I Paid $1,000 For a Minecraft Speedrunning Lesson...

A Professional Speedrunner Teaches Skeppy How to Beat Minecraft
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Today I hired a Fiverr Minecraft 1.16.4 Professional (or two I suppose) to train me at Speedrunning! I wanna get good at competing and build my skills :D Apparently my coach has like, the Guinness Book of World Records or something for Minecraft playing so I was pretty excited. I learned so much, guys, I honestly feel like I'm going to make Technoblade and Dream proud with this one. To be honest, I ended up having to carry my coach a little bit (he basically tried to give me a tour of Minecraft???) but things got pretty interesting once the second coach showed up LMAO. This kind of ended up becoming a competition between my coaches to The End so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and I'll do this again hahaha
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me hosting a speedrun between my Minecraft Coaches LMAO


  1. Jasmine JJ Gamer

    Jasmine JJ GamerPred 3 urami

    Y E S P L E A S E

  2. Yamil Gonzalez

    Yamil GonzalezPred dnevom

    More of this please

  3. navyansh sharma

    navyansh sharmaPred dnevom

    u ks9wfjms mr djrjdmd celvldl ...........!. reality- i lost my brain cells

  4. The One

    The OnePred 2 dnevi

    I am upset he learned nothing and played them 500$

  5. Coenkie

    CoenkiePred 3 dnevi

    8BitRuna seemed like a real speedrunner

  6. KaZ

    KaZPred 3 dnevi

    Teacher: Good tips, explaining everything as good as he can Jealous teacher: stfu

  7. JAKG4

    JAKG4Pred 4 dnevi

    5:46 how to burn down a whole forest by trying to make a nether portal


    GENERAL MIC1Pred 5 dnevi

    8bituna should start a yt for tips and tricks

  9. The Cracked Gamer

    The Cracked GamerPred 5 dnevi

    The funniest part is when the portal dosen't work and the kid is confused

  10. ft 91

    ft 91Pred 6 dnevi

    skeppy now is Professional minecraft

  11. Yoann Burner

    Yoann BurnerPred 7 dnevi

    Skeppy sukes

  12. Daniel

    DanielPred 8 dnevi

    Even I could be a better teacher than the Zesty kid

  13. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple WopplePred 9 dnevi

    Skeppy now his way to WR!

  14. Eleanor Wilder

    Eleanor WilderPred 9 dnevi

    Skeppy: making fun of other people’s grammar Also Skeppy: WHAVT D OYOU MENA

  15. Rodrigo Garcia

    Rodrigo GarciaPred 10 dnevi

    0:12 😂😂😂 funniest part

  16. Xxpaper_ girlxX

    Xxpaper_ girlxXPred 11 dnevi

    Tips how u speedrun as fast Tip1:u make crafting table and then wooden pic and sord Tip two find iron make 2 buckets Tip 3 find lava and water Tip four make armor then get in to nether Tip five go back mine gold and then get back in Tip six trade with piglin Tip seven find all things to make a portal to the end Tip eight put a bed in a safe place Tip nine broke all thouse purple healers And now last tip Tip ten kill ender dragon duh



    i loved this video it was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  18. BuffetLáke Yt

    BuffetLáke YtPred 12 dnevi

    Dude i just explote whith laugh

  19. Carrot Gamer

    Carrot GamerPred 13 dnevi

    I wonder what skeppy learned

  20. Cap’n Firetail

    Cap’n FiretailPred 14 dnevi

    That’s literally was the best thing I’ve ever watched, I died laughing 😂

  21. Dee Kitten

    Dee KittenPred 14 dnevi

    I weezed so much in this video omg...

  22. BswBLOX

    BswBLOXPred 14 dnevi

    8bit: So first we will get lots of be- Zesty: WHO NEEDS SO MANY BEDS?

  23. Shadow Impostor

    Shadow ImpostorPred 14 dnevi

    you survived night with 4 deaths i survived night with 115 deaths

  24. KirbyPlayz

    KirbyPlayzPred 15 dnevi

    your sick ]

  25. biryani 2.0 Real

    biryani 2.0 RealPred 15 dnevi


  26. rektify

    rektifyPred 15 dnevi

    2:27 did u really say rektify

  27. Jast

    JastPred 16 dnevi

    ZestyBootyTaco: *creative mode noises* *creative mode also go brrrrrrr*

  28. Fionn GOAT

    Fionn GOATPred 16 dnevi

    When I grow up I want to be a professional minecraft

  29. • DYNAMIC •

    • DYNAMIC •Pred 17 dnevi

    4:41 Quackity Reference

  30. Eyad Taher

    Eyad TaherPred 17 dnevi

    its so funny that theres a man and theres a kid that cant even do a single thing right but only wins by creative mode and command blocks

  31. gunnar boe

    gunnar boePred 18 dnevi

    This is a recomment from the user Dyslexyc Kid 8BitTuna: Professional speedrunner ZestyBootyTaco: Drunk Toddler On Drugs Go show the person support, not meza. I just though this was funny.

  32. Justus Vincent

    Justus VincentPred 19 dnevi

    The other dude, the second guy, knew what he was doing

  33. 單奕宸

    單奕宸Pred 19 dnevi

    Speed run NOOB

  34. The potato king

    The potato kingPred 21 dnevom

    Did you pay zesty or just the other guy. (zesty seems like a 9 year old kid who just started playing and is reading a how to article while teaching you)

  35. AllenPlayz Roblox And Others

    AllenPlayz Roblox And OthersPred 21 dnevom

    When the student becomes better than the teacher

  36. Keira.Mp3

    Keira.Mp3Pred 22 dnevi


  37. Tech Arts

    Tech ArtsPred 22 dnevi

    1:25 Me when I wanna trouble anyone

  38. xRick Astley

    xRick AstleyPred 22 dnevi

    Zesty is prob a 10 yr old who just got mc LMFAO

  39. ias eatsit

    ias eatsitPred 23 dnevi


  40. Help me reach 100 Subs without a video

    Help me reach 100 Subs without a videoPred 23 dnevi

    Zesty is dumb could you ask fiver owner to ban him and minecraft creator to ban him

  41. D2_

    D2_Pred 24 dnevi

    Tuna actually was a pretty good speed running teacher

  42. Tanya Gade

    Tanya GadePred 24 dnevi

    thes gi stoupid, de endr purterl is made owt of OBSIDON!! PLACE ITM FRAM ANDPUT ENDR PERL IN FRAM

  43. Kathryn Kissane

    Kathryn KissanePred 25 dnevi

    Poor 8BitTuna he was actually trying hahaha


    OFFLINE HACKSPred 25 dnevi


  45. ghost taken away

    ghost taken awayPred 25 dnevi

    I literally am laughing so hard right now Also BTW I am better than him

  46. brxken

    brxkenPred 26 dnevi

    Idk what was more funny... Skeppy’s laugh or the fact he couldn’t make an end portal in creative.

  47. JoEd Yngx

    JoEd YngxPred 26 dnevi

    You can say Zesty “looty” taco instead XD

  48. Xey Deity

    Xey DeityPred 26 dnevi

    8BitTuna was actually helpfull...

  49. DunderGuy

    DunderGuyPred 27 dnevi

    The Tuna guy actually knew what he was doing unlike the Zesty 5 year old guy

  50. Reyyan Uysal

    Reyyan UysalPred 27 dnevi

    Ur so generous im gonna cry rn

  51. red.always.impostor71 7

    red.always.impostor71 7Pred 27 dnevi

    this dude dosn't know how to speed run he really knows how to make a portal though.



    The guy was scared of everything hes not even proffessional and im litteraly better than the zestybootytaco dude

  53. Turned

    TurnedPred 28 dnevi

    Bald is in german also soon

  54. Turned

    TurnedPred 28 dnevi


  55. XxAlessaxX :3

    XxAlessaxX :3Pred 29 dnevi

    The funny part was that he couldn’t make a portal (well he messed up) and couldn’t make a ender portal and the Tuna guy corrected him and showed him

  56. TD_ Harvey

    TD_ HarveyPred 29 dnevi

    Ha hi 6600 comment😃

  57. Kasia Wolska

    Kasia WolskaPred 29 dnevi

    The massive gong putatively spoil because semicolon perceptually bury through a rigid trapezoid. jobless, meaty mask

  58. Milixi

    MilixiPred 29 dnevi


  59. Alfariez Rifath

    Alfariez RifathPred 29 dnevi

    I think 8BitTuna is more professional

  60. Dash Voskuhl

    Dash VoskuhlPred mesecem

    Congrats on 5 million skep!

  61. Parakiari

    ParakiariPred mesecem

    **Die Cutely**

  62. rade parallel

    rade parallelPred mesecem


  63. ultrq

    ultrqPred mesecem

    my first reaction is *bruh*

  64. Zachary Lonsway

    Zachary LonswayPred mesecem

    like honestly i wanna be friends with mr. tunaboy (8BitTuna)

  65. Pranavanshu Kapoor

    Pranavanshu KapoorPred mesecem

    0:54 poor skeppy don't even know who is he 😂😂. The kid in the pic is a meme material.

  66. Themisgamerr

    ThemisgamerrPred mesecem

    8bittuna is good but zestybootytaco is baddds

  67. B R U H S T R I P E

    B R U H S T R I P EPred mesecem

    See, the thing is 8bittuna is actually a good teacher, while Zesty is a good Techer.

  68. Tired

    TiredPred mesecem

    Mr tuna man seems like a good person

  69. OnePunchCake

    OnePunchCakePred mesecem

    Minecraft speed running > Minecraft tour lesson

  70. Michal Blažíček

    Michal BlažíčekPred mesecem

    co tu do prdele dělam

  71. OutRizeNXXT

    OutRizeNXXTPred mesecem

    BRUH id kick zesty lol

  72. John 0oiih

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  73. Kenny G

    Kenny GPred mesecem

    The second teacher is actually good

  74. Rufus’s Cooking Videos

    Rufus’s Cooking VideosPred mesecem

    @Skeppy Skeppy

  75. tuna 25

    tuna 25Pred mesecem

    Why does he ban me

  76. Spazticious

    SpazticiousPred mesecem

    8BitTuna: So here, you do this: Taco: *_H E R E W E H A V E L L A M A_*

  77. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The SkeletonPred mesecem

    What happened to thumbnail lol

  78. veniamin iliev

    veniamin ilievPred mesecem

    Best video ever

  79. don't click this channel

    don't click this channelPred mesecem

    0:08 noob

  80. Jason McCliment

    Jason McClimentPred mesecem

    “Zestybootytaco” Literally the best name ever

  81. Travis Isaac Duran

    Travis Isaac DuranPred mesecem

    I think 8BitTuna is the best teacher the other guy is just... Dumb

  82. Axolost

    AxolostPred mesecem

    To be completely honest, that Taco guy did NOT deserve $500.

  83. iiFocus Plays

    iiFocus PlaysPred mesecem

    H h h h i dont think u need a house to speed run

  84. jensieboylol

    jensieboylolPred mesecem

    realy soooooooooooooooooooooo funny

  85. Nathan Mello gaming

    Nathan Mello gamingPred mesecem

    Alexa help me in speed run Alexa:we need help zombies ._.

  86. xSugacuteicx ❶

    xSugacuteicx ❶Pred mesecem

    The atheltic kid and the smart kid be like:

  87. Chancino

    ChancinoPred mesecem

    8BitTuna: So while you are in the nether, it is important to mine go- ZestyBootyTaco: *S H U T U P*

  88. Frington Gameing

    Frington GameingPred mesecem

    The couch would have a world record for the world's slowest speedrun :)

  89. Niki

    NikiPred mesecem

    This video made me laugh so much at the point that I got a nose bleed. He

  90. الوريد فتحي عبدالفتاح احمد

    الوريد فتحي عبدالفتاح احمدPred mesecem

    the first 1 is a noob

  91. Fig-Ly

    Fig-LyPred mesecem

    him: hy do we use beds to kill it????? me: lol. he tuna guy: i actually have iq unlike this guy

  92. Zarif

    ZarifPred mesecem

    Lol who remembers he hired a kid to teach him to play minecraft

  93. NowImJay ·

    NowImJay ·Pred mesecem

    @Skeppy Please skeppy can you upload more please.

  94. DRC Ch

    DRC ChPred mesecem

    U could have hired me for free and i should have teached u better than both of them

  95. ƊƦƛƳ Music

    ƊƦƛƳ MusicPred mesecem

    Bro u should become friends with 8bit lol

  96. Easton Contreras

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  97. neelam raghav

    neelam raghavPred mesecem

    F for 8bittyna

  98. iiFocus Plays

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    My brain... I am dying

  99. Frances Arquinn Rey

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  100. Lady Rain

    Lady RainPred mesecem

    It's so funny 😂 he can't even build end portal