I Troll BadBoyHalo in Bedwars

Skeppy Trolls BadBoyHalo in Bedwars

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Today BadBoyHalo and I 1v1 on Hypixel Bedwars! The only twist is we can't destroy each other's beds for AT LEAST 10 minutes. This leads to some pretty hilarious moments, I may have stolen some emeralds and maybe even some diamonds? Bad turns his regular Hot Dog Strategy into a SUPER Hot Dog Strategy?? But Obsidian is no match for my Master Plan LMAO. He was no match for my Heal Pool tbh. Anyway he literally ended up rage quitting so if you enjoyed this video hit it with a like please I am sure it'll make him feel better. I worry about him sometimes, honestly what would he do without me?

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and BadBoyHalo 1v1ing in Bedwars!!


  1. Seunghyo (Chris) Jeong

    Seunghyo (Chris) JeongPred 5 urami

    You lost your bow, you lost your emeralds, you lost your dignity.. Ahh!!!!

  2. Migz TV

    Migz TVPred dnevom

    0:32 Daily vids he says... Edit: This is not hate to skeppy I think skeppy is a good youtuber

  3. MiruwBackup

    MiruwBackupPred 18 urami

    I missed him

  4. Bertha Carr

    Bertha CarrPred dnevom

    The unknown inventory comparably destroy because sing inferiorly inject through a abounding hardboard. unusual, abnormal pressure

  5. IzRoseGold

    IzRoseGoldPred 2 dnevi

    Oh the “hot dog “ strategy? His “Bed Protection”

  6. Aleca961

    Aleca961Pred 2 dnevi


  7. ZezzHere

    ZezzHerePred 2 dnevi

    Diamond block boi

  8. Lol

    LolPred 3 dnevi


  9. Toxicity

    ToxicityPred 4 dnevi

    “He got a little upset” bruh my ears are bleeding from his screaming

  10. Bunny_bon_sweet :3

    Bunny_bon_sweet :3Pred 4 dnevi

    Clueless boy halo 😂😂😂

  11. Shafiq Games 27

    Shafiq Games 27Pred 4 dnevi

    Badboyhalo:finds skeppy Skeppy:oh hi badboyhalo Badboyhalo:*attacks* Also badboyhalo:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  12. Gamer lcpo

    Gamer lcpoPred 5 dnevi

    I can’t even play bedwars

  13. Brook Chao

    Brook ChaoPred 5 dnevi


  14. GummyBee

    GummyBeePred 5 dnevi

    this isnt really a troll, i do this in normal bedwars games 5% of the time

  15. Wilby Soot

    Wilby SootPred 6 dnevi

    ‘Daily’ minecraft content

  16. Vyas PR Iron man

    Vyas PR Iron manPred 6 dnevi

    You suck techno is better PvP him fo 1000 dollars skeppy

  17. Roxanne deleon

    Roxanne deleonPred 7 dnevi

    and if is ok if im a girl :>

  18. Roxanne deleon

    Roxanne deleonPred 7 dnevi

    hello skeppy can i join your team

  19. Zion Nathaniel Castro

    Zion Nathaniel CastroPred 9 dnevi

    Skep more like skip

  20. Zion Nathaniel Castro

    Zion Nathaniel CastroPred 9 dnevi


  21. retarted princess

    retarted princessPred 10 dnevi

    badboyhalo is so onnying

  22. Wolfpaq7891Gaming

    Wolfpaq7891GamingPred 10 dnevi


  23. Mr Mask

    Mr MaskPred 10 dnevi

    can u pls change into a green diamond block? pretty nice colour tho.

  24. T RaptorPlayz

    T RaptorPlayzPred 10 dnevi

    Bbh is a fkn lier

  25. Mat173

    Mat173Pred 10 dnevi

    I just trolling just trollge hahahahahahahha

  26. ionut-octavian soare

    ionut-octavian soarePred 10 dnevi

    :Pianist whaat it is so wierd

  27. ionut-octavian soare

    ionut-octavian soarePred 10 dnevi

    bbh sucks

  28. ionut-octavian soare

    ionut-octavian soarePred 10 dnevi


  29. Demonteck

    DemonteckPred 11 dnevi

    Why bbh

  30. mike

    mikePred 11 dnevi

    Wasn't there a unspeakable video a while ago in bed wars with almost the same thumbnail.


    MJ MERCADOPred 11 dnevi

    Idk but now I'm starting to think badboyhalo is a Karen

  32. Bro heller Theo

    Bro heller TheoPred 12 dnevi


  33. Nathaniel Abboud

    Nathaniel AbboudPred 12 dnevi

    Me and friends will do it but different

  34. Nathaniel Abboud

    Nathaniel AbboudPred 12 dnevi

    I can make an amazing map

  35. Rachana Khadka

    Rachana KhadkaPred 12 dnevi

    Idk what i am saying

  36. Rachana Khadka

    Rachana KhadkaPred 12 dnevi


  37. Gadiel Anavalon

    Gadiel AnavalonPred 12 dnevi

    skeppy honestly I think no one hates you only people who arre jealous

  38. Pengu Sunay

    Pengu SunayPred 13 dnevi

    4:56 the fire emblem fans do be shocked though

  39. Nathan Alex

    Nathan AlexPred 13 dnevi

    ok i’m sorry to say hi and i saw it lol i was a good kid and i saw her and she was scared to cry lol oh lol i is ok i just mad because i was a kid and she said she didn’t have a lot to say lol oh lol i oh ok i just mad because she said she didn’t get mad because i said she didn’t

  40. 🌸 🔧 ; DreamIST—! ,,

    🌸 🔧 ; DreamIST—! ,,Pred 14 dnevi

    -I took BadBoyHalo’s bed protection- Mmm, Mhm. Yeah, Mhm..💀🤨😬😳

  41. Junior's Universe :D

    Junior's Universe :DPred 14 dnevi

    0:38 What is the music's name?

  42. CrashCat

    CrashCatPred 15 dnevi

    This is perfect 4:40

  43. Hui lan Ang

    Hui lan AngPred 15 dnevi

    12mm China Now 天气 I love you we do some people believe the soul of our every single video App 今天上班天气预报

  44. Darrish Rayyan

    Darrish RayyanPred 15 dnevi



    CRAZYGAMER 1Pred 16 dnevi

    this is a bromance

  46. Nooby Blox

    Nooby BloxPred 17 dnevi

    bbh : UR A MUFFIN Skeppy : ahh am a muffin, and it's muffin time, WHOOOO wants a muffin, pls i just wanna die~~~, pls somebody kill me bbh : *kills* skeppy : thx

  47. Overgod123

    Overgod123Pred 17 dnevi

    Skeptics laugh Caption [music]. Lol

  48. Jim

    JimPred 18 dnevi


  49. Akshaj Singla

    Akshaj SinglaPred 18 dnevi

    BadBoyHalo is the best

  50. Roehl Lino Roan

    Roehl Lino RoanPred 18 dnevi

    If you can’t break beds its not bedwars its wars

  51. Nicholas True

    Nicholas TruePred 19 dnevi

    1000000000 ip from skeppy

  52. Nicholas True

    Nicholas TruePred 18 dnevi


  53. Nicholas True

    Nicholas TruePred 18 dnevi


  54. Nicholas True

    Nicholas TruePred 18 dnevi


  55. Altair the TechnoPIG

    Altair the TechnoPIGPred 19 dnevi

    Skephalo = couple Skeppy=the troller Bbh=the victim

  56. PranveshRoX _

    PranveshRoX _Pred 20 dnevi

    Ong skep laughing in a funny voice scared when I played the vid in full volume

  57. Kiefer Playz

    Kiefer PlayzPred 21 dnevom

    i love the ending lol

  58. Aundreia

    AundreiaPred 21 dnevom

    I’m glade that they are still friends from now to then🥺🥺🥺

  59. tsm 85

    tsm 85Pred 21 dnevom

    11:06 I laughed so hard

  60. Flame97

    Flame97Pred 21 dnevom

    Bbh is such a baby rager it makes me rage to

  61. Jose Lara

    Jose LaraPred 21 dnevom

    Guys Jesus died for you and by His grace we are saved from eternal death but only if you accept His free gift of salvation pls turn to Him

  62. That random Guy

    That random GuyPred 21 dnevom

    Why does Badboyhalo say “that’ll learn you”.

  63. Ernesto Chavez Ruelas

    Ernesto Chavez RuelasPred 22 dnevi

    SKEPPY YOU COPED MY BURGER SKIN and its a derp like Y0Urs

  64. Nagaraj Bhandarkar

    Nagaraj BhandarkarPred 22 dnevi

    Buy forge upgrades

  65. Bacon ruler

    Bacon rulerPred 23 dnevi

    Skeppy is literally too funny

  66. Kuzenler Konuşuyor

    Kuzenler KonuşuyorPred 23 dnevi

    but you are smart to use it to protect your bed

  67. Kuzenler Konuşuyor

    Kuzenler KonuşuyorPred 23 dnevi

    you didnt use the 10 seconds

  68. Kxsh !

    Kxsh !Pred 24 dnevi

    Aw man I miss cyrogen_ where's is he

  69. Sir Bacon

    Sir BaconPred 24 dnevi

    I heared BBH swear.

  70. Nolan Stutt

    Nolan StuttPred 24 dnevi

    It's not trolling its having a good IQ

  71. Pogzii

    PogziiPred 24 dnevi

    0:25 lol

  72. ItsTroy

    ItsTroyPred 26 dnevi

    ꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨ ꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨꯨ ꯨ

  73. Raisin Boy

    Raisin BoyPred 26 dnevi

    ...the greatest most consistent diamond block boiiiiii That cracked me up too much

  74. Adrian Iancu

    Adrian IancuPred 26 dnevi


  75. Roan Ulrich

    Roan UlrichPred 27 dnevi

    Bbh: Skeppy Captions: Gibby

  76. Carlos Urbina

    Carlos UrbinaPred 27 dnevi

    Hey skeppy!

  77. Be Awesome

    Be AwesomePred 28 dnevi


  78. Courtney White

    Courtney WhitePred 28 dnevi

    At the start Skeppy is like:Diamond Block BOI Me:I wear your skin as a duck T^T

  79. 𒊹︎gaming with magicalprincessb𒊹︎

    𒊹︎gaming with magicalprincessb𒊹︎Pred 29 dnevi


  80. Daichi Hirano

    Daichi HiranoPred 29 dnevi

    Me:) :) my sister:( :(

  81. Spaden

    SpadenPred 29 dnevi

    5:29 what is that background music background called

  82. Stephen Hendrickson

    Stephen HendricksonPred 29 dnevi


  83. Electroman Gaming

    Electroman GamingPred mesecem


  84. Brandon Diaz

    Brandon DiazPred mesecem

    Isn't skeppy naked when he has no armor

  85. stinky

    stinkyPred mesecem

    I’m subbed

  86. rer_5111

    rer_5111Pred mesecem

    Dude claim your 86 leveling rewards

  87. zia marwat

    zia marwatPred mesecem

    I love these badboyhalo trol's

  88. meme meme

    meme memePred mesecem

    whats the music used in the video in 5:25?

  89. Spaden

    SpadenPred 29 dnevi

    @Shalini Shukla what is it called

  90. Shalini Shukla

    Shalini ShuklaPred mesecem

    Dragonball z

  91. NSPG

    NSPGPred mesecem

    This video makes skeppy look like a sadist lmao

  92. Landon Payne

    Landon PaynePred mesecem

    Alternative Title: BadBoyHalo asks Skeppy to not kill him SO MANY TIMES!

  93. Ocean Wave🌊

    Ocean Wave🌊Pred mesecem

    Me: dose not understand Ohhh the bed protection Ne took It ohh

  94. •tree :D•

    •tree :D•Pred mesecem


  95. JustinDuhIdot

    JustinDuhIdotPred mesecem

    1:28 what is dat background music

  96. TerrenceGamez

    TerrenceGamezPred mesecem

    Is that skaya?

  97. #HenryWasTaken

    #HenryWasTakenPred mesecem

    Best troll ever you trolled us by that daily videos

  98. XxWalkingCoprse z

    XxWalkingCoprse zPred mesecem

    5:35 WHAT BBH

  99. Landon Payne

    Landon PaynePred mesecem

    I think Skeppy said that

  100. Opleg playz

    Opleg playzPred mesecem

    When u watch this it makes skep seem like a god but when fight techno it’s just a whole another stroy

  101. Andrea and Em

    Andrea and EmPred mesecem

    "How the muffins have turned" Bbh is so wholesome we don't deserve himm

  102. navo255

    navo255Pred mesecem

    bbh replases everything with muffin

  103. Tnt_Gaming 991

    Tnt_Gaming 991Pred mesecem

    Alternative title: big blue boy fights raging red man while screaming of being rich, and 😂

  104. max rosengart

    max rosengartPred mesecem

    14 minut video what a coincidence

  105. Cube Qube

    Cube QubePred mesecem

    "daily mc content" ha ha funny joke

  106. Seng Sophirun

    Seng SophirunPred mesecem

    The best troll I seen before

  107. Bugman1267

    Bugman1267Pred mesecem

    XD LOL

  108. Ibrahim Aaly

    Ibrahim AalyPred mesecem


  109. cørl

    cørlPred mesecem

    11:07 instant karma lol