Technoblade VS Skeppy: Build Battle Competition - Minecraft

Technoblade VS Skeppy: Build Battle Competition - Minecraft
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  1. Lydia Heninger

    Lydia HeningerPred uro

    “What are you going to be for Halloween?” “I’m going to be at home.” Best line ever!!

  2. The Trumpet Playing Maniac

    The Trumpet Playing ManiacPred uro

    At 0:06 techno has a Capital B in TecnoBlade but at 0:19 he has a lower case

  3. C Cellupica

    C CellupicaPred 11 urami


  4. Lnda Chan

    Lnda ChanPred 15 urami

    14:53 "When i look at badboyhalo" Me figure something out : Laughing in shock

  5. maya

    mayaPred dnevom

    11:04 techno: “all of the comments are gunna make fun of you dude..” *all the comments making fun of techno for using a crafting table in creative*

  6. Pursaval ex

    Pursaval exPred 2 dnevi

    Skeppy sucks at timer builds lmao

  7. Evan Downs

    Evan DownsPred 2 dnevi


  8. Ayaan Sharda

    Ayaan ShardaPred 2 dnevi

    ayo I got me.a new iMac and I relaxing watching sleepy

  9. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    16:02 gets banned

  10. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    Love how he said r. I. P technoblade so did he just admit that technoblade does die😶😐 dun dun dun

  11. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    10:53 hellooOoooO

  12. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    8:45 struggle more on trying to set it to night then he is when his house

  13. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    3:46 "I am a good builder alright" (not even a minute later ) "why does this look horrible"

  14. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    2:49 to 57 your getting there technoblade you got this

  15. Kaurie sloey

    Kaurie sloeyPred 3 dnevi

    2:14 like boi your in creative 😭😭😭😂😂😂 really just grabs the crafting table to craft stairs😭😂 I love him so much

  16. Obstic

    ObsticPred 3 dnevi

    When Skeppy said brilliant it reminded me of peppa saying her brother was brilliant lmao

  17. Zohra Mujeer

    Zohra MujeerPred 3 dnevi

    I'm watching this on easter.

  18. Lulzerino

    LulzerinoPred 3 dnevi

    1st i swear

  19. シMe es human

    シMe es humanPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy I love you but that glowstone was NOT IT.

  20. Coffee Jelly

    Coffee JellyPred 4 dnevi

    I find it funny because when Skeppy is in a call with bbh he yells “get out! This is MY call!” But with techno it’s “okay bye!!! I’ll miss you.”

  21. Adrianna

    AdriannaPred 5 dnevi

    I always enjoy collaborations between Skeppy and Techno because how Skeppy makes Badboyhalo nervous and pranks him all the time, Techno does it to Skeppy and it's satisfying to see him get a slight taste of his own medicine.

  22. Roman Bear

    Roman BearPred 5 dnevi


  23. Will Clarke

    Will ClarkePred 5 dnevi

    At first I had hope for Skeppys build

  24. Zaxwith1 Tryhard

    Zaxwith1 TryhardPred 5 dnevi

    techno can u call me a chickennugget if u ever commet on this vid again?

  25. Zaxwith1 Tryhard

    Zaxwith1 TryhardPred 5 dnevi


  26. Basim Jasim7

    Basim Jasim7Pred 5 dnevi

    thats stuiped ghost dosnt know my password dummy

  27. The NerfCrafters

    The NerfCraftersPred 6 dnevi

    "you're probably watching this on halloween" me who's watching the day after easter: Ah yes, *spoopy*

  28. Hannah Ali

    Hannah AliPred 6 dnevi

    technoblade: uses crafting table in creative me:scared for life lesson of the day - don't use crafting tables in creative

  29. vitamingay

    vitamingayPred 6 dnevi

    skeppy is unironically rlly good at building

  30. Autumn Sachs

    Autumn SachsPred 6 dnevi

    No one gonna talk about the 69 in the into...

  31. Cheesy Giraffe

    Cheesy GiraffePred 6 dnevi

    "when i look at bbh""

  32. The Calbinator

    The CalbinatorPred 7 dnevi


  33. Hello

    HelloPred 10 dnevi

    The cover vs the actual video

  34. Switch player

    Switch playerPred 10 dnevi

    Well I’m not watching on halloween I’m actually watching on April fools the second best thing from Halloween

  35. Pancake

    PancakePred 11 dnevi

    "I'm assuming you're watching this on Halloween." Me: "Nope it's April 1st in 2 hours." ALSO DAY SOMETHING OF SAYING HI

  36. Mell Does Things

    Mell Does ThingsPred 11 dnevi

    techno: in creative mode also techno: *uses crafting table to make stairs*

  37. Hello_Swifty

    Hello_SwiftyPred 11 dnevi

    Oh no, not the orphan memes

  38. Janice Mae Colandog

    Janice Mae ColandogPred 12 dnevi

    finally a scary movie made by skeppy

  39. Tacobot 417

    Tacobot 417Pred 12 dnevi

    69,000 likes how about 149k likes

  40. ocy olsen

    ocy olsenPred 13 dnevi

    0:54 bold of you to assume I sleep

  41. Millenia

    MilleniaPred 14 dnevi

    14:55 *_when you look at who now, Skeppy?_*

  42. Little Seal

    Little SealPred 14 dnevi

    We got a zombie very good very good 😌

  43. ÄBÝŞŞ

    ÄBÝŞŞPred 15 dnevi

    Second time watching this video and I have a little idea. So like a build battle but in survival mode as in you have to gather your own resources

  44. X

    XPred 15 dnevi

    Ive never seen technoblade before but he seems chill.

  45. Rose Roblox

    Rose RobloxPred 15 dnevi

    Technoblade should change his name to pignoblade

  46. Scoutpandapal

    ScoutpandapalPred 16 dnevi

    14:51 excuse me?

  47. Ross Callahan

    Ross CallahanPred 16 dnevi

    10:31 it’s everywhere

  48. Rainbow Wolf32

    Rainbow Wolf32Pred 17 dnevi

    RIP technoblade ????????????????? technobladee never diessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  49. Deirdre Eaton

    Deirdre EatonPred 18 dnevi


  50. Gacha Demon and Kitty

    Gacha Demon and KittyPred 18 dnevi

    The only source of techno content these days

  51. Gacha Demon and Kitty

    Gacha Demon and KittyPred 18 dnevi

    (When it’s actually Easter 🐣 now ;-; )

  52. ceriannesmith1

    ceriannesmith1Pred 18 dnevi

    Rip skeppys House (died in a fire)

  53. Butterfly Fluttershy

    Butterfly FluttershyPred 18 dnevi

    Did he really just make stairs from a crafting table instead of getting them from creative?

  54. Phyo Thu Kyaw

    Phyo Thu KyawPred 19 dnevi

    technoblade never dies

  55. KittyPhom GMS

    KittyPhom GMSPred 19 dnevi


  56. KittyPhom GMS

    KittyPhom GMSPred 19 dnevi

    The creeper

  57. Crozilla Chan

    Crozilla ChanPred 19 dnevi


  58. Daily as Baily

    Daily as BailyPred 19 dnevi

    Skeppy was doing so good until he used glowstone

  59. puffyquify

    puffyquifyPred 19 dnevi

    . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

  60. xX DarlaDrawsAndAnimates Xx

    xX DarlaDrawsAndAnimates XxPred 19 dnevi

    14:51 PFFFFFT

  61. Lisa Langerak

    Lisa LangerakPred 19 dnevi

    I’m watching this in the winter

  62. Ayush Purohit

    Ayush PurohitPred 19 dnevi

    13:32 Creeper to blade and skeppy: In your face punk

  63. JB Shorts

    JB ShortsPred 19 dnevi

    No it’s March 23 2021

  64. Master Bomer

    Master BomerPred 19 dnevi

    It's really funny seeing techno and skeppy's commentary on each other

  65. :P

    :PPred 20 dnevi

    Clicking f3 and g at the same time makes the game show the chunks of the world

  66. Blogs Fun

    Blogs FunPred 20 dnevi

    If you are late you are awesome

  67. We45dyer

    We45dyerPred 20 dnevi

    Bone 🦴

  68. alok raha

    alok rahaPred 20 dnevi


  69. Manolizata Dodi

    Manolizata DodiPred 20 dnevi

    I don’t sleep how is the gost wil come

  70. clubcreamed

    clubcreamedPred 21 dnevom

    this is making me want to build battle him ;-;

  71. Mr Monke

    Mr MonkePred 21 dnevom

    Nice video

  72. Eric Sleegers

    Eric SleegersPred 21 dnevom

    anyone watching this in march

  73. Carlos Pang

    Carlos PangPred 21 dnevom

    Those orphans are ded now RIP

  74. Jessica Homer

    Jessica HomerPred 21 dnevom

    69!!!! Dude, skeppy I’m 11!!! I don’t neee to know that

  75. Lenny Metsikassus

    Lenny MetsikassusPred 22 dnevi

    No sorry

  76. Gabby M

    Gabby MPred 22 dnevi

    soooo we just not gonna talk about this orrrr...... time stamp : 14:56

  77. Sun Tzu

    Sun TzuPred 22 dnevi

    I am going to go subscibe to techno oh wait I already have

  78. AK 123

    AK 123Pred 22 dnevi

    9:00 Grian when building his mansion!

  79. Lia0o0

    Lia0o0Pred 23 dnevi

    why does "intro" technoblades username have a capital B, but normal techno doesnt?

  80. JustBread

    JustBreadPred 23 dnevi

    Skeppy:69 haha funny number Skeppy's info:PG FRENDLYKTURKDIDIR

  81. Naomi Hernandez Tovar

    Naomi Hernandez TovarPred 23 dnevi

    Happy Halloween ig ⚰️🔪😅

  82. TheGod ofZadrots

    TheGod ofZadrotsPred 23 dnevi

    I think the most fun part of this video is that it's supposed to be for Halloween, but since I live in Asia, it came out on November 1st

  83. Halo18

    Halo18Pred 23 dnevi

    is skeppy good at anything in minecraft?

  84. Glo got class

    Glo got classPred 23 dnevi


  85. Zaidee Youtube

    Zaidee YoutubePred 24 dnevi

    Nope I’m watching it on a Thursday March 18

  86. firestarrocks

    firestarrocksPred 24 dnevi

    Too many pumpkins...

  87. Emmie Johns

    Emmie JohnsPred 24 dnevi

    It looked better without pumpkins bro...Skeppy sayin it suck me it cool

  88. Kelsey Murphy

    Kelsey MurphyPred 24 dnevi

    the way techno said glass made me sortave laugh

  89. honk honk

    honk honkPred 24 dnevi


  90. Dwyane Kian F. Bucag

    Dwyane Kian F. BucagPred 24 dnevi

    Skeppy: building a modern house like a fortnite swet Techno: so we put a door there

  91. ꧁A̶i̶k̶o̶ a̶n̶d̶ W̶o̶l̶f̶i̶e̶ P̶l̶a̶y̶z̶꧂

    ꧁A̶i̶k̶o̶ a̶n̶d̶ W̶o̶l̶f̶i̶e̶ P̶l̶a̶y̶z̶꧂Pred 25 dnevi

    Skeppy: AHHHH I'M STRESSING OUT! Techno: Being calm as F**K!!!!!

  92. Racoon-Georgia

    Racoon-GeorgiaPred 25 dnevi

    13:33 creeper: ty

  93. Tomioka Giyu

    Tomioka GiyuPred 25 dnevi

    Did techno just craft a stair in creative??????

  94. Mark Julian M. Deterala

    Mark Julian M. DeteralaPred 25 dnevi

    Who here is watching this from 2023

  95. LazyNiah

    LazyNiahPred 26 dnevi

    Technoblade starved fans are here! :)

  96. siivo

    siivoPred 27 dnevi

    i love how orphans have just become technos signature joke

  97. kaylawasbored

    kaylawasboredPred 27 dnevi

    Ima be honest I can't imagine techno in creative mode

  98. Mr joke

    Mr jokePred 27 dnevi

    I like tachno home more

  99. DustyDragon

    DustyDragonPred 27 dnevi

    Technoblade: Blood, yes blood that good Skeppy: I think that’s scary

  100. Liv J

    Liv JPred 27 dnevi

    Yep definitely is halloween