmMMmmM" 7:33 "I've never experienced HardcoreBoyHalo" 11:45 "You think i'd trust you that easily? Mr. Love or Host" YOU SUS BOI

  65. Tyler 123

    Tyler 123Pred 25 dnevi

    epic song :)

  66. Pineapplez2010

    Pineapplez2010Pred 26 dnevi

    At the part where they saw the baby chicken and they named it I would’ve named it chicken nugget

  67. Danimarkgaming 1

    Danimarkgaming 1Pred 26 dnevi

    20:06 the beuty of minecraft in one frame lol

  68. Moonlight-wolfie-gamer

    Moonlight-wolfie-gamerPred 27 dnevi


  69. Black Zeus

    Black ZeusPred 27 dnevi

    3:10 bro what was that, that was so random

  70. Kim Nast

    Kim NastPred 28 dnevi

    We’re is the water

  71. BRobloxCool

    BRobloxCoolPred 28 dnevi


  72. Playtime With Klaeve And Keeyanah

    Playtime With Klaeve And KeeyanahPred 28 dnevi

    skeppy " Cuz bads a snack Badboyhalo "oh 🙂

  73. Leome 123

    Leome 123Pred 28 dnevi

    I want to have the song at 3:10 at spotify full version xD❤

  74. Cow

    CowPred 29 dnevi

    7:31 “hardcoreboyhalo”😳

  75. Solomon Daddy

    Solomon DaddyPred 29 dnevi

    12:01 that's Toms scream after Jerry hammered on his feet

  76. Mad Playz

    Mad PlayzPred mesecem

    9:48 omg that was a mad move

  77. DuckyPlayz

    DuckyPlayzPred mesecem

    The first time BBH died he sounded like he was gonna cry

  78. Luna

    LunaPred mesecem

    someone make 3:10 a song now

  79. Kaiya Hay

    Kaiya HayPred mesecem

    you guys make a song the words you made already

  80. Kaiya Hay

    Kaiya HayPred mesecem

    make a song

  81. Tarrna Wirts

    Tarrna WirtsPred mesecem

    the song is cool 😎

  82. Andriselle Pacheco Lopez

    Andriselle Pacheco LopezPred mesecem


  83. Sunset Studio's

    Sunset Studio'sPred mesecem

    Skeppy out of content

  84. Saykz父

    Saykz父Pred mesecem

    height limit = 256 every 10 seconds water rises 256 / 10 = 25.6 sooooo it would have only taken 25.6 minutes to do it

  85. AmarPlays! (Amar plays Roblox)

    AmarPlays! (Amar plays Roblox)Pred mesecem

    skeppy should post more but i get it he doe more work then i do

  86. Miss Milk

    Miss MilkPred mesecem

    The song actually slaps I would listen to it

  87. No one likes him

    No one likes himPred mesecem

    13:33 i love you did

  88. Freddie Madhoo

    Freddie MadhooPred mesecem

    Skeppy: I never experienced hardcoreboyhalo Me: did I see a blush emoji kinda sus-

  89. Chirtarekha Sinha

    Chirtarekha SinhaPred mesecem

    Sorry I spotted this but instead of skeppy it is written seconds in the title or second idk

  90. DS4Y35-YIP Will [s]

    DS4Y35-YIP Will [s]Pred mesecem


  91. ツTommywastaken ツ

    ツTommywastaken ツPred mesecem

    Wasent it called water .exe

  92. Silver Wind Dragon

    Silver Wind DragonPred mesecem

    Okay but Skeppy- you were deffo flirting for a lot of this video-

  93. Cassie Wilson

    Cassie WilsonPred mesecem

    3:09 is my favorite part

  94. olasimbo osunkoya

    olasimbo osunkoyaPred mesecem

    They always argue ahhhhhh

  95. William Annan

    William AnnanPred mesecem

    3:10 is epic

  96. yash persaud

    yash persaudPred mesecem

    Try roblox

  97. J_A_K_E_2_2_2_0_5 plays

    J_A_K_E_2_2_2_0_5 playsPred mesecem

    Quick question in Java do shields need to recharge?

  98. Aravinth Arshana

    Aravinth ArshanaPred mesecem


  99. MaryBee Gacha

    MaryBee GachaPred mesecem

    theya lways fight lol