Being Super Clingy To BadBoyHalo To Confuse Him

Skeppy "acts" super clingy towards BadBoyHalo

Today BadBoyHalo and I are playing Minecraft and building together, my favorite activity ever in the world! Bad is my best friend and I love spending time with him. I even let him have all my items because I just think he's so awesome and such a good friend. And as you can see real friends build block by block next to each other that's just a fact of life. Also no one should talk to him except for me, his best friend, obviously. I am so lucky to have Bad as my best friend! Also I am an inspirational quote book apparently we love to see it. Can you believe he tried to go AFK on me? Wow. Honestly just, wow. Real friends work through their problems though so we are all good now. Now comment 10 nice things about me please and THANK YOU

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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed runner / survivalist in Minecraft against a killer / assassin / hitmen but it's actually me just confusing BadBoyHalo by being super clingy and nice LMAO


  1. Stephanie Escodar

    Stephanie EscodarPred 2 urami

    Skephalo ppl wating this: 🙂 this good this very good this what i sigh up for

  2. Nub

    NubPred 2 urami

    This is like those skeppy and bbh platonic compilations

  3. • Kaylee_Roblox •

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  4. Animation’sWithMe

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    L.i.o.a B.i.l.i.t.y

  5. Luna_Star25

    Luna_Star25Pred 9 urami

    This whole video is a big try not to laugh challenge 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Estella Aparicio

    Estella AparicioPred 10 urami


  7. Katsuki Hope

    Katsuki HopePred 14 urami

    Skeppy flirts with BBH for 12 minutes and 35 seconds._.

  8. MR. Soysauce

    MR. SoysaucePred 14 urami

    This was actually kinda cute

  9. nagadev tirupati ;/

    nagadev tirupati ;/Pred 16 urami


  10. narjis askari

    narjis askariPred 19 urami

    @11:12 was the funniest moment in the entire video 😂😂😂

  11. United

    UnitedPred 20 urami

    Do another

  12. Just An Au

    Just An AuPred 20 urami

    Alternative title: skeppy and bbh being bffs

  13. 4141 zeyno

    4141 zeynoPred 21 uro

    The ne is just like: They both begann suicide

  14. Asha Gan

    Asha GanPred dnevom

    I feel like he suddenly became a yandere for friendship

  15. Mia Bertolone

    Mia BertolonePred dnevom


  16. manuel judan

    manuel judanPred dnevom

    Skeppy: DID YOU TURN IT OFF??!?!??!?!?? badboyhalo: eyeah

  17. MIA AND CAMMY :]

    MIA AND CAMMY :]Pred dnevom

    IM DYING LOL XD :00000

  18. Dragon World of memes

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  19. your._.non.editer rosè

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  20. Kimberly

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    me bitting my laptop

  21. Vava xD

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  22. Coral God

    Coral GodPred 2 dnevi

    7:03 I laugh so hard the Way he just scream XD

  23. ‹‹ Ayanø_Gacha_UwU ››

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    7:02 i can't- 🤣

  24. AdobesxJasminexBobaTea

    AdobesxJasminexBobaTeaPred 2 dnevi

    This whole thing is 12 Minutes And 35 secs of skeppy flirting

  25. Daniel Dunbar

    Daniel DunbarPred 2 dnevi

    Skepboyhalo YASS >:3

  26. Animallover2467 8

    Animallover2467 8Pred 2 dnevi

    skeppy misinterpreted the meaning of clingy

  27. cupid elements

    cupid elementsPred 2 dnevi

    This is actual friendship (i love ur videos skeppy and bbh!❤)

  28. Naix Mellody

    Naix MellodyPred 2 dnevi

    This is going in the skephalo moments.

  29. Little Alien Tea ☯︎︎✌︎︎

    Little Alien Tea ☯︎︎✌︎︎Pred 2 dnevi

    Bro this was so wholesome😭😭😭🥰

  30. •C h e r r y B l o s s o m•

    •C h e r r y B l o s s o m•Pred 3 dnevi

    I love how the video recommended to me is Skephalo being a married couple for 9 minutes and 23 seconds...

  31. • Honey Ranboo •

    • Honey Ranboo •Pred 3 dnevi

    SkepHalo Cant kill u-

  32. Kimberly Lewis

    Kimberly LewisPred 3 dnevi

    Poor badboy halo 😂

  33. Dumb little witch

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    I smell some Skephalo here how bout yall

  34. PinkyBunnyYT

    PinkyBunnyYTPred 3 dnevi

    Ye ikr

  35. willow :D

    willow :DPred 4 dnevi

    Skeppy: Words can't explain how I fell right now Bbh: How do you feel skeppy? Skeppy: I just said words can't explain dumba$$

  36. MilkyTea

    MilkyTeaPred 4 dnevi

    I feel the pick up lines tho!

  37. glander fire

    glander firePred 4 dnevi

    11:11 LMFAO

  38. _Karlnap_Shipper_

    _Karlnap_Shipper_Pred 4 dnevi

    why in description is the acts like "acts" is it because hes always clingy? or mostly clingy. 20% of arguments 20% of sus moments 20% of skephalo jokes 20% of bbh being clingy 20% of skeppy bring clingy

  39. XxCrazy_TwinsxX

    XxCrazy_TwinsxXPred 4 dnevi

    I love this so much 🥺✨

  40. Addison Brannen

    Addison BrannenPred 4 dnevi

    Skephalo shippers have entered the chat

  41. Offshore Admin

    Offshore AdminPred 4 dnevi

    lots of karma and drama and he is way to clingiy

  42. Armani Cruz

    Armani CruzPred 4 dnevi

    I have a SLthrow channel

  43. XxGalaxy_WolfxX

    XxGalaxy_WolfxXPred 4 dnevi

    I love how the description is like: "Skeppy "acts" super clingy twords BadboyHalo"

  44. ?!M30W!?

    ?!M30W!?Pred 5 dnevi

    This is so cute I-

  45. meagan meixner

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    OMG language!😣😔

  46. meagan meixner

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  47. l l

    l lPred 5 dnevi

    On 12:33 was so cute U-U

  48. moonieum

    moonieumPred 5 dnevi

    Skeppy: I couldn't imagine my life without u :) **proceeds* *to* *make* *a* *hole* *where* *Bad's* *standing**

  49. Bella Brooks

    Bella BrooksPred 5 dnevi

    You have no mic now

  50. Hanako_Kun

    Hanako_KunPred 5 dnevi

    Wait what did bbh say in 7:25?? I put my subtitle on but it said [_ _]

  51. Kimberly Kurniawan

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  52. Brendan Leach

    Brendan LeachPred 6 dnevi

    alternate skeppy: simpy

  53. izzy_malfoy

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    Awwww this was cute ❤️

  54. Gamer_Wolfie and the flaming blaze 🍪

    Gamer_Wolfie and the flaming blaze 🍪Pred 6 dnevi

    7:02 😂😂😂😂

  55. Gamer_Wolfie and the flaming blaze 🍪

    Gamer_Wolfie and the flaming blaze 🍪Pred 6 dnevi

    😂I love it

  56. OverLandLord Gaming

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    Looking thought comments for skephalo fans

  57. нyperz_.yт

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  58. A.k.,i

    A.k.,iPred 6 dnevi

    Skephalo shippers: hi hi hello hello im here so um i sponsored this video hahahahahahahahahahahahah and skephalo is king Me: tbh- i cant agree or disagree

  59. Elson Chen

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  60. Spipess

    SpipessPred 6 dnevi

    “I just said words can’t explain it dumbass” I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂

  61. DREAM

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    It's like inuxboku

  62. $Sexy Azzy$

    $Sexy Azzy$Pred 6 dnevi

    It's more.. Possesive

  63. Vintage Simeon Masangcay

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    Da nexs day

  64. Vintage Simeon Masangcay

    Vintage Simeon MasangcayPred 7 dnevi

    kiss badboyhalo

  65. Saffiyah Christopher

    Saffiyah ChristopherPred 7 dnevi

    This video was hilarious embal Lapham Peak

  66. Emmy and Addy toy/gaming

    Emmy and Addy toy/gamingPred 7 dnevi

    This vids need a song: 2 best friends sitting in a tree 🌳... They might kizz No.

  67. jo lydall

    jo lydallPred 7 dnevi

    still badboyhalos dimends

  68. Emmy and Addy toy/gaming

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    End:Aww he did it :) also at 12:31

  69. Masterboy 5

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  70. Lillian Yanzapanta

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  71. Gana Bukovic

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    “i couldn’t imagine a life without you” skeppy sais as he watches bbh fall down to his death in the hole he dug

  72. t1lly

    t1llyPred 7 dnevi

    11:11 im crying

  73. hansuke

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  74. Leks VT

    Leks VTPred 7 dnevi

    Thisis very funty

  75. Youdontrule456

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    Where can I play this thing they are playing?

  76. 𝐀𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐒𝐨𝐨𝐭🍄

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  77. Familie De zwart

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  78. Pop Poole

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    New name:skeppy being protective over his boyfreind :>

  79. Nicolas Crisostomo

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    5:11 XD the scream

  80. Jon Ditter

    Jon DitterPred 8 dnevi

    this video is me to my bff accept i dont to it to confuse her instead im just generally clingy. :)

  81. ꧁ ItzCassidy ꧂

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    Isn’t that everyday?

  82. Daniel Meeks

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    7:03 OMG LMAOO

  83. ايه الجدي

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    Give me stop saying language

  84. FatimaGirl

    FatimaGirlPred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy: I said word can't explain dumba** Me: *chokes on food in laughter*

  85. marcel crandon

    marcel crandonPred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy:words cant express how I feel right now Bbh:really how do you feel Skeppy: I just said words cant express it dumbass Me: practically dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂

  86. Maggie O'Connor

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  87. The_ Sparktz

    The_ SparktzPred 8 dnevi

    Skeppy being simp for Bbh for 12:35

  88. •itz_ y/n•

    •itz_ y/n•Pred 8 dnevi

    Ok this is a cute ship but skeppy can you do it luke this in front of everyone in the smp ok its a challenge

  89. Kokichi★ouma

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    5:09 LMAO WHAT😭

  90. kellizhea lira

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  91. FatimaGirl

    FatimaGirlPred 9 dnevi

    Skeppy: *digs a hole of love underneath BBH* BBH: WHAT THE MUFFIN?!! SKEPPY!! Skeppy: I couldn't imagine my life without you

  92. Todoroki

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  93. Byakuya Togami

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    This is just a normal video?

  94. Henhenhennow

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    We gon talk about the video legnth is 1234

  95. Sound The Artist

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    Now do "Breaking into BadBoyHalo's house and stealing his mircowave to confuse him".

  96. Ruboo

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  97. Shams Arefin

    Shams ArefinPred 10 dnevi

    Skeppy: "Your The Peanut Butter To My Jelly" People Who Want And Can Eat Anything: "And You Both Are The Food To My Stomach Even If Your Human"

  98. Nayesha Jordan

    Nayesha JordanPred 10 dnevi

    It always makes me laugh when I hear skeppy scream 🤣😂

  99. Champ Gaming

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    11:10 lulul

  100. Neo Montes

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    9:11 lol

  101. Ocean Studios

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    "Being Super Clingy To BadBoyHalo To Confuse Him" nah dude that's just Skeppy being Skeppy