Skeppy takes a Tour of a Skeppy Hater Server... no, seriously.

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Sooooo today Vurb introduced me to a server that literally HATES me for fun? WHAT. I even visited the "Skeppy Hating Room" and guys it was... a lot. They apparently meet every Monday. They compared me to an oompa loompa? i'm still offended, so like, I may never dye my hair now. I honestly do not understand what I did to deserve this. So I may have trolled them back a little. And then I may have gotten banned. If this video gets 100K likes I might even get BadBoyHalo to visit if they unban me LMAO so please like this video :D

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This me trolling people who can't stand me LMAO


  1. Skeppy

    SkeppyPred 7 meseci

    by the way I was unbanned later and fixed the TNT explosions, i’m so nice I help my haters😤😤😤

  2. Zavhoo

    ZavhooPred mesecem


  3. Zavhoo

    ZavhooPred mesecem

    Eh eh

  4. -bumy-

    -bumy-Pred mesecem


  5. Xander Riniker

    Xander RinikerPred 2 meseci

    We know you would but it would still be funny to leave the server completely destroyed

  6. Thaddeus Nelson III

    Thaddeus Nelson IIIPred 2 meseci

    Skeppy I love you!

  7. friends bluebook plays

    friends bluebook playsPred dnevom


  8. didyougetawhoppa11yt

    didyougetawhoppa11ytPred dnevom

    they had the egg skeppy skin in the thumbnail

  9. Gyan Nahak

    Gyan NahakPred dnevom


  10. Maya Bianchi

    Maya BianchiPred dnevom

    Wtf = where's the fish

  11. Zachary Freiwald

    Zachary FreiwaldPred 2 dnevi

    There lame

  12. bro wdym

    bro wdymPred 3 dnevi


  13. RegRub

    RegRubPred 3 dnevi


  14. carter dunny

    carter dunnyPred 5 dnevi

    This is just for the heat video I don’t actually hate you I’m just saying

  15. Birkàs Roland

    Birkàs RolandPred 5 dnevi

    Dont hate this diamond man

  16. June’s beep

    June’s beepPred 6 dnevi

    Hater! What

  17. Leandro Fernandes

    Leandro FernandesPred 7 dnevi

    pov they never won a challenge from skeppy so they become haters and emo🤨💀

  18. Super Mario Anthony

    Super Mario AnthonyPred 7 dnevi

    I think you are a amazing Minecraft player you are the person who has great talent 😀

  19. Elly W

    Elly WPred 7 dnevi

    TNT part was my fav AHHAHAHAHAHA

  20. Mason Lemerande

    Mason LemerandePred 8 dnevi

    you’re the best

  21. Lesbian Gxcha

    Lesbian GxchaPred 9 dnevi

    thats a sick build ttho

  22. Moshe Luna

    Moshe LunaPred 9 dnevi

    Skeppy I have a question about you do you like sky?

  23. Kiwi gaming

    Kiwi gamingPred 9 dnevi

    I don’t know who would hate you but I really like your videos.

  24. yx Mandani

    yx MandaniPred 10 dnevi

    I don’t hate you

  25. bAbE

    bAbEPred 10 dnevi

    1:40 So he looks irritated...

  26. The sheep

    The sheepPred 11 dnevi

    Nah ur not best minecrafter it’s techno and techno has u in loser list


    APRIL KONG CHEN FEI MoePred 11 dnevi

    Who else is gonna join me to ruin the servers whole career ? Anyone is allowed to join.

  28. goodperson

    goodpersonPred 11 dnevi

    I Hate people hate skeppy because the haters are soo stupid the hearts ask skeppy to join lol

  29. Ja Mie

    Ja MiePred 11 dnevi


  30. hannah .m.

    hannah .m.Pred 11 dnevi

    we do not hate unu

  31. Žan Žvikart

    Žan ŽvikartPred 11 dnevi

    he kicked u and said ur banned lmaooooooooooo

  32. Shan Lin Mavis Foo

    Shan Lin Mavis FooPred 13 dnevi

    Skeepy have a cute minecraft skin

  33. ZZELPH

    ZZELPHPred 14 dnevi

    roses are red voilets are blue i have a bigger brain not like you

  34. TheHappy_Whitty:)

    TheHappy_Whitty:)Pred 14 dnevi

    KILL all the hatersss

  35. Ducky

    DuckyPred 15 dnevi

    My name is Zac lol

  36. Drake Malan

    Drake MalanPred 15 dnevi


  37. URS GZC

    URS GZCPred 15 dnevi

    yay explode this server

  38. Doomfox

    DoomfoxPred 15 dnevi

    Alternate title: I joined a server full of myself after I went inside The Egg

  39. Austin Mayes

    Austin MayesPred 15 dnevi

    And then I respond; Waht

  40. David Longstaff

    David LongstaffPred 16 dnevi

    Title screen egg skeppy

  41. Layla Mt

    Layla MtPred 16 dnevi

    How did a village spawn in flat world when it only works i n bedrock

  42. Preston Foster

    Preston FosterPred 17 dnevi

    No matter how you look Skippy I don’t care I’m still a fan

  43. Preston Foster

    Preston FosterPred 17 dnevi

    I meant skeppy

  44. Wei Chi Sou

    Wei Chi SouPred 17 dnevi

    skeppy does not suk

  45. Wei Chi Sou

    Wei Chi SouPred 17 dnevi

    he does btw

  46. 徐瑤瑤

    徐瑤瑤Pred 17 dnevi

    It‘s so sad


    ★HALF SKULL STARS★ project: HALFSKULLSTARSPred 18 dnevi

    The thmbna had like 222 corrupted skeppys

  48. CrashCat

    CrashCatPred 18 dnevi

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

  49. Ellen Dekker

    Ellen DekkerPred 19 dnevi

    Thats why you dont need to haye ppl tntttt

  50. ScarlettGloomyPlaysMinecraft

    ScarlettGloomyPlaysMinecraftPred 19 dnevi

    This video could be skeppy gets roasted 😂👌

  51. HuskyoArtist

    HuskyoArtistPred 20 dnevi


  52. zack playz

    zack playzPred 21 dnevom


  53. Black Kittens YT

    Black Kittens YTPred 21 dnevom

    that was a lovely outro XDD

  54. Cookie Blaster

    Cookie BlasterPred 21 dnevom

    Skeppy haters yo so fat that when you looked in the mirror you ask”what is that FAT stupid thing”

  55. Cookie Blaster

    Cookie BlasterPred 21 dnevom

    Yo skeppy haters yo so dumb that when yo mama said “eat yo broccoli” you just started eating a tree

  56. Siti Aishah

    Siti AishahPred 21 dnevom

    U agree the stupid server

  57. Sam Sabellano

    Sam SabellanoPred 21 dnevom


  58. ByronKatoshi

    ByronKatoshiPred 22 dnevi

    why dont u just type /ban @a

  59. klyve sean

    klyve seanPred 22 dnevi

    I like your Minecraft player

  60. Abbie Yeong

    Abbie YeongPred 22 dnevi

    Chill u hav 5 mil supporters it’s FINE

  61. Yvonne Clements

    Yvonne ClementsPred 22 dnevi

    Skeppy, idk why people don’t like u, bc you the best. Like you said, your nice to everyone.

  62. Rift walker

    Rift walkerPred 22 dnevi

    report him

  63. Harold Pogi

    Harold PogiPred 22 dnevi

    Never trust and listen to haters

  64. pikminbro draws

    pikminbro drawsPred 23 dnevi

    Don’t even have protective spawn

  65. IL_ VINX

    IL_ VINXPred 24 dnevi

    ngl, fit sis


    CARRYBOATPred 24 dnevi

    im admin of minecraft

  67. Erika Lyu

    Erika LyuPred 25 dnevi

    You know what Skeppy? F*** those haters, blow the place down else i'm doing it for you Haha im so funny. I' not a griefer

  68. Lemonidas

    LemonidasPred 25 dnevi

    Hahahaha 😆

  69. skeppy fan

    skeppy fanPred 25 dnevi

    If I was skeppy and they gave me op I was gonna use world edit and place tnt and ruin that server for good

  70. jennifer Anderson

    jennifer AndersonPred 26 dnevi

    I was on the hating server but i wanted to spy on them so i was undercover as a hater and the people on the server made me build the skeppy head pin thing outside of the whole thing so i did then when skeppy joined i was keeping my mouth closed in the chat watching him do the right thing and he also killed me with some of the tnt

  71. Asus Rog

    Asus RogPred 26 dnevi

    total skeppy's hater 1,9K people but not me

  72. cowsYT

    cowsYTPred 28 dnevi

    We all know that server is stupid

  73. Mlane 98

    Mlane 98Pred 29 dnevi

    Loool imagine being normal

  74. Coco World *Gacha Life*

    Coco World *Gacha Life*Pred 29 dnevi

    I don’t hate u it’s ok 👍🏻

  75. František Süsser

    František SüsserPred mesecem


  76. mlzz

    mlzzPred mesecem


  77. Leon Legends - BS

    Leon Legends - BSPred mesecem

    Skeppy haters are so stupid

  78. The Brick Cloneeeeee

    The Brick CloneeeeeePred mesecem


  79. The Pudge

    The PudgePred mesecem

    This server was created just so smelly would join it in a SLthrow video

  80. Flamingo rose Rose

    Flamingo rose RosePred mesecem

    I’m sick but wtaching makes me feel better :j

  81. Maria Honbo

    Maria HonboPred mesecem

    Why do people hate sleepy:(

  82. -Vanilla•Bean-

    -Vanilla•Bean-Pred mesecem

    This made me sad skeppy low key didn’t deserve that.

  83. catgamer spamit6

    catgamer spamit6Pred mesecem

    Hey zak

  84. Zachery Jequinto

    Zachery JequintoPred mesecem

    Skeppy, just remember no one can hate you more than you already hate yourself.

  85. Kyle Cruz

    Kyle CruzPred mesecem

    Hi amazing being

  86. Fell Sans

    Fell SansPred mesecem

    "skeppy how does it feel to know your hair is half your height" *destruction 100*

  87. jeolynn fayolakwan

    jeolynn fayolakwanPred mesecem

    I hate ppl who say you SHORT >:( }:( and ughhhh

  88. Readmer83 9

    Readmer83 9Pred mesecem

    What de f**kin gawd

  89. Hope Crawford

    Hope CrawfordPred mesecem

    It’s because of reasons like this that people hate you Skippy me personally I don’t hate you you annoy me sometimes but I don’t hate you but it’s for reasons like that blowing up a person Spond Won’t help you make them like you better it makes it worse you shouldn’t of even been there Skippy I don’t hate you but you do annoy me with some of the stuff you do for instants in this video blowing up Peoples stuff isn’t right

  90. nikola fox💖🏳️‍⚧️

    nikola fox💖🏳️‍⚧️Pred mesecem

    Skeppy: STOp Skeppy fans: this is normal

  91. Mr. Graple

    Mr. GraplePred mesecem


  92. the bears

    the bearsPred mesecem

    just verb why would you do this ??????

  93. jane skipper

    jane skipperPred mesecem

    serves them right the jerks

  94. •Ari^plays•

    •Ari^plays•Pred mesecem

    What's the crib for skeppy ?

  95. Mihir Dombe

    Mihir DombePred mesecem

    Justvurb you suck and skeppy is a pro

  96. gkjhawk

    gkjhawkPred mesecem

    Honestly u are a angel

  97. Fiona L.

    Fiona L.Pred mesecem

    I would love to join this server on creative. If I can fly, no one can kill me while I crash the server. 😈

  98. Fiona L.

    Fiona L.Pred 11 dnevi

    @goodperson yeaaa

  99. goodperson

    goodpersonPred 11 dnevi

    Me tooo

  100. Emma Porter

    Emma PorterPred mesecem

    Poor u skeppy u have haters

  101. Hunter Gaara

    Hunter GaaraPred mesecem

    Let's make a Skeppy-hater hater group. An Anti hater group!

  102. thegoatgamer

    thegoatgamerPred mesecem

    Skeppy make a bedrock server so mobile players can play as well Like the comment so skeppy see it

  103. malik7yy

    malik7yyPred mesecem

    They just jealous that you are better than them at Minecraft and have a lot of fans

  104. Petrax

    PetraxPred mesecem

    i don't understand theese haters-

  105. Anabel Orpilla

    Anabel OrpillaPred mesecem

    Every skeppy hater looks like egg brainwashed skeppy :/ what i meant was the thumbnail

  106. DrewTube

    DrewTubePred mesecem

    Skep if you don’t want an anti-Skeppy server just report it to Mojang

  107. JM Wang

    JM WangPred mesecem

    I blew up the server after that lol

  108. Solar

    SolarPred mesecem

    Anyone know the ip?

  109. MVRX Riley

    MVRX RileyPred 2 meseci

    For scrappy I think that is not funny and I like your videos I would Sis what you and I like them to sky when all the good stuff yeah so you better be happy I'm on your side steppy OK